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Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge - #17 The Princess Bride

Welcome Everyone to our 17th Cinema Challenge – where this week, we are so happy to present the movie The Princess Bride. And no matter what how sneaky our sneak peeks are (even when its just sky!!!! You guys still amaze us with how you can guess a movie out of just a few pixils!!! Okay – that’s it – next time we are just going to show you blades of grass!! LOL!!..

The Princess Bride, according to Wikipedia
is listed at number 50 on Bravo's "100 Funniest Movies" and is ranked at number 88 out of the 100 greatest film love stories of all time, according to the American Film Institue (AFI's 100 Years... 100 Passions"). It is orginally a novel written in 1973 that was released as a movie in 1987, where it met with modest success. Since that time however, the movie's fame and notreity has grown and has developed a cult like following. According to Wikipedia, in 2000, The Princess Bride was voted by Total Film as the 38th most comedic movie of all time. This movie is a true cult classic - and for all those who love this movie - you will love this website on all the memorable quotes from the Princess Bride and also this link that shows the characters as they were in 1987 and their more recent pictures a : Then and Now slideshowIt is a wonderfully romantic film and we thought a perfect pick with Valentine's day around the corner!

Haven't seen the movie? No worries, you can watch the whole thing on Youtube in 9 parts: Here are the links to the 9 parts of the Princess Bride on Youtube:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 , Part 6, Part 7, Part 8 and Part 9

This week, we are so excited to announce a few exciting things!

1. 2 Awesome Guest Designers - We are so blessed to have 2 awesome guest designers who have agreed to design for this challenge! We would like to thank Ann Cox of Creative Antics and Melanie Muenchinger of Hands, Head and Heart for designing us these beautiful projects inspried from the Princess Bride.
2. A beautiful stamp set for the Audrey recipient (the Audrey is given out to the person whose creation captures some aspect of the movie)
3. The very first sketch component to a Cinema Saturday movie pick! So are you ready for all the fun in store this week?

Well, here we go:

Sankari's Card Inspired by the Princess Bride
I totally fell in love with the Princess Bride when I was in highschool. I think I was like Ann, and could quote the movie line by line. I think I must have watched it over a fifty times. One of my favorite memories is watching it with my highschool girlfriends at a slumber party eating popcorn and swooning over Westley's character and quoting all the memorable quotes (in our pajamas, with popcorn in our mouths) as the movie was on. One of my favorite lines from the movie is: "My brains, his steel, and your strength against sixty men, and you think a little head jiggle is supposed to make me happy? hmmm? " The other line that I love comes from Westley's devotion to Buttercup and how he expresses his love with the sentiment: "as you wish". For this card, I a stamp from Melanie's beautiful stamp set that I colored to show Princess Buttercup and Westley (Dread Pirate Roberts) holding hands with the sentiment as you wish being repeated in the circle again and again.

I made this card using the sketch challenge that you will find more details about towards the end of the blog nad You can check out more details on my blog.

Brooke's Card Inspired by the Princess Bride

When I was a Senior in high school 20(choking) years ago... I was in a women's ensemble. We were practicing for a little barbershop number using canes and hats... I know corny... anyway my girlfriend raised and pointed her sword(cane) toward me and said these famous words to me: "Hello my name is Inigo Montoya you killed my father prepare to die" I totally had not clue what she was talking about.. So She explained to me all about a movie call "The Princess Bride" and that was pretty much history... We had many swords fights that spring as we rehearsed for our spring showcase...
When I married my sweetie pie this was one of his favorite movies and now one of our children's favorite movies.. I think I watched this movie 3 times in a row while I was making cards yesterday. "Inconceivable" but true. I even watched the extra features and Mandy Patinkin boobs like a baby.. He just couldn't believe he was part of such an amazing movie it's really cute. He was so happy bless his heart... In the interview he say "I asked Rob Reiner what he thought this move was really all about and he told me: "The most important thing in life is true love".

So that's were I got my inspiration from. "True Love"
Come over to my blog to get all the details..

Ann's Wish Journal Inspired by the Princess Bride
First of all, I have to say thank you to Sankari and Brooke for choosing me to be a guest designer for this movie. I have adored The Princess Bride for years, and it’s one of those movies that I can quote practically word for word. I just love how the movie maintains some of the traditional fairy tale elements while weaving in all sorts of humor—from the witty banter of the “man in black” to the utterly ridiculous (anyone else love the scene where Inigo and Fezzik start rhyming?).
I had lots of ideas for this challenge, but I kept coming back to Westley’s famous line, “As you wish” and the idea of fairy tales in general. So I created a wish journal—the perfect place for a princess to record her most secret wishes.

Melanie's Book Inspired by the Princess Bride
I have always been passionate about books and films, which allow me to step out of my world and into another. And a film about a book? So much the better! :) When asked to Guest Design for "The Princess Bride" this week, one of my favorites because it has it all: romance, action, wit, and the sharing of a story between loved ones, I remembered a book design I made for the Splitcoast Dirty Dozen Gallery several years ago. That book opened to reveal a box to store trinkets or letters, but I thought about how easy it would be adapt that here to open the cover and reveal several "card" pages showing my favorite parts and quotes from this story. With paper, ink, sponges, a gold pen and a little scoring, it is truly amazing how you can recreate the look of leather and old parchment to make an antique, gilded book. Before I even knew what stamping was, I'd always dreamed of illustrating books of my own. There's something so magical and mysterious to me about an old book, and the tale of "The Princess Bride" was the
perfect opportunity to create one that begged to be opened. Now I'm inspired to make more "books" (or "movie-books" LOL!), the favorites of friends or family. (When I have little more time on my hands, some pop-up pages will be in order!)
Thank you Brooke and Sankari for the inspiration! For pics and more info on how to make these little paper books, please visit my blog.


We would really like to thank Ann and Melanie for being our guest designers this week - their creations are total inspirations! This week we are offering a very special PRIZE!!! Melanie Muenchinger, who is one of our guest designers this week, is also the senior illustrator at Gina K. designs. This week's prize is one of Melanie's beautiful stamp set: Hand In Hand. (check out all the stamps that she has designed here) So how can you be eligible ???

1. This week, Sankari has created a sketch and is in charge of the sketch challenge over at Paper Craft Planet this week (every saturday they have a new sketch challenge that goes from saturday to saturday). In order to be eligible to win the prize for this week's challenge, you have to use the sketch below with this week's movie which is the Princess Bride.

so a few more clarifications:

2. you don't have to use the sketch challenge to play along
3. in order to be eligible to win Melanie's stamp set - you have to incorporate the sketch.
3. Please leave a comment on this blog post with your entry by this Thursday -9 pm PST
4. If using the sketch and movie challenge together - please also upload to Paper Craft Planet using 2 tags: sk013109 and cinemasaturday (all one word, lowercase letters) - in this way - i can create an album that can be featured with all of your works ;)

We are overjoyed at all of our wonderful players and guessers and all the people who have stopped by to say hello!! We can't even tell you how excited we are to meet all of you!
Please don't forget to check out all the beautiful entries from the Wizard of Oz, including Kelly's beautiful creation. And also scroll down to see the sneak peek reveals from this week's sneak peeks (we just don't know how you guys guess the movie every week!!!)

We hope you will play along this week and we are eagerly awaiting to see all of your beautiful creations!

Big hugs to all!!!

See you at the movies :)
Sankari and Brooke :)

p.s. if you need to upload to Splitcoast us the code CSCC#17 You will need to upload to Papercraft to qualify for the free stamp set.

Sneak Peek Reveals

Ok... So you were all worried about not being able to guess from clouds and trees etc... HELLO someone always gets it and we have not idea how.... You are all so dang amazing... I could post a blank screen and you would most likely be right.

First Sneak Peek!

This one was the best.. I totally loved all the twister guesses.. I knew that was the direction you all would go..

Second Sneak Peek!

This second peek killed me when you guessed the right movie... It could have been a river runs through it or Mrs. Doubtfire someone always guesses that movie... What am I going to do for next week to keep you on your toes?

We can't wait to see what you all come up with...

Brooke and Sankari

PS - Brooke, I think that next week - we should just post pictures of blades of grass --- but I am sure someone will still guess it!! YOU guys are amazing!!!

The Audrey goes to...

We are so happy to welcome so many new players this week! We are so happy that you found us and hope that you had fun doing this movie challenge This week - you guys really blew us away with all of your amazing creations for the Wizard of Oz. Seriously stunning!!! Please check out all the beautiful submissions here:

Samantha (2)
Kim Marie (all 3 views)
Carol (1)
Fleur de Lis
Lisa Brown
Carol (2)

We loved all the treat bags (or shoes :) and loved how you incorporated the metallic element into your cards,layouts and projects. We were really captured by Kelly's Dare to Dream Wizard of Oz Inspired Card. We loved the elegant design, crisp lines and the inspired sentiment from the WOZ's song dreams really do come true. Thank you so much Kelly, we hope you will proudly display the Audrey on your sidebar. Thank you also to ALL of you participated!!! We loved all of your projects and loved seeing all the different inspriations from the Wizard of Oz in your card!

You are all an inspriation to us!

May all your dreams come true and may you find rainbows in every corner :)
Hugs to all,
Sankari and Brooke :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Sneak Peek Friday#17

Sneak Peek #1

Sneak Peek #2

Ok girls... This first sneak peek is in honor of Carol... She was hoping for this kind of non-descript picture so here you go girl :) Love ya Carol.
We wanted to thank a few new members of our Cinema saturday family for bringing us traffic.. We have a few new players that have joined our challenges, and we wanted to give a heart felt thanks to all who are sharing our challenge with others. We love having a big family...
I'm not sure how many sneak peeks I will be posting tomorrow.. Our oldest baby boy is turning "16" today and we are going to be spoiling him with our presence ALL DAY LONG... Lucky boy!!
Have fun guessing I can't to read all you comments..
Sunny Sankari is off on a hoilday with her wonderful family.. She may join in and surprise us with a few comments you never know...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge - #16 - The Wizard of Oz

Good Saturday Morning Everyone,

This Saturday we are happy to feature the movie: The Wizard of Oz! First of all, can we just say that we are impressed and blown away that you guys could guess that from those itty bitty sneak peeks!!! Seriously - you are all amazing with your guessing ability!

The movie the Wizard of Oz was released in 1939 (can you believe that this movie is 60 years old!!!) according to Wikipedia movie received an Academy Award for best Original Song and was nominated for several Academy Awards as well as being nominated for Best Picture. This movie is often ranked in the Top 10 in film circles and the song "Somewhere over the Rainbow has been voted as the Greatest Song of All Time by the American Film Institute.

Last week we had a Color Challenge and this week we wanted to have a different challenge - that your card, layout, project that is inspired by the movie: The Wizard of Oz have something metallic in it (it could be some brads, metallic paper, ink, etc.)

Sankari's Card Inspired by the Tin Man from the Movie the Wizard of Oz

There were sooo many inspirations that can drawn from this movie - I didn't even know where to start. I love the Tin Man - so that is where I drew inspiration for my card:

When I watched this movie when I was young - my favorite character was the Tin Man - he was always so sweet and always getting rusty. My card is inspired by his quest for a heart. The sentiment of the card is inspired by the song "If I only had a Heart" sung by the Tin Man. I love the line: "I hear a beat, how sweet!" So this sentiment reads: "My heart beats for you, sweet!" One of the hearts is very 3-D and the silver heart is actually a broach that I cut and adhered to the cardstock. This is an early valentine's day card for my DH that I surprised him with this morning - with some hot cocoa and pancakes :) Pancakes, hot cocoa and the Wizard of Oz ... that's what I call a great start to a day!

You can check out more details on Sankari's Blog.


Just to show you all how much we love "The Wizard of Oz" at our house.. For Halloween one year we all dressed up as a character from the movie...  We had me as the Wicked Witch, DH as the Tornado, Oldest DS as the Tin Man, Middle DS as the Lion, DD as Dorothy, my sister as the good witch, B-in-law as a munchkin, nephew as a toto(dalmatian) sister our supervisor..

My scrapbooking style is much different now but these pager were a lot of fun to create.. There were actually published in "Creating Keepsakes" magazine idea book...
I found theses really fun page protectors that opened from the inside out.. It really worked out so cool.. I decided sense we were trick or treating creating front doors for the journaling was a clever way to go.. I had cute the inlays on the doors and shaded them then printed the journaling on vellum and covered the doors.

Here is just a little peek into the Stockman family world of Oz....
I actually made all the kids costumes...(not the Dalmatian it's Disney)

Project #2
click on the link to see the whole card.
Project #3
If I only had a heart


I will be posting more project through our the week... Keep checking back with me...


So are you ready to play along!! We sure hope you join us this week!

All of you have to do is make a card, layout or altered project that has a metallic component (this could be brads, metallic paper, faux metal embellishment, etc) that is inspired by the movie Wizard of OZ and link your creation to our blog by commenting on this post. If you are uploading to SCS please use the keyword: CSCC16 and if you are uploading it to PapercraftPlanet - please use the keyword: cinemasaturday (all lowercase and all ONE word :).

Please link to our blog by this Thursday, January 30, 2009 by 12pm PST.

Please tell your friends about this challenge and have them join us in this fun challege.
The card chosen from this challenge will be featured on PaperCraftPlanet - so come on and join the fun!!!

We can't wait to see your creations!!!

Hugs to all!
Sankari and Brooke

Sneak Peek Reveals

1. Sneak Peek #1 - Seriously - you guys are GENIUS to figure out the movie from this snippet! wow!!!

2. Sneak Peek # 2 - This is the scene from the song that the Munchkins sing - I cropped out the sky and I even made it black and white(ish) and you still got it!!! Whaaaat!!??!!

3. Sneak Peek # 3 - This is when Dorothy arrives in Oz - This is another color picture that was made black and white and then rotated - but you all still totally guessed not only the movie - but also the scene!!!

That's it --- we bow down to your genius guessing - you guys totally rocked!!!! Hope you had fun guessing :) We know we had fun reading your guesses!!!!

Well, NEXT week --- all we are posting for sneak peek pictures of blue sky!! (and I am sure you guys will still guess which movie has that particular sky in it!! LOL!!! you are all the best!!!

Hugs to all,
Sankari and Brooke!

Friday, January 23, 2009

And the Audrey goes to...

Happy Saturday Morning Everyone!!!

Wow - we were so happy to see so many new faces and welcome back some longtime players to this week's Cinema Challenge which was Casablanca. We loved looking at all of your beautiful creations! Please make sure to check out the awesome entries from this week's Challenge:

Stacy of Stacy's Stamping Stage - Dream a little Card
Jaimee of a Creative Soul - Beautiful Friendship card
Amy of Tethered 2 Home - Gift Tag for French Wine
Carol - of Inkantations and Incarnations: We'll always have Paisley
Kerry of KB PaperCraft - Always on my Mind, Forever in my Heart
Cindy of Paper, Pad and Pictures - Casablanca Inspired Tile Card
Savitri of Scarpbit - Love and Be loved Card
Tracy of Zukesgirl - A Kiss is just a Kiss Card
Sam/antha :) of Ryemillan's Stamping and Scrapbooking - Friendship Card
Ann of Creative Antics - Play it Again Sam
Sherrri - Rosesi in my Heart: A love Note - Casablanca style..
Arielle of Snappy Stamper: A Note - Casablanca style

There were sooo many amazing entries this week - we really enjoyed looking at each of them and admiring all of your beautiful Casablanca inspired creations!! BEAUTIFUL!! Tina of Travelling Mama, really caught our attention with her beautifully detailed and stamped creation: Casablanca Inspired Mon Amie card. The details of the card were beautiful and the tilework is just beautiful - you can see it in many of the scenes in Casablanca. The sentiment Mon Amie (or my friend) is so fitting as well - as this movie is about love and beautiful friendships. Tina, we are so happy that you could play along with us this week - and hope that you display your Audrey on your sidebar on your blog linking back to us!!

We hope that you guys enjoyed playing along to Casablanca and also guessing last night! (Don't know how you guys can guess on the money everytime with such small sneak peeks!!!) We absolutely love all of you who play along with us. Vicki gave us an the Kreative Blogger last week that we wanted to pass on to each of you!

Consider all of you tagged!!! You guys are all so creative and you inspire us every single week! Thanks to all of our new players - we hope you play along in this week's challenge!!

And that challenge... will be posted around 10am CST :) (sorry for the delay guys!)

We hope you had fun - and can't wait to see what you come up for this week!! This movie really lets the imagination run free!

See you guys soon!!
Hugs to all,
Sankari and Brooke

Sneak Peek Friday

We were so excited to see so many new faces who played along in our last challenge! Thank you to all the new and returning players who played along last week and thank you also to all those who commented!

We hope you will join us in our Friday guessing game as we show you some sneak peeks from this week's movie pick.

I know that this is a micro picture..... Don't let it fool you. This movie is really BIG!!! We look forward to chatting about and reading all your guesses
Sneak Peek #1

Sneak Peek #2

Sneak Peek #3

These sneak peeks - might be slightly "tricky" - but that's because you guys are AMAZING at guessing - We are always blown away by how you guys figure things out with just the littlest things ever.... :) 

Until Later!!
Brooke & Sankari

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge - #15 - Casablanca

Well - you have done it again! We were so impressed that you guys guessed Casablanca from those itty bitty sneak picks! You guys are really wonderful and its just an absolute joy to be part of the Friday sneak peek guessing game! If you missed the guessing game - you can read all the fun guesses and comments here and make sure to check out the sneak peek reveals post here!

Casablanca is a 3 time Oscar winning movie (including Oscar for Best Picture) and was released in 1942 and has since then become an iconoic classic. It has been rated as the # 1 most romantic American movie by the American Film Institute!!! It was also rated to have the #1 most romantic kiss between Ingrid Bergman and Humprey Bogart! Well - that's alot of romance wrapped into one movie!

For this movie pick - we wanted to do something a little different. This classic black and white movie - inspired us to create black and white toned cards. So, we would like to challenge you to create a card inspired by this movie, by romance - that is black & white toned and one other color tone of your choice!
Welcome to our first Cinema Saturday inspired color challenge (we were inspired to do this particularly for this movie).

We hope that this makes it easy for all of you to play along! If you haven't seen the movie - don't worry - we would still love for you to play along! Check out these sites for some inspiration:
The famous song: As Time Goes By (there are some nice scenes collaged together in this video
The famous last scene: We'll Always Have Paris
You can read more about Casablanca here on Wikipedia - it has the movie plot, as well as fascinating details about the characters, writing and actors!
If you search through Youtube - there are many other Casablanca peeks - so please feel free to use that as an inspriation if you haven't seen the movie.

Brooke's Project: "As Time Goes By"
"As time goes by"....... It only gets better.... 
We will be celebrating our 18 anniversary this year..... Where did the time go...

Ok so when I check the post this morning my whole post was missing.... Sankari and I were both on the computer into the weeeeee... hours of this morning.... 2:33am my time and 3:33am her time.. I think the big mystery is we both posted at the same time... And some if it didn't get saved.... She could only see the part I erased... I did type up a very lovely message to my Sweetheart... And I was on a roll... I will post the re-created message again on my blog.. When I have time to remember all that I said..... 

We hope this new format will help our friends out there who are having a hard time trying to find a starting place with our challenge... We are always looking for more participants. The coolest part of our challenge is we have all become great friends.....
Happy Weekend!

Sankari's Casablanca inspired card:

I love all the textures in this movie and loved the line that Rick says to Ilsa at the end of the movie: "We will always have Paris." (sidenote - Carol - I can't believe you had that in one of your last comments! whoa!)

If you would like to see more details - please check out Sankari's Blog
So are you ready to play along!! We sure hope you join us this week!

All of you have to do is make a card that is of a black and white toned motif with one other color of your choice that is inspired by the movie Casablanca and link your creation to our blog by commenting on this post. If you are uploading to SCS please use the keyword: CSCC15 and if you are uploading it to PapercraftPlanet - please use the keyword: cinemasaturday (all lowercase and all ONE word :).

Please link to our blog by this Thursday, January 22, 2009 by 12pm PST.

Please tell your friends about this challenge and have them join us in this fun challege.
The card chosen from this challenge will be featured on PaperCraftPlanet - so come on and join the fun!!!

We can't wait to see your creations!!!

Hugs and Panini grills to all :)
Sankari and Brooke

Sneak Peek Reveals

Wow - are you guys amazing with your guesses!!! YOU were totally right! We were so amazed at how you all did that on very very very little to go!! That's why we always say: You guys are the best!!! 

Here are all the Sneak Peek Reveals for this week's movie pick :)

1. In this first sneak peek - the famous Panini Grill shot is from the venetian blinds in between Rick and Ilsa. We cropped and rotated it a wee bit - these blinds appear a few different times in the movie (also btw - these shots are not so crisp as they are from our cameras as we watched the movie :)

2. Here's the little tower 2:03 minutes into the movie 
3. Here is the famous "chicken mesh" shot and other guesses :) from Rick remembering their times in Paris.
4.  Here is the final peeklet :) The very famous: "Here's lookin' at you kid" scene :)

We hope you enjoyed guessing this movie pick with us and hope you will join in on the fun too! This week we have kept it really simple. Check the blog up for more details!!

Hugs to all,
Sankari and Brooke :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

And the Audrey goes to...

Good Morning Everyone,

We were so excited to do Lord Of The Rings for this last week's challenge and we absolutely loved your beautiful creations. Please make sure you check out our awesome Cinema producers this week:

Amy with her amazing card: Elf and Human Love (a Love Note)

First time player Jaimee - with her beautiful card: May It Be

Anthonette - with her wonderful card: Happy Birthday - the LOTR way

First time player Libby - with her absolute fun card - One Cupcake to Feed Them All

We are so happy to welcome Libby and Jaimee to the Cinema Saturday Challenges and are so happy that you found us and that you played along! We hope you enjoyed the Cinema challenges and that you play with us again!!! Also we really enjoyed all those who played along with our guessing game last night... this morning :) Its always fun to read your awesome guesses!

We would give the Audrey this week to our guest designer: Carol Dunston with her wonderful series of cards that she designed for the Feillowship of the Ring Cinema Challenge. Her attention to the details of JRR Tolkein's wonderful triology and her amazing knowledge of all of the tiniest and greatest detail and how she translated this into the beauty of each the 8 cards (yes 8!!!!) really just blew us away. Thank you so much Carol! In four words: You totally Audrey-ed it!!

Thank you to all who played - we love seeing your creative takes on these cinema picks. Hope you guys are ready for our next Cinema Challenge!!!

posting within the next hour :)

Come back and check out which of the guesses were right on target and which guesses were close!

See you soon!
Sankari and Brooke

Sneak Peek Friday

Wow! We would like to thank Carol for going far and beyond all imagination with her amazing challenge cards... Please make sure you check out all 8 (that's right 8!!!)  of her amazing cards! She made two beautiful Arwen inspired cards that were added in a little late - so we hope youhad a chance to check them out - they are all truly gorgeous! And thank you to all who commented and played along with us... You guys are the greatest! 

This week we will also be posting multiple sneaks.... So keep checking back.. We have had a ball with the last few Fridays. All the chatting and guessing (hilarious!). We want to thank you for keeping it fun, and playing along even if you know what the film is... (you have to read Carol's guesses from last week when she was the guest designer and knew the movie! Hilarious :) !!)

Some of them might be tricky - but I am sure that we cannot stump you for long! You guys are too good!!!

COME on! and Guess with us - just leave a comment telling us what movie you think the sneak peek is from :)

Sneak Peek #1

Sneak Peek #2 

Panini grill? LOL!!!  hmmm... how about another sneak peek?

Sneak Peek #3 


Last Sneak Peek for the night!

Enjoy the sneak peeks and T.G.I.F...
Brooke & Sankari

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge - #14- Fellowship of the Ring

Yea!! What a great night of guessing the
sneak peeks for this movie (if you missed our conversation - check it out here!!). This week we are proud to present: the first movie of the trilogy of the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. This is the first volume of the trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkein (published in 1954) - you can read all about the history of this trilogy and the first volume on Wikipedia. These three books were translated to the silver screen and the first movie, The Fellowship of the Ring, directed by Peter Jackson, was released December 2001. According to Wikipedia, the American Film Institute has rated this 5 time winning BAFTA award winning movie, one of the greatest films in American movies.
Among other things - the books and the movies have quite a following of fans! Part of it is the amazing and wonderous world that Tolkien created. J.R.R Tolkien is really amazing - he was familiar with more than 20 languages and created his own languages for the different races of hobbits, elves, dwares and men in the Lord of the Rings. Check out this amazing writer (donned one of the 50 most influential British writers of all time) at the Tolkien Society.
The movies created for the trilogy really capture such detail and honor the details of this amazing world that Tolkien envisioned. If you haven't seen it yet - we would recommend the extended version for each of the movies -because it has scenes that had to be cut from the theatrical debut (for time reasons) and also because of all the amazing special features that showcases how the artists, actors, director, producers, set designers, cast and crew all worked - and takes you into their creative process and genius. We hope you enjoy this week's Cinema pick and have a chance to see it, if you haven't already!! (although be warned that if you see one, you are going to want to see the next two !!!)

This week we have a special guest designer!! Carol Dunstan of Inkantations and Inkarnations!! Carol is an amazing artiste with a great eye for detail, beauty and elegance in all her works. She is an avid fan of LOTR and we were thrilled that she would be our guest designer for this movie! Carol has continued to amaze me this week - she has created 6 cards for this challenge! YES - SIX cards!!!! So what we thought that we would do is showcase one of them each day! SO, make sure that you come back to our post everyday - to see what Carol's next creation is !!!

Sankari's Fellowship of the Ring Card/Project

First of all - I am just so darn excited about this week's movie. I have read Tolkien's books since I was 14 - and I used to read the trilogy, the Hobbit and other's at least once a year, since I was 14 (although thinks made a lot more sense after the age of 20 :) I just watched this movie again for the card inspiration - and fell in love with it all over again - all the details, all the beauty, the landscape, the music, the magic and the "fellowship" just totally made my heart sing - and I was spinning in all the possibilities of inspiration for this movie!

Second of all, I have to thank Carol for sending me the link for this idea. I was running out of mojo :) and so when I asked Carol if she had any ideas to spare - she sent me this link for Lembas bread. I originally was going to do another project (actually was working on it last night - when at some point I scrapped it because it wasn't coming out like it was in my brain - and so I turned to the next project I had in mind was to create a lembas card holder with a little note.
According to Tolkien, Lembas is a special bread created by the Elves that gave to the fellowship for immediate energy, lightness and nourishment. The are little like breadcakes, wrapped in a special leaf - in this way they last for months. When the Fellowship left the forest belonging to the Lady of the Wood, they were given gifts for their journey onward - among them was Lembas bread. This part of the movie is seen in the Extended Edition of the movie (not seen in the theatrical debut of the movie).

I looked up the Elvish words for Friendship, Love and Loyalty and then printed them out adhered it one side with the english translation on the other side. The font that I used to print it out in english is an Elven font. Within that note - you can pull up a smaller greeting in the Elven tongue (Quenya - that Tolkien created) that says Elen sila lumenn' omentielv: and is translated as : "A star shines on the hour of our meeting." I thought that the theme of friendship, love and loyalty just surrounds this movie. I really loved doing this project and loved IMing Carol through the night talking about this, that and FOTR :)
And lastly - I just want to thank all of you for posting your comment guesses and for all your sweet words - you guys are really the best!!! If you would like more detail of the card - You can read more see more pics (!) and details on my blog.

I had a ton of fun making this card!
Best wishes to all,
Sankari :)

Brooke's Late Additions~

1st card~ "The Ring"
2nd card~ The choices we make"
3rd  card "Friendship"
I had an amazing time creating all these cards and learning more about J.R.R. Tokien.
Have fun creating your LOTR creations..
Hobbit Hugs

Carol's Fellowship of the Ring Card (#1)

Firstly I have to say I was so dang surprised, chuffed and excited when I was asked to be guest designer for this week’s movie. I am a huge fan - I done the convention and costume thing, my ringtone is LOTR related, there are multiple things throughout the house that are LOTR related… you get the picture. I have been literally bouncing, and randomly giggling to myself all week as another idea pops into my head. Initially I couldn’t think where to start, and then I realised that starting wasn’t the problem… the problem would be stopping! Anyway, when I really thought about the one main thing that I wanted to focus on for this movie, it was the hobbits. Particularly their homey nature and fun-loving ways despite everything that is going on. While there is that undercurrent of trouble through the early part of Fellowship, it’s still largely fun times with Gandalf’s arrival and Bilbo’s party, so I kind of went with those. I had two main ideas in my head: the Party Tree and Bilbo’s door. I decided to combine them. So we kind of have a framed picture of the tree hanging on the front of Bilbo’s door, brass doorknob and all, along with the birthday banner. The tree and frame was simple enough, I had to dig around for a “brass” brad large enough for the proportion, and for the banner I printed that out from my computer (I have like 10 LOTR fonts, this one is ‘Hobbiton Brush Hand’). In the movie the banner has some green swirls around the writing, but I chose to move those to the bottom of the door. For me, LOTR is where I really fell in love with all those swirly sorts of patterns.

Being such a huge fan of these films, and knowing the incredible about of work and detail that went into making them, I felt I too had to put some work into this card that wouldn’t be initially obvious… so inside the card you have the hinge. I’m trying to be less anal and ignore the fact that my door opens on the wrong side and opens out rather than in as Bilbo’s does…



Posted for Sunday: The RingBearer Card - Inspired by Frodo and is halfling size

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Posted on Monday Evening: Strider/Aragorn Card (3rd Member of the Fellowship)

Posted on Tuesday Evening: Boromir Card (Member of the Fellowship)

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Posted on Wednesday Evening: Arwen inspired card

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Posted on Friday Morning:  Two more Arwen inspired cards

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SO are you ready to play along!!!! Come on and join us!!!

Here are the rules:

Create a card or scrapbook layout or altered project that is inspired by the movie : Fellowship fo the Ring (it can be inspired from the movie jacket, the characters, the dialogue, the music, the costumes, the themes --- ANYTHING reallY!!) and then link your creation to us by commenting on this post. If you are using SplitCoast please use the KeyWord: CSCC#14 and if using PaperCraftPlanet - please use the Key Word - cinemasaturday (all in lowercase and all one word!!!)

Link your creation anytime from now until Thursday, January 15, 2009 at 9pm PST!

Also, don't forget to check the Audrey recipient on the previous post for last week's Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge: Mama Mia. Thank you to everyone who visits us and for all those who play along !!! We love hearing your guesses and visiting you on your blog!!!

Thank you so much Carol for being our Guest Designer this week!! We can't wait to see all your creations inspired by Fellowship of the Ring in one place!!!! (I have gotten some sneak peeks - and they are fabulous!! - speaking of which scroll down to see the full pictures from the sneak peeks of yesterday!!!)

With lots of hugs and smiles to all:
Sankari and Brooke