Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge - #24 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Welcome everyone to our 24th Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge!!! We hope you enjoy this movie selection: Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (or Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory). This is such a visually stunning movie (both of them) and there is just SO much inspiration to grab on to!!! This movie was made popular by the 1971 version with Gene Wilder and then again was redone in 2005 with Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka. Did you know that according to IMDb the " grand total of all the fake chocolate used on stage was 244,993.98 US gallons (927,403.1 litres)." during the filming of the 2005 movie? That is a lot of fake chocoalte!

The movie is based on a book by Roald Dahl. According to Wikipedia Dahl "got the idea he got for the story was "What if there was a factory that shipped out marvelous things... and there was a crazy guy running it all." Both movies are just full of visual magnificence - and of course a lot of chocolate!
We thought that we would celelbrate this movie by making the requirement this be to have Bright Colors in your cards!!! You can do a little or you can go all out - but just use bright colors somewhere!

I saw the Gene Wilder version a long time ago and was excited for the Johnny Depp version because I adore/am in love/admire/ Johnny Depp - he has always been my biggest crush since I was 12.... sigh! (eyes go dreamy....) and when I saw the new version - I have to say that it was so different from the original that I wasn't sure about it - but the second time I saw it - all I could see was the genius of Tim Burton - he is just simply AMAZING!! He takes you into a whole other world of imagination - and the way the movie was shot - the colors - the chocolate!!! OMG!!!

I love the song Pure Imagination in the Gene Wilder song - you can watch it here. And so I thought I would go a little whimsy and create something kind of fun.... I stamped the sentiment "Sail into your imagination" inspired by this song... and all the quilling kind of represent all the candy and swirly patterns in the movie.
I love love love bright colors (as is the requirement for this week) - but wanted to keep it understated so I used a lot of white. For more details check out my blog (also you can see the card that my son made inspired by Willy Wonka :)

Hope you play along this week!!
Hugs to all,
Sankari :)

Brooke's Card~

When I went to Scrapbook USA this weekend I really wanted to find something new to play with that inspired me to create a card from this move. I loved this "Fancy Pants" rub on's" they are so lively and colorful they look like Fruit- roll-ups or life savors rolled out ready to like. I also loved the sentiment. I really love my sweetie pie and don't know what I would do with him. He is so much help and support to me I just wanted to give him a little sweet love note.  If you want to see my second card  jump over to my blog and have a look. 

Hugs and sugar kisses

So are you ready to play along!! We sure hope you join us this week!

All of you have to do is make a card, layout or altered project that has a little bir or a whole lot of bright colors!and that is inspired by the movie Charlie and the Chocoalte Factory - (from the costumes, music, characters, furniture, anything from the movie that inspires you!) and link your creation to our blog by commenting on this post. If you are uploading to SCS please use the keyword: CSCC24 and if you are uploading it to PapercraftPlanet - please use the keyword: cinemasaturday (all lowercase and all ONE word :).

Please link to our blog by this Thursday, March 26, 2009 by 12pm PST.

Welcome to all our new players and returning players!!! We are simply floored by your beautiful creations!! LOVE it! and most of all - we love hearing which part of the movie you guys like the best! We really loved Julia's card for Waking Ned Devine from last week - very creative and clever - you can check it out here:
Thank you so much Julia for playing along and also thank you to all those who played along this wee and also for all of you for guessing!!!!

Please tell your friends about this challenge and have them join us in this fun challenge.
We can't wait to see your creations for this week's movie pick!!!

Hugs to all!
Sankari and Brooke

PS. We are finally using Mr. Linky! YAY! Please make sure that when you are linking - that you go and link only the direct link to your POST not to your blog!!! For more information on how to do this -Kristina Werner has made an awesome tutorial video that shows how to do this - you can watch it here. We hope that this makes it easier to see everyone's entries!!! Hope you enjoy the new Mr. Linkys feature!!!!

Also next week is our 25th challenge - and in celebration of that we have some YUMMY blog candy coming up - but we hope you don't wait till next week to play along!!! Can't wait to see your beautiful creations!!!


Erica said...

The card is stunning! Now I understand teh clips. Can't wait to play along for the first time.

scrapperjulia said...

I love your card Sankari and your little boy's too! He is so cute and so proud of his card! Thanks for the Audrey for my Waking Ned Devine card. Now I have to figure out how to post it on my blog!

Unknown said...

WOW!!!! Stunning, just like my girl!

Carol Dunstan said...

fantastic, I don't even have to hunt for this movie, we have both versions (though the Wilder one is on video). I also remember reading this book when I was little and was glad to see that the Burton/Depp version covers a bit more of that (and it's got Christopher Lee!). And bright colours - woohoo!

Carol Dunstan said...

oh and can I just say that Snozberry cards might be taking "inspired by the movie" a little too far!

Jaimee said...

i just posted movie choice.. loved this one when i was a kid an just loved your card Sankari!

scrapperjulia said...

I posted mine. I wasn't that happy with it but it is done! I tried to base it on the candy in the original movie.

scrapperjulia said...

I wasn't really happy with my card so I made another one just like it only using different colors. I am a little bit more happy now:)

Brooke S said...

I posted my cards today girlies! Sorry it took so long we have been super busy around here.


yyam said...

I'm playing along for the first time.

I really did enjoy the movie, especially the chocolate river...yummy..would be cool to bathe in a river of chocolate..full of antioxidants..LOL..

Sam said...

Such good fun inspiration this week! Thank you girls :-)

Nellie Mae said...

Sankari your card is soooo beautiful!! I can't get it out of my head. I am so excited about this week's challenge. I have the perfect if I can just find the time to make something...

zukesgirl said...

WOW - love your cards -- beautiful -

I am soo excited that I finally got inspired this week -- yay!

Carol Dunstan said...

ack - I've made a card but haven't photographed and uploaded it! Just far too busy today