Thursday, October 23, 2008

And the Audrey goes to...

Good Morning Everyone,

We wanted to thank everyone who participated in last week's Breakfast at Tiffany's challenge! You all made some truly beautiful creations! We were totally blown away by the creativity, beauty and fabulousness of your cards and layout! They were Audrey-lious!!! 

We wanted to recognize all of your beautiful creations and honor all of you for participating last week. Please check out the beautiful entries of the lovely creations from our second challenge:

Amy: Girly Pearlys,
Stacy: Watercolored Pretties
Christiane: Lacy Glittery Tutorial
Ann: Fashion Fabulous
Sherri: Hat-abulous
Olivia: Hat-astic
Nellie: Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend
Marie: It's all about the Bling
Tracy: One Cool Kitty
Becky: Tiffany Wishes
Daphne: Floral Bouquet Purse
Anthonette: Gorgeous Thank You

Our featured Audrey recipients for this week's challenge are Catherine and Chloe. We hope you will display your Audrey on your sidebar check out their beautiful creations: 

Catherine's Seriously Fabulous dress

Chloe's Flower Adorned Pearls

We hope you all had fun creating and enjoyed Breakfast at Tiffany's and hope that you will join us for this week's movie pick!

Hugs to all!
Brooke and Sankari :)


chloe said...

Oh wow guys thanks so much what an honour! I am off to figure out how to put the audrey on my I am not very computer savvy!!

Stacey Schafer said...

Fabulous choice!

Catherine said...

Oh My Goodness! Thank you so much for liking my card with all the other sure is an honor. Thanks again and i'll proudly post my beautiful award.. now to figure out on the next challenge :)