Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #89 - Casino Royale

Welcome to our 89th Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge, where this week we are featuring the James Bond movie: Casino Royale (2006) with Daniel Craig as the most recent James Bond. This movie pits James Bond into a winning a high stakes poker Tournament at the Casino Royale in Montenegro in order to stop the "bad guys" and we see all the traditional suave moves of 007 in a high tech movie. This week's challenge requirement is to use to a silhouette in your creation, inspired by the movie. We can't wait to see your silhouetted Bond creations!

This week we are joined by the creative and amazing Nancy and her gorgeous creation! Nancy was our Audrey girl for the CSCC#87- The Holiday!

Sankari's card inspired by the movie: Casino Royale

At first, I wasn't sure about Daniel Craig as James Bond - I mean Connery is such a classic and my favorite was Brosnan, but as the movie wore on and there were a few shots of the newest James Bond emerging from the water.... I must say that I was definitely impressed by the newest Bond :) The whole movie takes place around a high stakes poker game and we see how James Bond became James Bond. My favorite thing about this movie was watching all the James Bondisms - his one liners, the high tech spy ware, the nice crisp suits and of course waiting to hear him say "Bond...James Bond". :)) I created this card based on this graphic of Bond walking away with cards flying about and this graphic:

I added the sentiment "I hit the Jackpot with you!" and threw in some poker chips and can't wait to give this to my sweet DH! I loved making this card - it was simple and quick and its always fun to make a card of a movie, while you are watching the movie :)
Can't wait to check out your gorgeous Bond creations!!!
Sankari :)

Nancy's card inspired by the movie: Casino Royale
This week over at Cinema Saturday, the lovely cinema sisters are hosting 007 himself with this:
I have been a James Bond film fan for quite sometime, I think it helps having a Sean Connery fan for a mom, and a dad who loves action flicks. The one thing that has changed over the years is my favorite Bond; It started out as Roger Moore (must have been an 80's thing), then I recognized that Connery was the best Bond, but Pierce Brosnan does a pretty good job too. Frankly, when I first saw Casino Royale, I wasn't completely sold on Daniel Craig, I put him somewhere between Timothy Dalton and Roger Moore (not a great ranking). However, after watching it again for this challenge, I got it, and Daniel Craig has boosted to tie the top spot with Sean Connery.
Casino Royale like most other 007 films is a well-rounded film filled with action, romance, comedy, suspense, and drama -it's got it all! You get a good guy, the boss, the evil bad guy, the potentially double-crossing sidekick, the potentially double-crossing girl, beautiful clothes, beautiful settings, fast cars...really everything you could want.
For this challenge, I drew my inspiration from the main character himself: Bond, James Bond. The color of his clothes (black & white -tuxes, shirts, jackets), his car (silver), and his eyes (oh so blue!). I also tried to capture the essence of 007 opening film credits with the silhouette and lots of circles. I used brads for hardware, and printed off a birthday greeting appropriate for the theme.
Thank you so much for being our Audrey girl Nancy!!! We love your take on this challenge - how cool is that cake and target! So creative - and love the colors that you used inspired by the movie!! Awesome!!!

BROOKE'S card inspired by the movie ~ Casino Royal
Who doesn't love a goon BOND movie... Even with all the years of watching them marathon style with my dad I still LOVE James Bond... When I think of Bond.. I think of Shaun of course.. Shaun Connery... Heart beating past... My D.H. is really enjoying the new Bond Daniel Craig.. And I agree with him for sure.. He really makes the secret agent thing work for him quite nicely... It's defiantly easier to buy that he is a spy and not just a ladies man... This Bond gets tortured, has real blood and scars, and gets down and dirty and still comes out on top... The new Bond movies have GREAT actions scenes... Hope they hurry up and make a new one....

This weekend is my D.H.'s Birthday so this card is for him.. Totally fitting for my man of mystery... He is 007 and melts my heart... I am LUCKY to have him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!



Thanks to all who played along this week! Loved your adorable creations - we also loved Martha's Best Buddy creations and hope you will join us next week as our guest designer!
Who is going to be our guest designer next week? It could be you! Play along with us by linking your blog post with this challenge below. Your creation can be inspired by any theme or aspect from the movie: CASINO ROYALE and should use the challenge requirement TO CREATE A CARD WITH A SILHOUETTE. Your creation can be inspired by any aspect of the movie from the characters, memorable quotes, costumes, songs, dialogue, themes, furniture etc. - let us know where you got your inspiration from - we love reading how you translate an idea into your creation!

Thanks so much for playing along with us this week!
We can't wait to see your James Bond creations, Casino Royale style!
The Cinema Sisters


Sankari W. said...

Hi guys! Sorry that I took a little longer to post the challenge this morning - our power went out last night - and everything this morning was a last minute scramble!

Hope you will enjoy playing along with us this week!!!

Radha said...

I so love that grafic d!
Not a BOND girl... but a HUGE FAN of this BLOG!!!!
I'm on vacation u know....

have to play!!!

Karli said...

fab cards & a great challenge!!!

Juli Smith, said...

Dh & I love the James Bond movies! I think we own all of them between VHS and DVD!

Great inspirations as always ladies!

theneon said...

I'm an "Original James Bond" lover myself -- as in Sean!!! But maybe I can be convinced to look at Daniel Craig. I read all the books beforfe they were made into movies so know you know how old I am! I would be delighted to be your "guest designer" -- give me your assignment and I'll get busy. -- still trying for "Audrey." Your challenges are so inspirational and really exhibit your love for the movies and creativity! These two examples are the greatest!

Unknown said...

First of all congrats on your husband's birthday Brooke! Hope you'll have a wonderful celebration!
I'm glad I get to play again this week, was lacking in time last week... And who doesn't love James Bond? My favourite is still Sean (just listen at his voice!), but I loved the humour in Roger Moore best though! What wonderful cards you 3 girls have created, all different but superb to look at! It's still early in the morning over here and not too hot in my hobby room so I'm off girls for some fun card making!

Lynne Phelps said...

Love Bond. . . James Bond!!! What a great theme. I was wondering - I have been watching for the results of CSCC-82, The Greatest Game Ever Played. Have you awarded the Audrey for that one yet? I keep looking, but maybe I missed it? Thanks - LOVE this blog!

Betty J Schaub said...

I think I'll be sitting this one out kids. I'm still recuperating from emergency surgery and I am not a fan of the newer James Bond(s). Give me Sean Connery ANY day!
Yall have fun and I am looking forward to the next CSCC on Saturday the 31st.

Nancy K said...

What a fun challenge ladies, and Brooke and Sankari your projects are amazing as always!
Thanks again for including me this week -I had great fun with the requirement and seeing what everyone else came up with.