Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #61 - A Knight's Tale

Welcome Everyone to our 61st Challenge: the 2001 movie"A Knight's Tale". We are still in shock at how quickly you guessed this movie from the sneak peeks (see this is why we end up showing sneak peeks of grass and clouds!!) The tagline of this movie is: "From peasant to knight, one man can change his stars". So we decided that we would make the challenge requirement to be to add a star to your creations. If you haven't seen this movie - we would totally recommend it - it is fun, has a modern twist in a renaissance movie and is full of romance, valor and comedy.

Sometimes its hard to get started on making something - and so we have created this little Cinema Inspiration Corner to help get your mojo flowing (but these are just some ideas - PLEASE feel free to do whatever card you would like with your own favorite colors from the movie, themes, etc.) We just hope that this little section will help make something that is a little bit abstract become somewhat concrete:

(I thought I would some of the colors from the pictures about in case some of you would like a color palate - but again - these are just some ideas and please feel free to do anything from the movie that inspires you!!) (The above pictures are from the follwing links: Jocelyn, Knights, and the Trio). Here are some links to help:
If you would like to read more about A Knight's Tale

We hope that this little corner helps get your mojo flowing :) Here are our cards inspired by this movie:

Brooke's Card Inspired By the Movie: A Knight's Tale:

Please join me on my blog to read all about my inspiration for this challenge.. There are so many things to be inspired by in this movie. You could simple create a card with stars and include the tag line from above "From peasant to knight, one man can change his stars". The sky is the limit... We love all your creations they are like the stars all truly unique you...

Sankari's Card Inspired By the Movie: A Knight's Tale:
I have to say that I was a little skeptical about this movie when it first came out but as soon as we started to watch it - I really fell in LOVE with it and since then, I have seen it at least 15 to 20 times over the years. Its just a sweet story with a modern feel (if you haven't seen it yet - its an awesome date night movie - as I think the DHs will like the jousting/and all of that too). I made my card inspired by the romance between Jocelyn and William. She asks him at one point that if he loves her - he will lose each joust in the tournament... love those scenes between them).
I used the fluer-de lis since the tournament happened in France, the copper and the silver to show the metalwork in the movie, and the red for the love between Jocelyn and William. I had so much fun making this card - for more details - please check out my blog :)
Sankari :)

So who is going to be our guest designer next week? It could be YOU!!! All you have to do is to create a card, layout, altered project etc., that is inspired by the movie:A Knight's Tale! Your inspiration can come from the costumes, the dialogue, the music, the themes, the characters, the colors - anything at all from the movie!!! ****The challenge element in this card is to add a star to your card!!!!

****Please link to us by this THURSDAY, January 14th - by 8PM CENTRAL standard time
and we will announce the Audrey winner on Friday
with the sneak peeks for next saturday's movie!!!

Happy Jousting!!!
Can't wait to see your yummy creations!!!
See You at the Movies!!!
The Cinema Sisters ;)


Nancy K said...

This is such a fun film -Great pick ladies, and your projects are inspiring and beautiful!
I love the music in this Rocks!! Off to stamp now

Radha said...


Will do...
Thanks again Cinema Gorgeous :)))

Did u see my
silly silly
card?? on the Lion no :((

Radha said...

Nancy u are so cute!!!

Brooke S said...

Of course we saw your card... We looked at every single card... We might not have commented on all yet... Thanks for playing with us girlie! :)

Brooke S said...

Sankari... I totally hate my card know... Your card totally rocks... Your knight in shining armor will be so excited to get his card... See you on your blog :)

Carol Dunstan said...

woohoo! Loved watching this again, and I'll have you ladies know I stayed up last night in the hopes of seeing this post before I went to bed so I knew what the required element was! LOL Hoping I get time today to get started on this

Mary Ski said...

You caught my eye with this movie. I am new to PCP and A Knight's Tale is one of my favorite movies. My husband is a history buff and actually has Polish Hussar armor which is a bit different from the English (they have wings) but he has the Kopeia (sp?) otherwise known as a lance. He has the armor, the boots, pants, shirt, etc. He participates in Polish and Ren Fairs. I'm looking forward to playing with this challenge. Should be fun.

Sankari W. said...

Brooke my darling - your card is simply FABU!!! I love every single detail!!! And Radha Diidi - your card brought a definite smile to my face - that sentiment is hilarious!!! Loved it!!!
Carol - you always amaze me with your sneak peek analysis - your creations are just amazing!!! Can't wait to see what you create!!!
And WELCOME! Mary!!! I am so glad that you found our challenge and that is amazing all the knight apparel that your DH has!! Can't wait to see your creations!!!

Hope you guys enjoy this movie and have fun playing along!!! Just wondering - do you like the Cinema Inspiration corner suggestions - is it helpful? Hope it helps the mojo flow :)

Sending each of you big hugs!!!!
Sankari )

Tethered2Home said...

Sankari, Brooke, your cards layering is beyond beautiful.

I didn't mention this last week, but I love the new addition of the Cinema Saturday Creative corner bit. Brilliant idea!

Juli Smith, said...

I was so busy preparing to leave for my Mom's Retreat I forgot to look at the sneak peeks! lol This was a good movie - a total "guy flick" - my guy even cried when Heath Ledger's character was knighted while in the stocks! Thus my label - "guy flick'! lol I admit it - I was a horrible wife and laughed at my hubby at the time! I mean - seriously now, being brought to tears about being knighted in the stocks?! It still makes me laugh to remember it! I will say, though, he has been much more sentimental about movies since then! So - whatever it takes, right? :)

Stars are GOOD! I can do something with those!

Anonymous said...

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Carol Dunstan said...

got a card done... pretty simple but I hate covering up that background stamp! Hoping to get me planned scrap page done because my kids are just so darn gorgeous but my sinuses might have something to say about that...

Laural-Lee said...

Thank you so much for all of the inspiration that you've given us this week. It was a lot of fun. Both cards are absolutely stunning and so detailed. Beautiful work.

grammie jackie said...

Here is my "under the wire" entry for your fun challenge. I should have done it days ago, but I had trouble with a color scheme.
I hadn't seen this movie all at once before this, but my husband loves it and so it's on every now and then. I really liked it all!
I can't wait for nest Saturday.
Grammie loves...Cinema Satruday Creative Challenges!