Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sneak Peek Reveals for Twilight!

OK!!! You are all to Amazing!.... You all knew it was Victoria ... What if it had been a shaggy dog or a crazy old white haired person.... You just make it harder and harder to fool... You are all CINEMA SAVANTS!

This movie was so HARD to find pictures that didn't have the dark/blue undertones.... My goodness..

Carol if the restaurant's name is really the "Bloated Toad" you are a nut... Only you have the gift to memorize EVERY detail... AMAZING!
This is one of my favorite pictures... So pretty.. so candid..

Can't wait to see all the creations.... Mine will be up a little later we just got back from
"Angles and Demons"
Worth the price of admission...



Carol Dunstan said...

Brooke, I think if you'd used 1 millimetre of Victoria's fur we still would have guessed it (but maybe not so quickly :) )

yes it truly is the Bloated Toad, you see the sign out the front when Edward and Bella are talking to Jessica and Angela. I love the toad carving!

Actually, here's a little more about it set visit

Erica said...

Carol is right! In the book is it isn't called that. It is La Bella Italia.

Sankari W. said...

Great sneak peeks Brooke - it was a hard movie to disguise I think! And you girls are simply amazing!!!

okienurse said...

I loved this movie and and book series! I keep going back rereading and watching the movie and picking up bits and pieces. I love sparkle!

Amy, Ottawa, Canada said...

Wow, no wonder I wasn't able to guess at it, I haven't seen it or read the book. Yes, yes, yes, I have lived under a rock for the past year. My DD (9) had asked to watch it with a friend & I had heard about it & said let me watch it first.

This challenge reminded me to watch it (on you tube) & what a HOT movie, super suggestive with nothing blatant, but wow. Sorry, Emma, she'll have to wait 'til she's a bit older.

Will definitely give it a go this week.

Anonymous said...

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