Friday, November 28, 2008

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge # 8 -Miracle on 34th Street

You guys are just amazing! Can we just tell you we thought that you would be stumped - but a couple of you got the sneak peek was from "Miracle on 34th Street". The original movie was in black and white and was released in 1947 starring Maureen O'Hara, Natalie Wood and Edmund Gwen. There is a 1994 version of this film which stars: Richard Attenborough, Elizabeth Perkins, Dylan McDermott and Mara Wilson. You can read more about the stories and plots at IMDb both here and here, where all the images for the above challenge pics are from.
This is such classic movie and is something that could inspire a Christmas theme, a Thanksgiving theme or even a larger theme of believing in miracles and in hope. We hope that you enjoy this week's Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge and play along. In honor of Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season, we wanted to have a special blog candy for this week's entries as a thank you - we are so grateful for YOU! and for all the beautiful creations that you share here every week . We are truly grateful for all of you!
Here is some great Trivia from this movie from IMDb:

Did you know that:
  • In 2006 this movie was ranked #9 on the American Film Institute's 100 Most Inspiring Movies of All Times. Ranked #5 in 2008.
  • Natalie Wood was 8 when she made this film.
  • The scenes of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade are of the actual parade held in 1946.
Here are our card and scrapbook layout for this week, inspired by Miracle on 34th Street, you can find more details on our blogs.

I remember watching this movie as a child and loving theme of Christmas miracles. Any story with that tagline always made me so hopeful and left me feeling that we were all connected and that our dreams could come true. This card was inspired by the theme of miracles and that larger theme of human goodness. As I was making this card, I have been watching the news of the current situation in Mumbai, India - and have been feeling this surrealness. Thankfully the family and friends that I have there are not injured - but my heart goes out to the thousands injured and all of those whose lives were taken from this tragedy. This card is inspired by the feeling of hope and of miracles from the movie and I hope that in the world that we live in today, the dream of a united world, one world family, is something that will come true.

Since the movie is all about deciding if you really believe in Santa Clause or not I decided to scrapbook a few pictures we took this week.. This is so huge for my little DS because this is the first time we have and memory of Zach even entertaining the thought of wanting to visit with Santa. He is usually the child that is the furthest away sitting on mom, dad or a big brother's lap - NOT on Santa's... Zach was a little nervous and luckily he got to take his sweet time because he was the only kid even visiting with him at all.. We have two son's with birthdays front and back of Halloween and we just didn't get around to having a birthday party for Zach. Dad had taken this week off of work so Mom and Dad took Zach for a special date to make a "Build -a- Bear" all of his own. His big sister had just attended a b-day party at "Build -a- Bear" and she had looked on the computer to see what she might choose at the party and Zach saw the Zebra and that is all that was on his brain for weeks.. We had a great time watching him create his Zebra. Zach named his after a favorite cousin.. So sweet. The girl helping Zach asked if the Zebra was stuffed just right and he said " he is just perfect for snuggling" he didn't want to change a thing. Zach was so excited to show his new Zebra to Santa he even let him hold it while he talked to him. What a magical day.. We created a new friend. Visited with an new/old friend. Went to lunch just the three of us and cute little Zach is still dragging his Zebra with him every were he goes. Oh to be a child again.
So are you ready to come and play along!!! Well, this week, we also wanted to show our appreciation for all our lovely readers with some yummy blog candy. Included is a packet of Christmas Clear Stamps, 8 sheets of Italian DP, a packet of embellished flowers by Handmade Art, a DVD of the movie Sabrina, 2 clear checkbook cover you can use as Christmas gifts, Christmas Peeps to make your own treat bags, and some lovely ribbon!
You could have all this for the taking - all you have to do is to create a card and link your creation to this post and mention this blog candy on your blog. All projects must be uploaded by Thursday, December 4th at 9pm PST. You can also link your creations to Splitcoast using the keyword, CSCC#8.

We hope you enjoy this Cinema Pick and can't wait to see your Cinema inspired movie projects. It could be anything from the movie that inspires you, from the characters, the dialogue, the costumes, the furniture, the themes - anything at all!

We would also like to thank all of you who played last week! You guys are awesome! And we would like to congratulate our Audrey winner from last week: Amy from Tethered2Home for her beautiful card of Woodstock - you have to check out her beautiful creation here. And also our blog candy winner from last week is Arielle from SnappyStamper. Congrats Ladies and thanks to all who played!

We hope you have fun with this movie pick and enjoy making your projects. Can't wait to see your beautiful creations!!!

See you at the movies!
Sankari and Brooke :)

Friday Sneak Peek #8

OK girls this one is for the rest of you... And Amy if you didn't get the first one.... This movie is a all time classic and a must see. Guarantee you mothers and Grandmothers have seen it.

Let see how many can have a card made before we even reveal it on Saturday...

Sankari & Brooke

Amy's sneak peek

OK Amy of Tethered2home have at it....a little early sneak peek just for you...XOXOXOXO
For those of you who haven't noticed Amy has guessed all our sneak peaks right so far... We just can't seem to stump her.. So impressive...

The rest of you will have your sneak peek in 1 hour...

See you then.
Sankari and Brooke

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blog Candy and the Audrey!

Hi Everyone!,

Thank you so much for playing in our weekly challenges! All of your submissions from last week's Cinema Saturday challenge: Gone with the Wind, really blew us away! We loved all of your entries and it was hard to make a pick. You all did such a fantastic job! Samantha's card caught our eye in making this beautiful crisp, clean and elegant card of Rhett Butler's jacket. Love how you did this card (even with a headache! :) Our Audrey Award goes to her lovely creation for this week:

This week, in honor of Thanksgiving, we would like to throw some blog candy into the mix to thank all of you for playing  in our challenges. You are all truly amazing!
 Check out this sweet little stamp set from Heidi Grace :

All you have to do is make a card for Challenge #7 which is A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. We will pick randomly from all the entries from this week's challenge. Please link up by Thursday at 9pm PST and if you are linking to SCS please use the link CSCC#7. Can't wait to see all your Peanuts entries :)

p.s. even if you can't play this time we would love it if you would spread the word and let all your blog friends know what we are up to...  The more the merrier...

Hope you are all well! 
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sankari and Brooke

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge # 7 - Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

We thought that we would have some fun this week - and go with A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (man some of you are hard to fool with the sneak peeks - it is so much fun to see your guesses (Catherine, that mouse trap guess totally cracked us up) and Arielle - you were right - it was the toaster from the scene with Snoopy making toast!!!)

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving was originally released in 1973, as an animated primetime show and went on to win an Emmy the next year. It has been aired at Thanksgiving as a special for the last 35 years and has become a tradition to all different generations. Doesn't the theme music at the beginning just evoke your childhood?

Well, this week we would love to see the whole family get involved... If you have children or grandchildren would love to craft, or even color a picture for Thanksgiving (or anything) please share them with us...

Brooke's Cards:

Who doesn't love "Woodstock" Don't we all feel like him every now and then... Like what the heck is going on? My favorite part of this movie is the creating of the Thanksgiving dinner... Toast how classic... The funniest part is at the end when everyone leaves and Snoopy starts messing around in his dog house and pulls out a table he just built and a complete Thanksgiving dinner.. And he his probably thinking you dumb kids...  
Words buy Zach written by mom...
Zach wanted to get in the action so her decided to make a scrapbook page from our trip to "Knotts Berry Farm". Zach created this page all by himself.. He LOVES using paper punches.. He said " Momma I want to use the framer puncher for my picture... Then Camping things... So I dug through my massive un-used sticker collection and His eyes were so big.. "I get to use stickers, YES!" he said. Zachy placed them all buy his self.. Don't forget to notice the sticker hat on his head... he said " Mom Don you like my new hat? I need to buy one you know" I had to just laugh... He also added a Camera to Abbie's hand... Crazy Nut! Zach really enjoys hanging out while I make things he usually like to make cards for his friends.. 

Sankari's Cards:

Originally, I was trying to make a popcorn card - but after 4 disastrous attempts and cardstock stren acrss the floor - I went for something simpler. My son was making a card with me when I was trying to make my popcorn card - so he wanted to make a card too with popcorn... so, his first internet card debut is here:

Here is our 3 year old son's Charlie Brown card. He had so much fun making it and was very focused on making it. He said that this is a special card for grandma and grandpa.
AND here is the explanation of his card in his words.... notice that he also made a car for Charlie Brown (anything that he draws has a car on it :)

It was so cute to see his little hands punching our the circle (which is the popcorn that Snoopy makes :). And HE was the one who took this picture! He is so proud that he "blogged"!!! :)

Here is my simplified card - I made it for my little nephew who we are so thankful :) It uses the sketch that Tammy created at PaperCraftPlanet. I printed out a blank Linus image and colored and popped him up on dimensionals and added a little stickle to the blanket... I was so happy to have made a card after my 4 disastrous attempts at recreating the popcorn scene with Snoopy... phew!

Do you guys still have a blankie from your childhood - I never had one - but my DH still has his... its totally strewn to pieces and his mom keeps it safe in his little memory box.... so cute!

You can read more about A Charlie Brown Thanskgiving on Wikipedia and you can watch the whole feature on Youtube - it is divided into three parts:

Part Three

As Thanksgiving is next week, we wanted to make this a special Cinema Challenge and wanted to thank you!! all for playing, we love seeing your creations and wanted to appreciate you with some special blog candy for this week's entry. Anyone entering their creation this week will be eligible for being entered into the blog candy drawing.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy all the little moments and big moments of this wonderful life :) We are totally blessed to have gotten to know all of you through our blogs and these challenges!

All entries must be linked to this post by Thursday, November 27 at 9pm PST. You can create anything you want from this cinema pick from a card, to a layout to an altered project. If you upload to Splitcoast please enter CSCC#7 as the keyword.

Can't wait to see your creations and your children or grandchildren's creations too!!!!
Sending you all hugs and smiles :)
Sankari and Brooke

Stay tuned for our blog candy details and the Audrey award recipient from last week (you guys totally wowed us with your creations!!!)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Friday Sneak Peek #7

It's time for another Sneak Peek Friday!
This week is a whole family affair... So get ready for the show!

See you all Saturday...

This week we will have a little extra sweetness so keep checking back...


Brooke & Sankari

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge # 6 - Gone With the Wind

Our Sneak peek photo

Man, some of you are hard to fool! We had so much fun reading all your comments about the sneak peek ! Here is the reveal of the full sneak peek picture...We sure enjoyed all the chatting about the movie preview. You are all so clever.. We can hardly wait to see what you come up with. "Gone With the Wind" - what can we say...

Just the title alone says it all. A classic! We have spent quite a while watching clips on youtube this week and chatting about this movie. It just gets us excited to watch this movie from start to finish. Margret Mitchell won the Pulitzer Prize in 1937 for her novel "Gone with the Wind", which was later adapted into a screenplay for the silver screen. It went on to win 6 Oscars. Margret Mitchell's novel is one of the best selling novel - it has sold more than 30 million copies . We learned so many cool facts about this movie and the making of it. Please check out fun facts we gathered for you about the movie. If our facts whet you appetite for more, you will be amazed at the history about this movie.

Sankari's Cards:

I had a little fun with this first card - The silhouette of Scarlett and Rhett was painted and then the outside says: "Frankly my dear..." and then the inside says: "You had me at hello" (which is from Jerry Mcguire - but I just had to use it for this card - because the juxtaposition kinda cracks me up :) ..

This second card was made from the a scene in the movie, when Scarlett resolves to move forward into tomorrow... that scene was the inspiration for this card - which is where the sentiment: "Celebrate the Dawn " comes from... just to celebrate the possibilities that every day holds...

Brooke's Card:

I was originally thinking about making a card from the scene at TARA with Mr O'Hara and Scarlet and he is trying to convince he that all she needs in here life is the land. When it came to it I was really inspired by the dresses that these woman were waring.. AMAZING! Come over to my Blog to see were I got my inspiration..

Fun Facts about "GONE WITH THE WIND"

When Gary Cooper turned down the role for Rhett Butler, he was passionately against it. He is quoted saying both, "'Gone With The Wind' is going to be the biggest flop in Hollywood history," and, "I'm just glad it'll be Clark Gable who's falling on his face and not Gary Cooper."

[June 2008] Ranked #4 on the American Film Institute's list of the 10 greatest films in the genre "Epic".

The movie's line "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." was voted as the #1 movie quote by the American Film Institute (out of 100).

The movie's line "As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again!" was voted as the #76 of "The 100 Greatest Movie Lines" by Premiere in 2007.

First color film to win the Best Picture Oscar

The film had its first preview on 9 September 1939 at the Fox Theatre in Riverside, California. In attendance were David O. Selznick, his wife Irene Mayer Selznick, investor John Hay Whitney and editor Hal C. Kern. Kern called for the manager and explained that his theater had been chosen for the first public screening of "Gone With the Wind" though the identity of the film was to remain undisclosed to the audience until the very moment it began. People were permitted to leave only if they didn't want to hang around for a film that they didn't know the name of, but after they'd gone, the theater was to be sealed with no re-admissions and no phone calls. The manager was reluctant but eventually agreed. His one request was to call his wife to come to the theater immediately, although he was forbidden to tell her what film she was about to see. Indeed, Kern stood by him while he made his phone call to ensure he maintained the secret. When the film began, the audience started yelling with excitement. They had been reading about this film for nearly 2 years, so were naturally thrilled to see it for themselves.

For the premiere in Atlanta in December 15, 1939, the governor declared a state holiday. Ticket prices for the premiere were 40 times the usual going rate.

Read more fun facts about this amazing movie. Click here.

YouTube links:

Part 1

Part 2 (Sneak peek is from this sceen)

"Frankly my dear I don't give a Damn"

Classic that can't be missed. I always think of this when I think of this movie...

We hope you all had a great time re-visiting a classic.. We know we did. The last time either of us watched this movie was in High school... And that was a long time ago.(hee,hee)

Have fun creating your Masterpieces.

Link your entries here by Thursday, November 20th by 9 pm PST. You can create anything from cards, layouts, to altered projects - anything really. If posting to Splitcoasters then use the keyword: CSCC#6.

Have fun!!!!

And Enjoy the show!


Sankari and Brooke

Friday, November 14, 2008

And the Audrey goes to....

Thank you too all of you played in last week's Cinema pick: "Memoirs of a Geisha". What an amazing collection of cards we received this week. Serioiusly - you guys really made some amazing cards - every single entry esd just beautiful and once again very hard to pick just one card to receive the "Audrey Award". This week we were blown away by some of you who made more than one card. You all ROCK!!!

Thank you all for your excitement each week as we sneak peek on Friday - to the lovely comments on our challenge and personal blogs. We are so proud of all the challenge members who support each other.. Thanks for loving and supporting each other. Hats off to you all.

This week "Audrey Award" goes to:
Not only did Samantha make this AMAZING Kimono paper folded card. She made 3 cards!!! All of her cards are amazing (you have to check out her fan card also) but we couldn't get this card out of our minds. The paper looks so much like a silk Kimono worn by the Geisha's. The art of Origami is one of the most beautiful paper crafts ever. You all have to jump over to her blog and check out here beautiful, clean, elegant and detailed cards.. (there not all in the same posts) Congrats Samantha! Don't forget to display you "Audrey Award" proudly on your blog with a link to our So we can share our challenge with others.

Thanks to all of you who played along this week - you guys just blow us away! We really love doing these challenges and especially doing them with all of YOU!!!!

Brooke & Sankari :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sneak Peek Friday #6

It's time for another Sneak Peek Friday! 
Are you ready for a classic! 
Can't wait for Saturday!

Come on over and play with us tomorrow!!
See ya'll at the movies!

Brooke and Sankari

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge # 5 - Memoirs of a Geisha

We are excited this week to premier the Oscar Winning movie: Memoirs of a Geisha (2005). It is adapted to the Silver Screen by Robin Swicord and is based on the book by Arther Golden. According to IMDb, this movie had 28 nominations, 6 of which were Oscars, 3 of which it won (in the categories of Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design and Best Art Direction). This movie is really stunning in its artistic flavors. The colors, angles, textures within the movie are simply breathtakingly beautiful as are the music and score.

The movie chronicles the life a of a young girl from her roots in poor fishing village to becoming known as the most celebrated geisha in Japan. She was sold into a geisha house to raise for her parents and this separation from her parents and sister gives her the determination to look within and become the best with the sudden turn in her situation.

We both loved the colors and the artistic palette that this movie inspires in creating our cards. The rich fabrics and beautiful colors are just gorgeous. Here are our cards from this Cinema Saturday's creative challenge.

Brooke's card:

for more details check out Brooke's blog

Sankari's card:

for more details and to see her other card for this challenge, check out Sankari's blog.

Now its your turn!!! We would love to see what inspired YOU from the movie. There is so much inspiration from the colors, the fabrics, the dance, the cinematography, the music, the characters, etc. and you can create cards, layouts, altered projects - really anything - whatever inspires you!!!!

Projects uploads are due Thursday 9:00p.m. PST

Leave a comment on this post with a link to your blog post or gallery. If you're uploading to Splitcoast please use keyword" Cinema Saturday #4 or CSCC#5". You are not required to make a card. We welcome all mediums, cards, altered projects, scrapbook pages, etc.
You do not have to have seen or watched the movie to create a card, layout, etc. - we give some sites that you can check out to get inspiration from about the movie if you haven't seen it.
Need some inspiration before you get started on your project?
Here are a few links to some sites of Memoirs of a Geisha:

You can check out Wikipedia for more plot summary. Check out the official site for the movie here. Watch Chiyo's transformation into a Geisha here.

We hope you enjoy this movie - it was a great way for us to see this movie that we both had been wanting to see and then create a card after watching it. We hope that you all enjoy this week's Cinema Saturday Challenge and can't wait to see all your beautiful creations!!

See you at the movies!
Sankari and Brooke

Friday, November 7, 2008

And the Audrey goes to....

Thank you too all of you played in last week's Cinema pick: GREASE! It was so fun to see all of your fun creations inspired from the Pink Ladies, the poodles skirts, Grease Lightening, the leather jackets, etc. It was not only great to see your creations - but to also read your memories of watching Grease and singing the songs (or for those of you who weren't a fan of Grease - you guys totally rock for making a card and participating in this challenge - that is awesome!!)

There was one card that just immediately got our attention. It is by the talented Anthonette of Chavez Designs. Check out her amazing gift card inspired by Danny Zucko's leather jacket . The texture of the leather jacket that she recreated in her card is just awesome! She did alot of sewing to put parts of the jacket together - totally amazing. Anthonette , we hope you will proudly display your Audrey on your side bar - your card is lightening - Grease lightening!
We can't wait to see all the beautiful creations for this week's challenge (which we will be posting in the next 30 minutes... :)

Thank you to all of you who play along in these weekly challenges!!
Sankari and Brooke :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Friday Sneak Peek

It's time for another Sneak Peek Friday! This one will take your breath away.
Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!!!

Until Tomorrow,
Brooke & Sankari

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge # 4 - Grease

YAY! Welcome to our fourth challenge, where we proudly present Grease! This movie was released in 1978 and is based on Warren Casey's musical. As a movie musical, it has grossed almost $400 million since then and even 30 years after its release, this movie still remains ever popular. You can read more about the details of Grease at Wikipedia and at IMDb. Can't you just hear the songs in your head already!!! This is such a fun movie - and we hope you have fun with it too!!!

Sankari's Card:

 I love this movie! Its one of my favorite musicals! When I was little I used to have a total crush on John travolta - even had a classic shirt of him on my T-shirt. And my DH had a huge crush on Olivia Newton John - so it was fun to do Karaoke with the songs from this movie and pretend to be each other's Sandy and Danny :) (although since then Johnny Depp has replaced John Travolta....but I digress.... anyhoo :) It was totally fun to make this card - and I got the inspiration for the card from the Intro to Grease which was done as a cartoon (can see it here) with the song Grease is the Word by Franki Valli. I love the cartoony feel and that song is just awesome!!! 

So here is my card where I tried to recreate the last scene where Sandy and Danny fly up into the sky in Grease Lightening - but only thing is that they are ....cupcakes :) 

I had so much fun making this card for this totalllllly fun movie :) Hope all of you have a chance to tap your toes to the Grease soundtrack and to create your Grease inspired Cinema Saturday Creation!

You can check out more details on Sankari's Blog

Brooke's Card:
I decided to go with the big "Sleepover" seen. When Sankari and I were talking about this movie I had Frenchie's hair in curlers, and pineapple hair from the prom came to mind. I really thought it would be fun to re-create paper hair. What's more fun that girlfriends, food, and movies. WATCHING "GREASE" with GIRLFRIENDS.

We have had this soundtrack playing in our house for weeks now. My kids have always love this movie and music. It seems like they are always learning a song from this soundtrack for something or other for school. Last year in "U.S. History" my son's learned about music from all the era's and the preformed a few song in costume for parents. This week it was my DD turn they were learning songs and action to preform at "Barns and Noble" for a school fundraiser. When my kids were little we would ballroom dance to this music around the house. I was always had to be the guy partner so know I am not a very good female partner. I always want to lead. When I was a kid I was a girl for the "50" probably 3 times I just loved wearing mu mom's Original Poodle skirt and ensemble. In Junior high red "Keds" were my favorite as well. I hope you all had a great time watching this movie and making a few memories with you kids.

p.s. I am with Sankari DH I loved Olivia Newton John. We had a 8-track of hers and I loved to listing to it. I also loved her in "ZANADU" jump over and catch the 80'S fever. O.K. I'm an "80'S" girl... Come over to my blog to see more photos. 

We are so excited to see your lovely creations!

Projects uploads are due Thursday 9:00p.m. PST

 Leave a comment on this post with a link to your blog post or gallery. If you're uploading to Splitcoast please use keyword" Cinema Saturday #4 or CSCC#4". You are not required to make a card. We welcome all mediums, cards, altered projects, scrapbook pages, etc.

Need some inspiration before you get started on your project? 
Here are a few links to some of the fun songs from Grease:  

We hope you have fun with this one!!! Can't wait to see all of your creations!

Sankari and Brooke!

don't forget to scroll below to see the entries and award recipient from last week's challenge!