Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #85 - State Fair

Welcome Everyone to our 85th Challenge, where this week we are featuring the Rodgers and Hammerstein movie musical: State Fair. All over the country, you might have seen ads for the State Fair in your local state. We thought it would be fun to mark this summery event by featuring this movie!!! You might not have see this movie - but its just a fun and lovely classic - although the original movie was made in 1933 (and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture, many people prefer the 1945 remake: State Fair movie which on an Oscar (for best original musical) over the second remake which was created in 1962.

In a gist, this movie is about: Well - here is a little summary from Wikipedia:

The Frake family heads off for the Iowa State Fair - each with their own hopes for the trip. Mother Melissa (Fay Bainter) hopes her mincemeat will beat a rival's. Father Abel (Charles Winninger) is bringing his prize boar, Blue Boy, to show. Their son Wayne (Dick Haymes) has a lesson to teach to one of the game barkers, and is upset when his girl can't go to the fair this year. And Margie (Jeanne Crain) just wants something to pull her out of her melancholy mood, as portrayed in the song, "It Might as Well Be Spring".

Each member of the family has their own adventures in store during their days at the fair, returning to the family camper each evening with their own thoughts and secrets. Margie spends her days and evenings with newspaper writer Pat (Dana Andrews)... will he be the change she's looking for? Wayne woos singer Emily (Vivian Blaine); how will that affect his relationship with the girl back home?

Our wonderful designer this week is Lynne who won the Audrey Award with this creation from Alice in Wonderland movie challenge. She suggested to us that it would be fun to have the challenge requirements be pennants!!! That definitely has a very "State Fair" kinda feeling - so for your creations - feel free to use as many or as little pennants as you would like!

***Also - we realize that this is not a mainstream movie that everyone can find - but there are a few clips from Youtube of some of the songs from this movie - so you might find some inspiration there - from the colors, to some of the lyrics of the song, to the dresses/costumes, to the background, etc. - hope that helps the creative process :))))

Our dearest Brooke is out on a wonderful adventure this weekend and will join us when she returns!

Sankari's Creation inspired by the movie: State Fair:
I have always loved musicals - its just so part of the Indian movie culture to suddenly and seamlessly burst forth into song and dance and then resume everyday dialogue, that watching musicals always just leave me feeling happy :) That was the whole feeling for me from this movie - it is just a simple, light and sweet musical - so my inspiration came from the general feeling of the movie that "life is good" - so I created this card with the sentiments: "Life is Good" and "Celebrate" (stamps from Taylored Expressions) and created the hanging pennants (also from TE) where some are paper pieced and some are colored in (for more details - please check out my blog!)
I have always loved going to the State Fair (can I just say two words: "Funnel Cake" YUM!) and it was fun to watch this movie and see how everyone comes together and celebrates at the State Fair! Can't wait to take my kids when the Fair comes to our town! yay!

I hope you have a chance to play along this week - its such a fun movie and so summery - and who doesn't love pennants!!! Can't wait to see your spectacular creations!
Big hugs,
Sankari :)

Guest Designer Lynne's Creation inspired by the movie: State Fair:
As a girl in Oregon, I was in 4-H and had to enter items to compete in the state fair, and even had to bake muffins in a test kitchen with the judges on the other side of the window! I also live in Perry, which is the home of the annual Georgia National Fair which draws almost half a million people each year - it's wonderful! And did you know that almost any kind of food you can think of is available at the fair, on a stick? Who knew?!! So it was the mom and dad entering the competitions that really inspired me.

I never had to do livestock in 4-H as we were a "town" chapter, plus I don't have a pig stamp, and I really empathized with Melissa's goal of a blue ribbon for her mincemeat pie!

Thanks so much Lynne for being our guest designer this week!! Those pies are lookin' mmm mmm good! And what a great blue ribbon, pennant display and sentiment! Simply Love all the great details!!! Please stop by Lynne's blog for all of the lovely details on her gorgeous card!!!

Who's going to be our next guest designer? It could be you! All you have to do is to create a card, layout, 3d creation (whatever you would like) that is inspired by the movie: State Fair and that uses the challenge requirement: p-e-n-n-a-n-t-s in your creation! Your creation can be inspried by anything in the movie, from the themes in the movie, to the dialogue, costumes, character, music, lyrics, quotes, events in the movie, furniture, time period - anything at all that inspires your creative "light bulb" to go on!!! Please share with us - where you got your inspiration from cause we love reading about your creative process!

You can post your challenge entry anytime from now till Thursday, July 1 at 8pm CST!
Can't wait to see your wonderful creations!
Big hugs,
the Cinema Sisters

PS- Just a quick head's up -we are 15 challenges away from our big 100th challenge!
Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the details of our 100th challenge celebration!!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sneak Peek Friday

Welcome everyone... I know this is a little crazy to have all the sneaks all at once but we are both out of town this weekend with our families..

Thank You to EVERYONE who played along with us with Father of the Bride - thank you for sharing your stories, your pictures and your precious moments with us!!! What a treasure to read!!! Your creations are simply gorgeous!!! One card that caught our attention was Priscill's beautiful card of the father/daughter dancing with each other - what a way to capture the beautiful relationship between Steve Banks and his beloved daughter Annie (it reminded us of the way he sees her as his little girl and even though she is doing "big girl things" like getting married - she is still his little girl!! Congrats Priscill on your Audrey and we would love it if you would be our guest designer next week!!! Big hugs and thanks to all who played along with us this week!! Hope you will enjoy this movie challenge for tomorrow and join us and play along!!!

Please, Please, Please still leave comments and chat along with each other. We will check back in when we get back..

Sneak Peek #3
Sneak Peek #2
Sneak Peek #1

Cinema Sisters :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hi Everyone - Just created a Facebook Page for our Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge Blog! Hope you will join! :))
-------> Click here for the page :) <----------

Sankari :)

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #84 ~ Father of the Bride

Welcome Everyone to our 84th movie challenge, where this week we are featuring the 1991 movie: Father of the Bride. June is usually a popular month for weddings and with tomorrow being Father's Day - we had to do this movie :) Steve Martin does a wonderful job of documenting the journey of a father as he learns his daughter is getting married and that his little girl is growing up. If you want you can create a card that is either for a special father/husband etc. or maybe something weddingish -or any other theme from the movie. The challenge requirement for this week's movie pick comes from the old wedding saying: "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" - and so from that we drew the inspiration to make this week's requirement to use "something blue" in your card - it could alot blue or just a little blue - whatever you like :) Just a couple of things:

We would love it if you would share where in the movie your inspiration came from - and also that your creation is a current one that you created in this week. We love seeing your amazing creativity and can't wait to see your gorgeous creations! If you haven't seen this movie, its a very sweet one (both hilarious and heart warming) - here is the trailer:

Brooke's card inspired by the movie "Father of the Bride"

(Notice I even included a little hot-air balloon on my card to make it more personal)

Father of the Bride came out December 20th 1991. When We first saw this movie it was 1992 early spring and I was expecting our first child. I remember my sweetheart looking over at me with tears in his eyes. REality was just sinking in that this was going to be his reality some day. We needless to say we had a boy and then another boy and finally we had our little girl in 1998.. There is just something about a Father Daughter relationship that is so beautiful. I LOVED to go on errands with my dad growing up we would go to the car dealership and then got to lunch. Or go to the paint store, check on property or go see people that my dad had business with then lunch.. I loved going Ballooning with my dad and being part of his chase crew. It was soooo much fun. When It was time for me to go to college my dad wanted me to say home so I would fall in love with someone who would take me far from him. So I did and fell in love with an amazing young man that only lived a few miles away... The day before I got married my dad gave me a locket with my initial on it that hung from a bow. I pined it on my dress that I made for our wedding luncheon the next day. (not my wedding dress) I can totally see my dad and my sweetheart in Steve Martin when I watch this movie.. The heart-ache and longing for their little girl to not grow up and leave the nest. This move is a must see.



Sankari's card inspired by the movie "Father of the Bride"
I remember laughing so hard at Martin Short's character when this movie came out (especially the part where he says that he will translate for Hank the Chef! hilarious) But most of all - I was just inspired by Steve Martin's character and his love for his little girl - his little princess who was now getting married - who suddenly is seen as a "woman" - and as the wedding plans swirl around him and the bills start mounting and he needs to hyperventilate a few times - the one thing that keeps him steady through the chaos is the love for his daughter. And through all the stress of wedding planning - I just adore the way he looks at his daughter - and even though she is all grown up - he always sees her as his little girl that he will love and protect. So my card is inspired by his eternal love for his daughter . The sentiment on this card says: "Father, another name for love"

I was inspired by love and it reminded me of my father who is also one of my best friends and would simply do anything for me, as I would for him. I actually have already sent my father's day card - but had to make one more card - and hey who says father's day or mother's day isn't everyday! :)
Stop by my blog for more details,
Big hugs,
Sankari :)

This week we are also joined by two fabulous guest designers, who were our Audrey girls: the lovely Amy (Audrey winner from CSCC#80: Becoming Jane) and Karli (Audrey winner from CSCC#81 Ferris Bueller's Day Off ). Thank you so much ladies for joining us - your creations are awesome!!!

Amy's card inspired by the movie "Father of the Bride"
I thought 'Father of the Bride' was such a cute movie. My fellow Cannuk, Martin Short, did a ridiculously funny character, IMO.

Here's where my inspiration for the card came from this conversation:

Franck Eggelhoffer: Uh-oh, I bring the wrong color thread. I assumed you'd be wearing a black "tuxado."
George: It is a black "tuxado."
Franck Eggelhoffer: I don't think so, babe. This tux is "nuffy" blue. No doubt about it.
George: What're you talking about? Armani doesn't make a blue tuxedo.
Franck Eggelhoffer: Armani don't also make "polyaster."

Here's my card. The tuxedo template card is from Angela Sgro (featured in Scrapbook trends mag).

Karli's card inspired by the movie "Father of the Bride"
I LOVED this movie & had not seen it before. (I’m a horror flick chick :) but I was cracking up! Steve Martin is SOOOOO good at being flat out hilarious. His facial expressions are priceless! One of the reasons I love playing along with CSCC is being exposed to movies I probably would never have seen (like this one, & Dear Frankie) that I have thoroughly enjoyed! For my card, I went with a lighter blue & created a pop up engagement ring.

In the movie, Annie gets a simple vintage ring, but I went with a big ol’ one! Go big or go home, right?! (Hee! Hee!) All the deets can be found on my blog. Thanks again & again for letting me play as guest designer. It’s always way fun!
Big Hugs!


Our other Audrey winners who were announced last week will be joining us coming up!
Would you like to be the guest designer for next week? Then all you have to do is to create a card, layout, creation that is inspired by the movie: Father of the Bride and that uses the challenge requirement for this week, which is to use something blue in your creations. Your creation can be inspired by anything in the movie, from the dialogue, the sentiments, the characters, the costumes, the furniture, the period, the music, etc. Anything at all that inspires you from this movie - and please share where you got your inspiration from - we love reading about how you translate something from the movie into your creation!

You can post your challenge entry anytime from now till Thursday, June 24th at 8pm CST!
Can't wait to see your Father of the Bride creations!!!
Big hugs,
the Cinema Sisters!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sneak Peek Friday

Hello Every Did you all enjoy the last movie.. I LOVE watching movie were the little guy prevails! You can help but root for someone to win when they are told that they will NEVER amount to anything and they PROVE them wrong!

I got this movie in the mail today so we can watch in full length with the kiddos without all the stops and starts..

I had a lot of fun making my Fathers Day Golf Card. What Fantastic cards you all made.. I hope all the guy in your lives LOVE them.

Sneak Peek #1

Sneak Peek #2

See you all soon

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #83 - The Greatest Game Ever Played

Welcome Everyone to our 83rd challenge and around the world - there is soccer fever as the games have officially started for the World Cup - in honor of games - we thought we would do a sports-ish movie - where this week we are featuring the inspiring movie: "The Greatest Game Ever Played" that was released in 2005 (yes its more golf than soccer :) and if you haven't seen this movie - its definitely one that leaves a feel good feeling and inspires you to go after your dreams - even if it seems impossible in the moment. Here is a summary of this movie from ImDb:
" Near the turn of the twentieth century, young Harry Vardon becomes a champion golfer but learns that his amazing skill is no match for the class boundaries that exclude him from "gentlemanly" English society. A dozen years later, a young American, Francis Ouimet, fights against the same prejudice, as well as his own father's disdain, for a chance to participate in the U.S. Open against his idol -- Harry Vardon. The struggles of both men for acceptance provides the background for an amazing contest of skills."

Our challenge requirement is to use some Argyle in your creation - that could be a little - it could be alot - whatever you would like to use! Check out the preview here for more inspiration of from this movie:

Brooke's Card inspired by the movie~ The Greatest Game Ever Played

This movie has so much power. It's a story about believing in yourself and not letting anyone take away who you are and what you have to offer. I don't even know if I have a favorite part there are lots of little moments that make this movie special. Francis is not encouraged from his family to play golf his father tells him that Golf is not a way to provide the living you need, find a trade and provide a honest days wage. Francis (Shia LaBeouf) is told from a club gentleman, "You are a caddy. Golf is a Gentleman's game you are working class you will never play golf." He had to create any opportunity he could and prove that he was more of a gentleman than they were. The best part of the movie is that he NEVER gave up on his dream and proved he could beat anyone even a legend with the right opportunity. This is a GREAT family movie. It shows what hard work and passion can do if you just believe in yourself.

I made this card for my sweetheart who LOVES the game of Golf but just never can find the time to play as much as he would like to. Join me on my blog for more details.. Don't forget to say hi :)


Sankari's Card inspired by the movie~ The Greatest Game Ever Played
I vaguely remember hearing about this movie when it came out - but it wasn't until I saw it (very late in the night last night) that I wondered how I could have missed watching it when it came out! It could be because I thought it was about golf - and that might not be a movie I might be interested in watching - but I realized that it is and it is not about golf at the same time - its about the struggle to make your dream come true - no matter how far away, distant, challenging or impossible it might seem. Playing golf becomes a symbol that we are not limited by our status - that the inner talents that each of us possess can shine out and conquer any limitations put on us by society, culture, etc.

I think my favorite part of the movie is the very end where there is a beautiful resolution between father and son - and you see that his father was being so hard on him to protect him from any heartbreak - but then he actually SEES his son for the first time - its such a sweet moment! So I created a little Father's Day card for my sweet DH who loves to golf and carries his golf clubs in the car so that if there is any chance to hit the ball around - he is always ready - its so cute to see him teach our son how to golf - and see them play golf together (one with big golf clubs and one with mini golf clubs):

I can't wait to give this to my DH for Father's Day - and for the argyle challenge - I printed out some digipaper - changed the color for the colors that I wanted for my card and then cut out some pennants from part of the paper. I had a lot of fun making this card and hope that you have a chance to watch this sweet movie.
Big hugs to all,
Sankari :)
Lovely Cinema players - thank you so much for playing along with our challenges. I just wanted to apologize for not posting the Audrey's regularly lately - I shifted to a full-time job and it difficult to coordinate family life, work life and of course blogland - but with school out for the summer and work life returning to normal - I am hoping that everything will be balanced.

We had a chance to go through all the entries for the last four challenges and wanted to post the Audrey winners for the challenges. Starting next week - we will resume our regular Audrey and Top 5 Cinema Sat. inspired challenges - but for this week - we are posting just the Audreys.

And can we just say before posting the Audreys - that it is so much fun to look at all of your lovely creations - wow!!! you guys are simply amazing and we love seeing how you relate the movie with your creation - the best part is reading the parts of the movie you love or how you were inspired by a certain part of the movie and then translated that into your creations - wow - its so much fun to see your creative process - thank you to each one of you who play along with us and play along with our Friday Sneak Peeks - we totally treasure you guys!

Here are our wonderful Audrey winners from this week - they each captured a feel of the movie in such an unique way - congratulations ladies and we would love it if you would be our guest designers for next week!!!

CSCC#82 - Alice in Wonderland - Lynne
CSCC#81 - Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Karli
CSCC#80 - Becoming Jane - Amy
CSCC#79- New Moon - Donna

We hope that you will play along with this week's challenge - and again - if you haven't seen this movie (or might not want to because of the golf :) its just a beautiful and inspiring movie. We can't wait to see your Argyle creations!!!

Please leave a link to your creation by Thursday June 17 at 10pm CST!
Can't wait to see your gorgeous creations!!!
Big hugs and LoVe!!!!
the Cinema Sisters!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

sneak Peeks

Hello everyone Hope you have had a great week.
I think we have watched the movie
Alice and Wonderland
about 10 times this week at our house.. LOL

What amazing creations you have all made.. I am so sorry to say that my first two jewelry pieced bombed. When I went to bed everything was looking SOOO fantastic. When I checked on them in the A.M. Yuck.. All the ink had bled some time in the night... What makes it so extra sad was it was JONNY inspired. So I decided to make a beaded project instead. check it our here.

Sneak Peek #1
Sneak Peek #2

Sneak Peek #3


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #82 - Alice in Wonderland

Welcome Everyone to our 82nd Challenge, where this week we are featuring the awesome movie: Alice In Wonderland (you can do either version, but we wanted to celebrate Tim Burton's movie that just came out on DVD on June 2nd). If you haven't seen this movie yet - it is really simply AMAZING!!! We both love TIm Burton and couldn't wait to watch this movie when it came in theaters. His vision is simply AWE inspiring - he really made Wonderland come to life! For our challenge requirement - we decided to be a little open ended and decided that the challenge requirement should be just to go wild and "create something out of the box" - that could be anything at all that inspires you from Wonderland - something that goes outside of the traditional card - whatever you would like! The only thing that we ask is that you tell us what part of the movie your inspiration came from!

Brooke's Projects Inspired by the Movie~ Alice in Wonderland

Feast on this little snack while my other projects are baking.

"Queen of Hearts"
Look closely and you will see a little crown and jewel.

I have always enjoyed the movie of Alice and all her adventures. This just happens to be a couple of my favorite rides at Disneyland as well. The Adventure of Alice in Wonderland ride with all the neon light is fun but the Mad Hatter's tea cups are a MUST do. The lanterns and music just set the tone before you even set foot in the sauces...

We just bought the newest version of Alice this week and watched it as a family. What amazing photography and color. I love how the low light really play up the bold and bright colors. And the creative foursome that created/acted in this production are the NUTS ! How amazing are they all! (Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter, Jonny Depp, and Danny Elfman)!

Before Alice even wonders of and falls in to wonderland She is being told by everyone Whom, What, and where by everyone in her life.. You find yourself wanting to just tell her don't listed to any of them... One of my favorite scene in the movie was the tea party and I only wish it was longer.. But when you meet the Red Queen and you sit in her quart with her don't be surprised if she hollers for a pig! LOL.

As far as this weeks challenge is concerned this is a little summory of how I feel about creating a project/card for it:

"There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A Land of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be mad as a hatter". ( the Mad Hatter)

I could agree more.. Good luck trying what to make for this challenge.. I just sat there with a blank stare for a while.. THERE ARE SOOOOOOOO MANY THINGS YOU CAN GET CREATIVITY FROM YOU WILL GO MAD TRYING TO PIN DOWN JUST ONE OR EVEN TWO!

Enjoy the show and get Futterwacking!


Sankari's Project Inspired by the Movie~ Alice in Wonderland
As some of you know - I have a slight crush on Mr. Depp -- okay HUGE - and can I just tell you that he was simply brilliant in this movie as the Mad Hatter (who knew that he could make the Mad Hatter become a sweetie?!) But the other character that I absolutely LOVED LOVED in this movie was the Red Queen - I simply ADORE Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen, her cute little heart lips with her simply GINORMOUS head and teeny crown - and HUGE turquoise shaded eyes and her desire for a warm pig belly for her feet.... simply the epitomy of all things wonky and wonderlandish - so from my inspiration I drew it from a little bit of the Red Queen and a little bit from Alice:

1. from the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter)'s colors: I simply LOVE the bright right against that turquoise - And the way Tim Burton shot her in the movie so that her head was just huge - simply brilliant!
2. from the quote that Alice's father says to her - and that she then says to herself before she slays the Jabberwocky - to paraphrase"I try to believe in at least 6 impossible things before breakfast."
3. The mirror in the jewelry box represents that looking within journey that Alice goes through as she realizes that her "muchness" has not gone - and that she can create her own future - forge her own path - she comes into herself - just as the caterpillar goes within himself only to emerge as a beautiful butterfly - which she does - so this little box that I created was in homage to Alice's journey - and to everyday start with thinking about 6 impossible things that you want to make happen - and well, the might come true!

I painted the box with the colors of the Red Queen and attached the sentiment with a little bit of bling - its hard to take a picture of the mirror -
This is a little present for my little girl - so that she always dreams - believes - and always knows that whatever she dreams of - can become real - all she has to do - is just believe in the power of herself... :)

I can't wait to see what awesome creations you pull of your sleeve with this challenge!!!
Big hugs,
Sankari :)

We have some awesome blog candy for you today!! The Audrey winner from this challenge will get a $35.00 gift certificate to the Taylored Expressions online store - where you can get some yummy crafting magic and get your craft on! So come on to Wonderland and play along with us!!!

Please create a card, scrapbook page, 3D creation that is inspired by Alice in Wonderland - this can be from any part of the movie, characters, costumes, music, colors, quotes - anything that inspires you - here is some inspiration:
Falling Down the Rabbit Hole
A Mad Hatter Tea Party
The Caterpillar and Alice
TweedleDum and TweedleDee
The White Queen or the Red Queen
Create your own crazy color combination - or wonky juxtaposition of colors and textures!

these are just some ideas! We can't wait to see what you create!

Please link to us by this Thursday June 10 by 8pm CST!!!

See you through the Looking Glass!
big hugs,
the Cinema Sisters!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Sneak Peeks!!!

Hi Everyone!

Today we are going to have sneak peeks (they are coming! as are all the winners - we promise!) We are both super super super excited about tomorrow's movie - we PROMISE that it will be a fun one!!! Here is a quick sneak peek will you wait!

Brooke is the queen of sneak peeks - but here is my quick attempt! LOL! I KNOW, I know that its clouds - but honestly - you guys are SO good - that I had to start out with a sneak peek of clouds :))
1st Sneak Peek
I'm here :)
I was on a sneak peek hunt when Sankari was posting this LOL

Sneak Peek #2

Sneak Peek #3
Back soon :)

Don't forget there is blog candy tomorrow!!! More sneak peeks soon!!!
the Cinema Sisters :)