Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #74 - UP!

Welcome everyone to our 74th Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge, where this week we are featuring the 2 time Oscar winning and "UPlifting" 2009 Pixar movie called UP. This movie also won 38 other awards (check out all of the wins and nominations here)!!! The beauty of this movie is that its not just for children, but really in a way - its for everyone. Children love this movie and the adults really embrace the heartfelt themes of life and love that are beautifully brought out in this movie! If you haven't seen it yet - you must - the animation, humor and sweetness will touch your hearts! The challenge requirement this week to to use some balloons in your creation, which is INSPIRED by the movie (balloons usually mean birthdays - but it doesn't have to!. We have 3 guest designers joining us thiis week who have created simply works of art! We love the way the incorporated the balloon requirement with the themes in this movie. Shaz, Maureen and Carol have all been Audrey winners in the last few challenges and they all jumped aborad to join us this week as our guest designers! Check out our cards that were inspired by this movie!

Brooke's Card inspired by the movie ~ UP
What a sweet movie this is.... When shy Carl meet spunky Ellie he had now idea how much his life would change... It became the adventure of a life time.... From the first pinning of the "Ellie badge" Carl was part of a life long friendship. In the end the encouraging words Ellie wrote to Carl in the her Adventure book help him to change his life and reach out to change a life of another...
When Carl Lost the Love of his life he just couldn't move on. Carl decided to take his WHOLE house with him.. Little did he know that the little 8 year old wilderness scout Russell was a stowaway. These to are quite the odd couple on this little adventure.. Russell drives Carl nuts just my being his 8 year old self. They find a few little companion along the way.. Kevin a mother bird becomes their mission. The gang is trying to help Kevin back to her baby birds when her hunter shows up and just another adventure begins... To find our how this movie end you will just have to watch it... It's just a sweet reminder of how much we need others in our life....

I love this house and all the Love that was experienced in it made it a home... So not had to see where I got my inspiration from.

Join me here to see more about my inspiration.. HERE

Sankari's Card Inspired by the movie "Up!"
I wasn't sure if my wee son (5 years old) could watch this movie when he got it as a bday gift since there were some things that might have scared him (like the pack of dogs and the chase scene at the end) - but surprisingly, when he loved every single second of it because of this spirit of adventure. He keeps asking me if we can get so many balloons and do that to our house! He LOVES the little boy Russell and he LOVE Carl the bird (he will try to squawk like him once in awhile :). When I was making the challenge banner for this movie - my son was sitting next to me and was so excited as to what card I was going to make - so I made this card for him - in the spirit of adventure
I love this sentiment by Dr. Seus! And I loved making this card with all the ballooons carrying the house, just like he wanted :)
Please check out my blog: for more details!
Can't wait to see your beautiful creations!!
Big hugs,
Sankari :)
Maureen's Card Inspired by the movie "Up!"
Wow!! What a fantastic movie {insert huge smile here!}. I actually got to watch this one and am so glad I did. It was out at my local video store, but my bonus son (my term for stepson!) had his own copy and dropped it off :) It was so delightful and sad at the same time...literally the only animated movie that ever made me cry!! This movie has everything!! The part where Russell tries to climb the rope up to the house had my dh in stitches....I've never seen him laugh so loud and deep....then he said he kept laughing because he was laughing so hard (does that make sense? LOL). I love how Carl changes in the movie and realizes what really matters in life....such a beautiful story :)

My card is all about that change and reaching one's dream. I felt this sentiment from Verve fit perfectly with the theme of the movie. I hope you all can play this week...and if you haven't seen the really need will make you smile (and cry and laugh till it hurts!!). Thanks, Sankari and Brooke, for inviting me to join you this week. It's always an honour :)

Thank you so much Maureen for being our guest designer! What a beautiful balloon and that sentiment is just perfect to describe the theme of this movie! You can visit Maureen's beauitful blog for more details here: Buttons & Bling

Shaz's Card Inspired by the movie "Up!"
The movie up is about an old Man who wants to live out his dream of seeing South America's wildlife. He does this by attaching a Gazzilloin balloons to his house, UP, and away he goes!

I created this card with a gazzilion balloon and the quote " Adventure is out there!" from the movie. To choose the colors I used the bird Carl meets in South America as inspiration.

Thank you so much Shaz for being our guest designer! We love your bright and beautiful card and that sentiment is just perfect! To check out more details - check out Shaz's awesome blog: The Kraft Nook!

Carol's Card Inspired by the movie "Up!
While I think Pixar make good movies, the premise of this one had me a little dubious (it just didn’t sound as fun as toys or monsters), so I was pleasantly surprised when I did get to see UP! If you are ever around me and my girls you may hear random “Squirrel!” comments, heh heh heh. Anyway, when I found out what movie I would be designing for the basic idea for the card was in my head straight away.

I did struggle with the sentiment though… I had a few stamps that were appropriate for the movie (inspired by Ellie’s passion for life) but I just didn’t feel they were right for the card. I decided to print out the “Adventure is out there!” catch-phrase because it can bring together the idea of grand and simple adventures of life.

Thank you so much Carl for being our guest designer! That little boy is just so cute and has Russell's charm! What a great idea to do the sentiment in the cloud! You can visit Carol''s gorgeous blog for more details here:Inkantations & Incarnations for more details!

A huge thank you to our guest designers!!! They created such beautiful creations of inspiration!!! So who is going to be our guest designer next week? It could be you!! All you have to do is to create a card, layout, altered project, etc. that is inspired by the movie: UP! The inspiration can come from the costumes, the dialogue, the music, the themes, the characters - anything at all from the movie!! **** The challenge requirement for this movie is to have some balloons in your creation which is INSPIRED by the movie :)

Please link to us by this Thursday, April 15th by 8PM Central Time! and we will announce the Audrey winner on Friday with sneak peeks for the next movie!

Can't wait to be lifted Up, Up and Away by your gorgeous creations!!
Big hugs!
the Cinema Sisters!


CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [10 Apr 02:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Nancy K said...

Oooh! I have been waiting for this one. Love this film -If you haven't seen it, it's a must!
Kids got it for Easter, so we will be viewing this again soon. Thanks ladies for a challenge with oh-so much inspiration!

Radha said...

Ballon in dutch!!
Wow... nice work:))

Shari said...

The cards all look great! I love , love this movie!
Kevin's a girl??????

I am just going to have to find time this week to make a card! I can't wait to look at everyones cards!

Karli said...

Squirrel! I LOOOOOVE this movie!!! I wept within the first 15 minutes & I'm not a weeper! Great message & wonderful story. I'm back to work, but I've gotta find the time to play along. As soon as I saw the movie & the challenge requirement, I pictured the Boards & Beams set from PTI... then I saw your wonderful card Brooke! Drats, I'll have to think of something else... Great movie choice ladies! Wonderful cards everyone! Squirrel!

Brooke S said...

you are right. Kevin is a Girl. Russell was just as surprised 2..

Karli, I wanted to cry most of this movie as well. I think I did in fact in the beginning.
Karli please still us the set you were thinking of.. Look how close all of our cards are will our talking to each other...


Great cards ladies I had a hard time with this one I have to say.. My card was just not turning out the way I wanted it to.. Can't win them all I guess...


Maureen said...

fabulous inspiration cards, ladies :) I totally missed the "balloon-s" on the challenge and only thought of a hot air balloon...but it's still a balloon :) oops!! This was an inspiring movie :)

Nancy K said...

"I hate squirrels". LOL!
Okay, we were so on this challenge, me and the kiddos played together. Here's the link:
Thanks again -now off to watch the movie!
BTW LOVED all the's hard not to use a house with balloons! I couldn't stay away either. :)

Carol Dunstan said...


great cards everyone else :)

psst, I'm Carl now?

Betty J Schaub said...

Oh everyone did such a fab-O job with the challenge. I have created THIS card. No Mr. Linky yet so I am posting my link here.

Tethered2Home said...

What a great inspiration & gorgeous cards!

Here's my Pop Up go at the challenge.

Just so much fun! Thanks, Amy.

Beverly S. said...

Here's my card

(I know, I know it does not have any balloons on it either....but I do think the quote and image go with "Up!" Wink, wink!)

Tracy said...
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Tracy said...

Heres my card

Very fun challenge - glad I found you girls!

Radha said...

I'm expecting ton's of cards:)))
Truely ... balloons Got to go work!!!
Thanks C-Sisters:))

Juli Smith, said...



Loved this movie! Especially how it showed marriage in such a positive light - I know that wasn't a main point for the movie - but still kudos to the writers on it.

So many things you do with this!

No Baby yet - T+ 7 and counting - so I am trying to work on getting birth ann and Baptism/First Communion invites (for Baby & dd) as much done as I can until I have all the pertinent info (like Baby's name! lol)

But I hope to take some time to do this challenge too - like I said - so many possibilities!

Juli Smith, said...

OKay - I took the time right away! Am I really the first to share? Woohoo!

Here's my link since Mr.Linky isn't up yet:

Juli Smith, said...

Nope not the first - Amy beat me to it - way to go Amy! :)

Aubri said...

Here's mine

Erica said...

Here's mine!

Pink Room Therapy Designs said...

Glad to play along again! No Mr. Linky, so here is my post.


tomiannie said...

This is one of my favorites -- thanks for the challenge and the lovely inspiration cards!

Libby Hickson said...

Soooooooooo happy to FINALLY play along again with you lovely ladies!!

Virginia L. said...

I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and I LOVE the idea of making a balloon card. Thanks for such a FUN and CREATIVE challenge!

Radha said...

Such sweet darlings u all made:))
I love all the balloon-CLANG!!!
I'm so late... but here I 'M

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