Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge - #18 -Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Good Morning Everyone!

Thanks to all who played along in our guessing game this week! Sorry to have made it a bit harder this week - by only giving you pictures of foliage for the first three pictures :) but you guys did guess the movie after the third sneak peek (Amy's guess!!)

We are so happy to feature the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon for this week's Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge. This is truly a beautiful movie - with beautiful shots of the landscape, the people, the colors, the beauty of martial arts and the beauty of silence and action. Even for those who might steer away from a martial arts movie, we totally recommend this because it is seriously poetry in motion! This movie was nominated for 6 Academy Awards and won 4 of them including Best Foreign Language Film. The other awards that it won were in Best Cinematography, Best Music, Original Score and Best Art Direction-Set Decoration. It is beautiful to the hears and to the eyes and is simply stunning. These four wins are amongst 90 total nominations worldwide including 73 wins! That is amazing!

You can check out a movie trailer for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon HERE.

A little movie review:
In the early 19th century, martial arts master Li Mu Bai (Chow Yun-Fat) is about to retire and enter a life of meditation, though he quietly longs to avenge the death of his master, who was killed by Jade Fox (Cheng Pei-pei). He gives his sword, a fabled 400-year-old weapon known as Green Destiny, to his friend, fellow martial arts wizard and secret love Yu Shu Lien (Michelle Yeoh), so that she may deliver it to Sir Te (Sihung Lung). Upon arrival in Peking, Yu Shu Lien happens upon Jen (Zhang Ziyi), a vivacious, willful politician's daughter. That night, a mysterious masked thief swipes Green Destiny, with Yu Shu Lien in hot pursuit -- resulting in the first of several martial arts action set pieces during the film. Without giving away the rest of the movie - this film is about friendship, love, loyalty, trust, romance, passion, determination, silence and action and is just breathtaking.

This film was first screened to much acclaim at the 2000 Cannes, Toronto, and New York film festivals and became a favorite when Academy Awards nominations were announced in 2001. It is truly a beautiful movie and has since then paved the way for more visual delights such as "Hero", "House of Flying Daggers" and the Curse of the Golden Flower.

(it can be a big splash or little splash, however you would like :)
According to "Red is the color of happiness and prosperity in China and may be used to attract good luck."

Brooke's Card:

When I was reflecting on this movie I was thinking of the beautiful clothing from the "Orient" I though that the "Faux Silk" Technique would be appropriate. The first color that came to mind was "Riding Hood Red" A very Passionate color. I then choose the Pumpkin Pie and Tangerine Tango to add a softness or warmth to the red. Kiwi Kiss was a choice that brought a touch of nature to the card. The green represents the Bamboo that sways in the breeze and is beautifully danced in between characters during scenes of cat and mouse. I used the sentiment "LOVED" to represent the simple and everlasting love between "Li mu bai(Chow Yun-Fat), and Yu Shu Lien(Michelle Yeoh).

This move was the first movie that we ever owned on DVD. My sister gave this to my DH for his birthday to help force us in to the 21st century about 8 years ago. We hadn't made the just from VHS yet. How funny to look back on that to think that technology has change so much even sense then. This is truly one of our favorite movies. The story is so beautiful, the cinema-photography, the costumes and set design are so perfectly designed.

Sankari's Card:

Hi Everyone, I am sad to say that I didn't make a card for this week's challenge :(which is making me so sad - because I have a zillion ideas for a card after watching this movie again).

This week I am on a mini-vacation as I visit my parents - I have to say, that while I was watching this movie with my parents (for pictures of grass for the sneak peek (LOL!) my mother totally fell in love with this movie (which is surprising because she is so not a martial arts kind of movie girl) but she just loved watching the artistry in these scenes. At one point she turned to me and said - "I feel like I have had my exercise for my lifetime just watching this!" I just started laughing - it was so cute!
At the time that this will be posted, I will be on my way to a mini family reunion of sorts :)But I can't wait to come back and see all of your beautiful creations. It was awesome to read all of your guesses (Amy - you totally got it!) and can't wait till next week for our little Valentine's Cinema Saturday!! Hugs to all!!!!


So are you ready to play along!! We sure hope you join us this week!

All of you have to do is make a card, layout or altered project that has a splash of red (this could be from flowers, to brads, to paper, to ink, to ribbon - anything at all!) that is inspired by the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and link your creation to our blog by commenting on this post. If you are uploading to SCS please use the keyword: CSCC18 and if you are uploading it to PapercraftPlanet - please use the keyword: cinemasaturday (all lowercase and all ONE word :).

Please link to our blog by this Thursday, February 12, 2009 by 12pm PST.

Please tell your friends about this challenge and have them join us in this fun challege.
The card chosen from this challenge will be featured on PaperCraftPlanet - so come on and join the fun!!!

We can't wait to see your creations!!!

Hugs to all!
Sankari and Brooke

Also - lots of very happy belated birthday to our dear Carol!!! We hope that you had an amazing and wonderful birthday!!!
You are such an inspiration - So glad to have met you in blogland!


Zeta said...

Thank god I got that one you know how hard it would be to make a Lord of the Rings card! LOL!!! I had fun really putting my comment on here for all to hear\see vr. just my cat...LOL!
I read all your comments on fridays and I'm guessing along with you all....can't waite till next week!

Deb said...

This was a really fun challenge that I was able to combine with several others! I don't think I ever would have guessed the movie from those tiny slices of teasers!

Here's my card!

Lisa Brown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa Brown said...

Sorry... I had to pull the original post down. :(
Here it is again!

Amy, Ottawa, Canada said...

Beautiful Card, Brooke. I had to laugh, I thought we were one of the last people to get a DVD player. Our neighbours still are dumbfounded that we even still own a VCR, for taping Grey's Anatomy when I'm out a pilates :)

Thanks for the fun with this inspiration!



Mandy said...

That was hard to guess....Here is my card:

Juliann said...

OMG I would have never guessed that! But great movie!!!!
Yeah another chance to make an Asian card!!!!
So funny cuz the card I posted yesterday is so in theme of this movie.
I am happy that I will get to play this week, I missed last week!
Great pick girls!

Jaimee said...

Ever Grateful
heres mine

Carol Dunstan said...

you know Zeta, I did not find it hard to make a LOTR card at all! LOL

I have seen this movie and enjoyed it but really want to watch it again before making a card... MIL doesn't have it, Grandma doesn't have it so we suspect it is with another relative and not sure when we may get it back so may have to weaken and purchase it anyway. Feel like going back to bed... will check out everyone else's cards later, though I too thought of Faux Silk as soon as I saw what the movie was (and go Amy on guessing it... I don't know how they're going to make it harder next week)

Anonymous said...

This is my first entry in your challenges, but I think it is such a fabulous idea, so keep up the great work and thanks for the inspiration. Here is my card:

scrapperjulia said...

You picked a great movie for inspiration! I loved your card Brooke! My best friend adopted a little girl from China. I adore her and dedicate this card to her! My friends favorite Chinese proverb is "An invisible red thread connect those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, distance or circumstance, the thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break." so I used red thread on my card. I also embossed trees after the beautiful trees in the movie. Enough chatter, here's my card:

Juliann said...

This was fun! I had a few that I worked on:

and here is the one that I made before the reveal:

Chicken Coop Stamper said...

Hi All, is there somewhere you can see all of the entries on PCP, this was fun, love the red, thanks, Barb
Here's mine!

nelliemaeii said...

No scrapbook pages for me this time around, but I did whip up a simple little card. This was a fun challenge! Thanks!

A card this week.

Cindy said...

And, here is mine for the week...

Libby Hickson said...

Here's mine! :-)

Paula said...

I actually bought the movie to watch...(found it in the bargain bin)...beautiful's my card

Ophthalmologist said...

What a wonderful movie! Thank you for the chance to watch it!
Here's my card:
eye can stamp: The Red Bridge

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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