Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Sneak Peek Time

Good Morning Good Morning Everyone!!

Its time for another sneak peek for tomorrow's movie!!! We have been loving your pirate themed cards and as much as we are sad to see Johnny Depp go (specifically me :) its time for another friday sneak peek. This week our very dear Brooke is at the Stampin' Up Convention in Utah (lucky duck!!!) and so I am stepping in to attempt some sneak peeks....  

I am TOTALLY not good at the sneak peeking as Brooke has it to a science but here is my try: 

Here is the first sneak peek: What do you think?

Okay - here is the second sneak peek:

(hmmm...? not sure about my cropping skillz - what do you think?) :)

Here it is sneak peek #
Maybe some of you know it from this clip - I think my crops are too obvious - I am pretty sure Brooke would have cropped this much better - but here it is:

I had never heard of this movie till Brooke mentioned it! Who knew! Now I am going to watch it! Be back in a few with some more clips!!!

Sneak Peek #4:

Sorry that this peek was getting late in posting - we went out as a family tonight and things got way later then expected! 

Here is the final sneak peek - what do you think... interesting? :)


Ann said...

I think you are just as sneaky as Ms.'re just better at hiding your tricky side! :D

Sankari W. said...

Hahahaha!!! I don't think so!!! Ms. Brooke is the master of sneaky flippy peeks... I am just a humble beginner (lol!!!!))

I haven't seen this movie yet (is that giving away too much information?) and so am hoping to watch it and make a card all in the same evening!!! HA!!! i love to live dangerously!!!

Are you all having a good Friday?? I am SO excited -- except for all the rain - but other than that its already looking to be a happy day for ending this insane work week!!! woo-hoo!!!

Ann said...

It's rainy here, too, and it's supposed to be HOT this weekend! BUT I'm determined to enjoy myself as school starts in a little over a week...gotta have my last hurrah!

Sankari W. said...

Yes - enjoy every every every second!!! And that you are refreshed to start the school year!!! Is it me or has this summer just FLOWN by? can't believe how close to another school year we are!

shaz said...

Great crop. But I think I know the movie! lol I hope I am right because I have a good idea.

Radha said...

...hmmmm an other Jonny D!!!
Sankari ...a beginner????No way u are a pro!

It is sunny now dear!
Let's do the Horse- ride!

Carol Dunstan said...

they're dreadful crops Sankari, no grass or sky!!!

I've got no idea yet... need that cuppa (some sleep wouldn't go astray but I am wide awake at the moment)

Erica said...

Sankari, you are doing wonderful at the crops. I am guessing Lara Croft.
I am very tired this Friday and can't wait to go home. I might take another nap at 7pm. I haven't been sleeping well at night so I am so tired when I get home. I think I am still on Pacific time from my vacation. Hopefully I will stay up late tonight to work on projects that must get finished! Hope all is well!

Sankari W. said...

You guys are TOOO sweet with the encouragement - and Carol - I know - I was thinking the same thing- there's no grass or sky in my cropping --

but I have another one coming in a second...

Sankari W. said...

Okay the next sneak peek is up !!! I have been second guessing about my crop skillz :) I hadn't heard of this movie till B mentioned it - and I can't wait to go watch it now!!!

And Radha - I would have loved to go horse riding with you - had to work this afternoon - maybe next friday?

Carol could you pass me a cuppa ?? :) Ann have fun on your date with your hubby tonight!!! Shaz, I am in awe of you if you know this one - I just heard of it!!! And Erica you are too sweet! Hey - did you ever read the Lara Croft comics? I think Angelina was perfect for that role!

Alright Chickies -- off to go get dinner and watch this movie!!! SEe you in a few for more peeks :) hugzzzzz!

Carol Dunstan said...

course you can have a cuppa! Here you go ~uses her go-go-gadget arms to stretch all the way to the US and give Sankari her cuppa~

I think I am out of movie-guessing practise... I still have absolutely no idea. It's sounding obscure if Sankari had never heard of it before, but then shaz thinks she knows what it is? (what do you think it is shaz?)

wendyp said...

oh gosh, I have no clue but the hubby and DS are guessing Terminator. (shrugging shoulders)

enjoy the movie tonight!

Sankari W. said...

Okay final sneak peek is up!! Thanks Wendy for coming over to guess!!! I am off to make a card now!!

Carol - thanks for the cuppa!!! LOVE your gadget hands!!!


Ann said...

Okay, I must be the world's worst guesser because I have no clue! Sankari, you said you've never heard of it before? Hmm...can't wait to find out in the morning!

Erica said...

I think it kind of looks like the Italian Job. Will see!

Sankari W. said...

ooooo that is SUCH a good movie!! Okay that is going in the vault for the future - but you are right about the Italian thing!!!

shaz said...

I think it is the Secret Window! I guess I will see soon. I made my card already,...if it is,What I think it is...
Hope you like the movie Sankari...if I'm right..