Saturday, March 27, 2010

Challenge #72 - Julie and Julia

Welcome Everyone to our 73rd movie where this week we are featuring the Oscar nominated movie from 2009: Julie and Julia, starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. This story unfolds Julia Child's story of her passion for cooking through her recipes from her first book: The Joy of Cooking! The challenge requirement for this movie challenge is a really simple one: Anything having to do with cooking that is inspired by the movie!

Brooke's Card inspired by the movie: Julie and Julia

We are HUGE foodies at our house so I was excited to finally see this movie.. Julia Child is one of the first chefs I can remember watching on t.v.

What a project Julie Powell took on with her cooking blog... After a weekly Cob Salad lunch date with friends, Julie Powell was tired of feeling like a second class citizen. Julie wanted to find something she was really good and share her story.. She created a blog to document her journey cooking ALL the recipes in Julia Child's cook book. I think she bit off a little more that she could chew to say the least.. This adventure even jeopardized her marriage. She said that Julia gave her life purpose. Amy Adams did a sweet job portraying Julie Powell. It was so delightful to get a glimpse of Julia Child's live. She was so adorable.. I was disappointed in the end of the movie though I felt like the story didn't have a lot of closure. Defiantly worth the watch though.. I watched the movie on Netflicks instant download.

Enjoy the show

Sankari's Card Inspired by the movie: Julie and Julia
I remember watching Julia Child's cooking show as a kid with my mom and it was amazing to watch Meryl Streep transform into Julia Child - she is seriously my favorite actress - just amazing! I loved the way the spliced the two Julia's lives together and although I do wish it had a bit more closure as well, it left me feeling inspired that I can cook! So I created this little recipe card holder in a nugget box of all my favorite dessert recipes. I was inspired by how they complied all the recipes and tried it out - so here are all of my tried and true recipes that are a quick make when you are in a pinch for time:

I am always running out of ideas for quick snacks and desserts that are healthy for the kids and that I can easily make for their snack day at school: so I printed out a few of my favorite quick recipes and altered this little nugget box with some rubons to not only house the recipe cards but to also be the holder while I am baking :) I love how quick and easy it was to make!
So inspired by the movie - I am making a big dinner tomorrow night - and you are all invited!! Will let you know the menu soon!
Can't wait to see the creations you have cooked up!
Big hugs!
Sankari :)

Amy's Card inspired by the movie: Julie and Julia

This week, Amy Park from Tethered2Home, joins us as our guest designer from her Audrey creation for the movie: Dear Frankie with this Seahorse card that tied in the map challenge requirement with one of the symbols in the movie! Check out this amazing creation for this week's movie!

I adored the movie 'Julie and Julia', which I saw on GNO. The three of us came out of that movie wanting to make Duck, Beef Bourguignon, and generally, just lick a pound of butter. For my creation this week, I made a Meander Recipe Book. The Instructions for the Meander book can be found on You Tube here. I thought that since my 10 year old daughter is finally asking about cooking (it wasn't her thing before) that I would start an easy recipe book with some of her favorites.

We would make it, & add to the book each week. We'll see how that goes, I have a feeling, she might just say, "let me know when you've finished the cooking". lol. Thanks for the fun inspiration this week!

Thank you Amy for being our guest designer and for this lovely treasure! Check out this and more at Amy's blog!
So who is going to be our guest designer next week? It could be you!! All you have to do is to create a card, layout, altered project, etc. that is inspired by the movie: Julie and Julia! The inspiration can come from the costumes, the dialogue, the music, the themes, the characters - anything at all from the movie!! **** The challenge requirement for this movie is to create something having to do with cooking that is inspired by the movie!

Please link to us by this Thursday, April 1st by 8PM Central Time! and we will announce the Audrey winner on Friday with sneak peeks for the next movie!

Can't wait to see what gorgeous creations you have cooked up!
Big hugs!
the Cinema Sisters!


Sankari W. said...

Sorry this is so late to upload guys!

Our internet was down at 11pm last night - and so I couldn't finish up getting the Audrey's and visiting everyone's challenges from last week, and upload everything for today... so this morning at 8:30am - I drove to our local coffeeshop to use their WiFi - but they were down too and I forgot to bring along my project for today that I could take a picture of so I could upload it - so I drove back home... (internet still down) and then got my project, drove back into town to another coffeeshop that has a diff internet provider and was up - and took a picture of my project in the coffeehouse... and am sitting here having a latte after all this driving back and forth today.... sigh!
Sorry about the delay guys! I hope you will play along with us this week!!

And for those of you who have Netflix - this movie is on the watch instantly category! yay!

Alright - I have to go home now and make lunch for the family - it won't be Julia Child-esque - but hopefully they will like and eat it!!!!

Will write more soon - and hope that our internet at home is up later today --- will post Audrey and more hopefully later today!

Thanks for being patient with me! You guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!
big hugs!
Sankari :)

Juli Smith, said...

I have been wanting to see this movie! I have Dani n Real Life waiting to be watched from Netflix right now! lol (And Dear Frankie in our queue!) I think a family member has this for me to borrow - yay! I've got a fun stamp set to us for this - but really, I'm hoping our newest little one arrives very, very soon - so maybe I'll get to it, maybe I won't.

THANKS for doing this each week cinema Sisters - it's always fun to try to guess (even though I stink at it! lol) and to see everyone's creations inspired by the different movies.

Juli Smith, said...

Way to persevere Sankari! :)

anaRy said...

"Sankari Jones" In search of the los web!
WOW...I hope you get your connection back. I go nuts when that happens to me!See ya later!

Radha said...

O Cinema Girls:))))))

Cooking & cards...
That 's what gets me:)))

grammie jackie said...

Sankari, thank you for going to so much trouble to get us our weekly "challenge fix".

I'm excited about this one...want to see the movie, have read the book. No excuse not to do it. I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

WOW..Sankari, I am tired thinking about your crazy morning! So happy you got a Latte out of the whole ordeal!!:) THANKS for all you do for the Cinema fans!!

I am loving the idea of this movie. I have to check it out on Netflix! I hope to get a chance to play along.:)

Laural-Lee said...

Hmmm, I'm not much of a cook, I actually detest it....much to my husband's disappointment. But I my feel inspired after I watch the movie. I also have some new Cosmo Cricket paper waiting for me.

CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on in the Scrapbooking Challenges and Competitions category today [28 Mar 03:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

scrapperjulia said...

Gosh Sankari, you had to go to a lot of trouble to upload for us! We appreciate you! Loved your projects this week girls! I didn't make the last challenge and I missed it! I liked this movie, I too enjoyed glimpsing into the early life of Julia Child! My card is here:

Susie Sugar said...

Hi Girls great challenge, the DT work is lovely , you can see my entry Here
Hugs Susie xx

Kerry Parkinson said...

There doesn't seem to be a Mr Linky, so here is the link for my card; hope this is the right thing to do!

Thanks for another great challenge.

GiuliaG. said...

Great is my card for the challenge

Radha said...

Love it love it..
I'm so hungry!!!!!

Had to break y fast LOL:))

Barbara said...

Here is my card there is no Mr Linky. Hope you all enjoy the card. Now I must go and cook something!!

Betty J Schaub said...

Sankari, you go above and beyond don't you? Heeeheeeheee, you're sort of like the U.S. postal service; come rain, sleet, snow or whacked Internet, Sankari will carry on with her endeavors to post her challenge! :O)

Thanks so much to you and Brooke for doing these things. I am using parts of my brain these days, I thought were dead for years! LOL

Betty J Schaub said...

We need a Mr. Linky!
Here's a link to my card.
Celebrate my Birthday

It's not my birthday though. I just needed something for the challenge so I used a birthday theme. TFL T%dles Peeps!
Betty aka ZacksNaan

Laural-Lee said...

Here's my entry

Radha said...


Wow it is crazy here at my home. we have Spring vacation... and soooo much to do...

specially if we have challenge like this one:)))

Here is my entry:

Hope you all will love it.... and it is not much :))

Maureen said...

one of my favourite movies last year!!! This was so fun :)

Here's my card

Jen Cuthbertson said...

So bummed I couldn't participate this week! I have the cutest (!!) Cosmo Cricket paper I had sitting out that I just couldn't get to. Drat, I curse thee new job for my lack of crafting time! I travel next week, too, so will be with you in spirit until the following week. Ugh, this sucks!!

grammie jackie said...

Well, I finished my card. I think there may be too much on it, but it kind of makes me think of the chaos of Julie Powell's life for that year. I hope it's okay.

Here is where you'll find it:

Nancy K said...

Oh my gosh! I blogged, and went out for a girl's night and totally forgot to post the link!

Thanks for such a fun challenge girls!!