Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #48 - School of Rock

Good Morning Everyone!! Today we are excited to feature the 2003 movie: School of Rock! In this movie, Jack Black pretends to be a substitute teacher and discovers muscial talents in his class = to whom he teaches the classics of rock. We thought that this would be a fun movie to do as we all transition into going to school, teaching at school or sending our loved ones off to school!

The challenge requirement this week is picked out by our guest designer Maureen - who joins us this week after her card was picked for the Audrey from the Field of Dreams movie (#46) challenge. Maureen challenges us to use some cork in our creation! What a fun Challenge Requirement

Brooke's Project Inspired by the movie: School of Rock

ROCK ON!! I love this movie ladies.. I just bought this movie for $5.00 a month or 2 ago... My teens love this movie as well.. I know I went with the obvious and made a bulletin board.. but I couldn't resist.. I geared it toward a teen girl... I used the cutest stamp set form Stampin up called. "Friends Rock" and I have to agree what would school or life be with out friends to get you through..

When I was a young girl I got a letter "B" cork board for my "B"-day... I loved that thing... I was a little tricky to hand anything on so I just hung it as is.. I don't think I got rid of it until I was like 25... I would love to put it in my craft room know dag nab it... One of my favorite parts of the movie is when the shy little nerds discover that they really ROCK! It's always soooo fun to watch people come out of there little hiding place and find there inner strengths.

I hope you all have a great time with this challenge it was a lot of fun creating with this movie and CORK! Thanks Maureen for a great inspiration starter...

Join me on my blog for more photos and another AMAZING project from a friend...


Sankari's Card inspired by the movie: School of Rock

I love Brooke's bulletin board and Maureen's wonderful simply fabulous creation. She inspired me to use another sentiment from the same stamp set for my card. This sentiment " Dare to be Different" really stood out to be - because he was taking these kids from the prep school who were straight and proper and giving them a chance to let their inner rock star shine. I remember watching this movie when it came out - and thought how cute the kids were - adorable! I love that he inspired them to think outside the box. And that even though the kids might be learning how to play the classics perfectly - they still had to make it their own - their own interpretation - their own way to rock it out! Based on that I created this card :

I had so much fun making it - and was totally excited to try some cork!!!
You can check out my blog for more details here.
Big hugs,
Sankari :)

Our Guest Designer this week is Maureen, here is her creation inspired by the movie: School of Rock:

When I heard the name of this week's movie, I had to smile. I'm a teacher and about to head back to work next week. I've actually been setting up my class this week, but the student's don't come till next Tuesday. I've seen this movie several times as my son gave it to me for my birthday a few years ago. I watched it again this week to help get the creative juices flowing...I even took notes! What a good student I am, eh? ;) A few of my favourite parts were when Jack Black stage dives at the very beginning and no one catches him; when he holds up 3 fingers and says, "Read between the lines;" when he teaches the keyboard student the special handshake and when he sings the ticked off song and kicks the desk over at the end....I laughed so hard (again!). The requirement this week was to use cork, but I didn't want to use it as a bulletin board so I made a flower :) I stamped a musical background onto note paper and used my binder edge punch to create a notebook effect. Of course, you need a blackboard to write a special message. I chose this sentiment because in the movie the student who was in charge of the costumes said his ideas were "fabulous." A little library clip was the last detail :) I had so much fun making this's going to a good teacher friend of mine who is going back full time after being off on maternity leave...I think she's fabulous!! Thanks for playing along with us this week!!
You can check out more details about Maureen's beautiful card on her blog Buttons and BLing here! Thanks so much for playing along with us Maureen!

Thank you so much to all who played along with us for last week's challenge Forrest Gump, where the challenge requirement was to use some sort of brown in you card. We loved all of your awesome creations - and Jen Cuthbertson's swell creation from I'm Crafty caught our eye!. We loved the idea of the curtain, the font etc. of the swell and the browns and hope you will not only display your Audrey proudly but also join us as our Guest Designer for next week! Big thanks to all who played along with us - you guys seriously ROCK!!!!


So are you ready to play along with us this week!!??!!!
We hope so!!! All you have to do is create a card inspired by the movie: School of Rock (this can be inspired from the movie's different costumes, characters, themes, quotes, colors, music, etc.) and this week's challenge requirement is to use some cork in your creation!!!

Post a link to your direct blog post to Mr. Linky so that we can check out your beautiful creations!!!

Please link to our blog by Thursday, September 10th, 2009!

And we are approaching our 50th blog challenge soon!
So stay tuned for some fun celebrations starting next week!!! woo-hoo!!!

We can't wait to see your lovely corked creations!!!

Big Hugs,
Sankari and Brooke :)


Sankari W. said...

sorry for the delay guys - i had it set to 9:30 PM instead of AM,,, DOH!!!! hope you guys have fun with the cork challenge!!!! YAY!

Brooke S said...

Love the cards! I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with....


Maureen said...

Love the cards, ladies :) This movie was soooooo fun...can't wait to see all the cards :) For those about to stamp, I salute you!!

Jen Cuthbertson said...

I love the cards and would be honored (if not more than a bit nervous!) to be a guest next week! Eeek! :) I have what seems to be a fun idea - now whether I can execute it or not - that is the challenge!

scrapperjulia said...

Love your cards, girls! You picked a fun movie for the challenge. I happened to have some die cuts and some cork letters to fit in with this theme!

Radha said...

Cork ???
OMG... do not judge by the look:)
LOL it can be cute!

Nellie Mae said...

I DON'T HAVE ANY CORK! I have turned my craft room upside down....grrr...

Nancy K said...

I too am cork-less. Hmmmm....I shall see what I can do.
BTW...did anyone else notice that cork is an anagram for rock?? :)

Brooke S said...


Make a card with the Movie theme anyway... We LOVE you...


Brooke S said...

You are a genius.. I didn't notice.. that about cork and rock... COOL....

Play anyway...
We love you 2..

Nancy K said...

Thanks Brooke! That is sweet...
Well, I got ahold of some cork, and the project is on my blog. I'm loving everything everyone has come up with!

grammie jackie said...

Whew! I got it done on time. I knew what layout I wanted to use, but the stickers that I ended up with made me change my color scheme. Just a little set back. It was fun and a challenge! Thanks all.