Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sneak Peek Reveal

Sneak peek #1

(all the servants setting up for the picnic)

Sneek Peek #2 - Kate Beckinsale's Blue Bonnet from the TV drama in 1996

(look at those selves what detail)

Sneak Peek 3 - The Bottom of the Photo was Cropped

(Emma and Mr Knightly)

Sneak Peek 4 - The scene between Emma and Harriet

(also from the picnic scene, picking Strawberries.)

Sneak Peek 5 and the Nose Pick are both from this shot...
(Always so concerned for others)

Hope that you enjoyed playing along with the guessing game this week! We always love seeing your guesses! You guys are just awesome!


Sankari W. said...

I really thought that the last pic - the nose pick :) would totally give it away... i was going to crop her mouth - but then i thought that gwyneth has a distinctive mouth... so i went with the nose :)

Brooke S said...

I loved the doing the feather Plume because it looked like a head of wild grey hair.. I even reminded my of a scene from "Harry Potter".

How fun that you all never said EMMA.. The closes one was Juliann's guess of Sense and Sensibility...

Sankari W. said...

;) Carol

Carol Dunstan said...

I thought that second pic was more hairy than feathery... it all makes sense now!

And wow, how long since anyone has guessed? We've had a very good streak!