Friday, April 2, 2010

Audreys, Cinema Inspired creations and Sneak Peeks :)

Happy Friday Everyone!

Hope you had a great week and didn't have too many pranks played on you for April Fool's yesterday! I am sorry to not have invited Mr.Linky to join us this week - I had to take a bit of a break from blogging this week as it was Spring Break for my kids and I took being "internet-less" for a wee bit as a sign to take a tiny blogging break :) I put up Mr. Linky and added all of your fantastic creations to it and it was pure delight this morning to read all of your sweet comments, see your gorgeous projects and creations!!!

Thank you all for playing along with us - you made us so hungry with your delectable creations! It was so much fun to hop around and see your "Julie & Julia" inspired creations. Please check out these Cinema Inspired Creations below:
This week Maureen caught our attention with this beautiful recipe card! It is just so sweet and
lovely! I hope that you will check out her blog for more details of this sweet card! What a great idea on how to use recipe cards!
And no, you are not seeing double! I didn't have time to post the Audrey from last week, which goes to Carol for using the dress that Jennifer Garner had on in the movie "13 going on 30" for her card!.
It is such a clever idea loved the use of color and use of the geometric shapes :) Hannah's leg warmer card was so sweet, we loved Kathy's
"dream big" card and Shaz'sbirthday card inspired by the ads
Jennifer Garner created. We loved peeking at all of your fantastic fun creations of the 80's and loved the retro look (I somehow feel suddenly old to think that the 80's is all of the sudden a retro look!!! what?!) We can't even thank you enough for playing along with us each week and creating with us on this movie inspired card adventure :))) You guys are just the best!!!

Tomorrow we have a lovely movie and a fun challenge (which is a total challenge for me :) but I know will be refreshing to try :)))) We hope you will join us and play along tomorrow - but here is a sneak peek that our lovely Brooke has come up for all of you sleuths out there!

Sneak Peek #1
Sneak Peek #2

Sneak Peek #3
Big Hugs!!!
the Cinema Sisters


Sankari W. said...

Sorry for the delay - Blogger was being "difficult" today! Can't wait to see your guesses and hope you play along with us!!!!
Big hugs!

Nancy K said...

Happy Friday ladies! Hope you have had a great week so far.
I agree Carol...I see the same, and it looks like an English stone wall with roses on it behind the sleeve.
Big Congrats to Carol and Maureen on their fabulous Audrey projects!

Brooke S said...

Happy April Fools to you all... Blogger is driving me NUTS today... I have been working on this and My new post all afternoon with headaches... I am presenting a HUGE Easter Tutorial for a cute little project if I can get it finished...

CONGRATS to this and last weeks winners.. We are excited to have you both join us next week... Sorry we didn't get with you sooner Carol about this week. I was out of town with the family for a Dance competition and Sankari is was swamped as well... Now bless her heart she is not feeling well and blogger is causing us more headaches... I have my card uploaded and ready for tomorrows movie presentation so lets hope blogger is working tomorrow :) if it's not up in the a.m. keep checking back...


Shari said...

Hello all!
I think it's Black stallion. ha ha
Just thought I'd check in and see how Cinema Saturday is going. 3 more weeks till I am through with school for the summer, then I can get playing again.

Maureen said...

would love to play with you gals again...thanks!!! These last movies have been so fun :) Happy Easter to everyone :)

Brooke S said...

What a pleasant surprise to see your little face... How the heck are you girl?

We just got back from a little b-day dinner for my DD and myself.. I will check in for the last sneak in an hour or so .. I have to run get easter treats before they are all gone :)

Carol Dunstan said...

wild stab in the dark - Finding Neverland?

Anonymous said...

Carol and Maureen...CONGRATS on your wins. Both of your cards were just delightful! LOVED them!!

Sankari and were so kind to mention my card..thank you. Again, such an honor to play along with all the talented Cinema players!!

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