Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sneak Peek reveal

Here are the full pictures from this week's Sneak Peeks!!

This is Odd-Job and Mr Goldfinger himself. He is voted one of the best "James Bond" Villains of all times. Did you know that in the movie "Austin Powers" one of his villains is named "Random Task"....LOL! totally Hilarious"
Sneak Peek #1 and #2
Sneak Peek #3 (it was cropped from the bottom)
Sneak Peek #4
You see what I mean, when I said that we had to use this pic of 007 - its just such a classic shot of Bond....., James Bond

Enjoy the show girls.


Ali B said...

Oh my goodness, you girls are amazing! I can now go to bed at 1.30am finally satisfied!! Don't worry I did go out for a lovely chinese meal with friends in I think Carolann (chat noir) mentioned Bond..clever girl

Carol Dunstan said...

I only just watched Quantum of Solace on Fri night, so I am in the mood for another Bond, and Connery to boot! :-) Pretty sure I have seen this one but it was some time ago