Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #95 - High Noon

Welcome everyone to our 95th Cinema Saturday Challenge, where this week we are featuring the 4 time Oscar winning movie: High Noon - starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly. We realized that we had never done a "western" before and wanted to honor this genre with this amazing movie. According to Wikipedia: "in 1989, High Noon was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" , entering the registry during the later's first year of existence. The film is #27 on the American Film Institute's 2007 list of great films." The challenge requirement for this is rather simple: to create a something that has a Western inspired feel.

*** If you haven't seen this movie, its really very powerful - some have called it one of the best Western movies of all time - one that tells a tale of civic responsibility without having frontier violence or tribes of marauding Indians. It tells the story of a lone marshall, who feels compelled by his duty to face dangerous criminals who come back to town to get rid of him at high noon, and as he turns to the town for help, everyone refuses him any assistance. This tale is one of internal struggle to do what is right, without any support from anyone - as you struggle with your own conscience.

Sankari's card inspired by the movie: High Noon:
This is one of my favorite all time movies - yes - you heard that right :)- I have watched this movie every year with my father ever since I was 15. My father loves this movie with Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly and so it became a tradition after a few times that we would watch it together every year. The opening song: "Do not forsake me O my Darling" is forever stuck in my heart - this song is the FIRST Oscar winning song that is not from a musical! There is something about Gary Cooper asking everyone for help and no one comes to his aid that really inspires me because he has to face these men by himself. He didn't run away from the conflict - he faced it head on, alone - and that just makes me admire Marshal Will Kane. In making my card, I decided to focus on Grace Kelly's character Amy. In this movie, Will marries Amy - who is a Quaker and therefore a pacifist - she refuses to help him as he returns to town to fight the criminals but in the end comes to his aid. I don't want to ruin the end for you - but her appearance and what she does which is 100% opposite to her belief is what saves his life. Grace Kelly later on became a "real" princess as she married the Prince of Monaco, and so this card is a tribute to that - as well as to the fact that she is definitely brave and comes to help.

I am not a very good "western" card maker, but I had fun playing with pink and making it a pink western card :) I hope that you all will play along - I know that Western movies is not a favorite genre for all people, but I promise that this one is really amazing - one of my all time faves -
Can't wait to see what ya'll will make!
Sankari :)

This week we are joined by Toni - who caught our attention with her beautiful card from the Cinema Challenge: Annie. Check out her amazing creation for this week's challenge:

Toni's card inspired by the movie: High Noon
This was a hard one for me as not watching the movie all the way through before had me at a disadvantage, but Hubby came through with his rundown of the movie. He's a movie buff and loves the westerns. The main inspiration for me was my card being black and white like the movie so I focused on the black and white movie era, the sheriff's role and his show down with the bad guys:
Thank you so much Toni for joining us this week as our guest designer! We love how you incorporated the feeling of time in your card along with the western feel - the clock is shown so many times in the movie, as Marshal Kane has to figure out how he is going to face the criminals by himself at high noon - LOVE how you incorporated that and your glittery star in your creation! You can check out more details of Toni's lovely card on her blog here:

Brooke's Card inspired by the movie: High Noon

First things first.. Holy Batman baby we used the same paper. LOL Believe it on not I haven't had a chance to check the cinema blog sense Sankari and I chatted about the movie last Friday. I remember she said she was going to use the phrase Princess Cowgirl or something but that is all I remember. When I came to upload my card I today I got a little giggle... We used the same paper... Great minds think alike right?

This classic western is easy on the eyes that's for sure.. Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly can we say ATTRACTIVE!
Classic old movies also feature the good ole' Harry Morgan (Col Potter of M.A.S.H.) and Lloyd Bridges.

My inspiration came from the classic colors of a western with a Princess twist. I can help but see Grace as a Princess in what ever I watch... In the movie Amy( grace Kelly) is most defiantly not a princess but a simple quaker girl.. She is totally against all violence and doesn't want her new husband Will (Gary Cooper) to be the Marshal anymore. It take the whole movie to convince he that the wishes of his wife are the way to go.

Join in the fun and create your card inspired by this weeks movie..


A big thank you to everyone who played along with last week's movie challenge: Sleepy Hollow! WOW, your halloween tree creations were amazing and you all created such beautiful spooky creations!!! We loved Jenny Peterson's Halloween creation - it felt so much like Sleepy Hoollow - especially with the horse riding in the woods---spooky! just like the Headless Horseman riding around!! Congratulations Jenny on being our Audrey winner this week and we hope that you will be our guest designer for next week's challenge!!!

Who's going to be our next guest designer? It could be you! All you have to do is to create a card, layout, 3D creation - that is inspired by the movie: HIGH NOON and uses the challenge requirement to create a WESTERN card inspired by the movie in your creation. You creation can be inspired by anything in the movie, from the themes in the movie, to the dialogue, costumes, character, music, lyrics, quotes, events in the movie, furniture, time period - anything at all that inspires your creative "light bulb" to go on!! Please share with us - where you got your inspiration from because we love reading about your creative process!!!

You can post your challenge entry anytime from now till Thursday September 16th at 8pm CST! Can't wait to see your beautiful creations!
Big hugs,
the Cinema Sisters


Betty J Schaub said...

Thanks Ladies! A challenge I could REALLY sink my teeth into. And I didn't guess the name of the movie, but I did guess that the first image was lace and that the movie was black and white. :O)

Virginia L. said...

Congrats to Jenny! I was blown away by all the amazing entries last week! I'd love to take part in this upcoming movie if I have some time! Thank you, Sankari and Brooke, for this awesome blog!