Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #100 - Pride & Prejudice

Welcome Everyone to our 100th Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge - where this week we are picking the movie that YOU voted on: Jane Austen's classic novel turned cinema magic: Pride & Prejudice! There are a couple of different versions of Pride & Prejudice (but most die-hard fans will claim that there really is only one version: the 1995 Pride & Prejudice BBC production featuring on Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle!) Our Cinema Saturday Challenges were born over 2 years ago, when we spoke on the phone and discovered our love of all things Jane Austen and how fun it would be to do a challenge where we could create cards and projects inspired by the movies - our very first challenge was Pride & Prejudice! It is so fun to re-visit this movie and come full circle with it being our 100th movie! For our challenge requirement this week - we thought it would be very "proper" to have a hint of lace in your movie creations (or more than just a hint if you would like :) We are so excited to see what you have created and to celebrate our 100th challenge we also have some wonderful prizes from some amazing companies to celebrate our 100th birthday!

Prizes, did someone say prizes...???! ;)

These wonderful companies are sponsoring our 100th challenge and we are so grateful for the sponsorship! All together that's over a $100 of prizes!!! Thank you!!!

1. Verve Stamps: $30.00 gift certificate to the store!
2. Gina K. Designs: a stamp set of choice from Gina K. Designs
3. Taylored Expressions: Tweet Hearts stamp set from Taylored Expressions
4. JustRite Stamps: one of the brand new cling stamp sets from JustRite stamps

Since there are prizes involved, we also thought there should be some rules

  1. Please do not use any other challenges with this 100th cinema challenge because  (***** unless it is a layout using one of our sponsor's sketch).
  2. Please use inspiration from the movie Pride & Prejudice in creating your card.
  3. Please use the challenge requirement: A Hint of Lace in Your creations :)
  4. Please tell us from where in the movie you got your inspiration for your creation. We always love hearing how you all get your inspiration - and how you translate that into paper . *** We ask to know where you got your inspiration from so we can award prizes equally.
  5. You can enter as many times as you would like - we will pick 4 winners for the 4 prizes (We felt we wanted to give lots of people lots of chances to win, rather than just one grand prize winner).
  6. You will have two weeks to create your challenge entrie(s) - this is to make sure that everyone has enough time to create something that they love!!!
  7. This 100th Cinema Challenge will close on Thursday, November 18th at midnight EST. Winners will be revealed on Saturday November 20th :)

Brooke's Project Inspired By the Movie ~Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice..

If you can imagine with me you might even agree that Ms Bennett(Elizabeth) would have most defiantly keep the letters she had received from Mr Darcy. She would have savored every work whether she agreed with them or not. She would have analyzed the penmanship and tried to make out what kind of a gentleman he really was... I think she would have keep them with her when she traveled as well. She would have made a special box to keep them in fashioned out of some of the trimmings that she and her sisters would have had on hand to make bonnets and bows...
(more pictures on my blog)

I would like to think that the secret piece of lace was from a dress that she might have been wearing and maybe even been noticed in my Mr Darcy... My cohort and I also agreed after her visit to Pemberly that she would have kept this picture in her keepsake box as well. She would have had to draw her picture but we will share one of our favorites from our trip to Pemberly... My helper also quoted "And to think... Of all this I might have been mistress"

Please stop by my blog to read about our sweet beginnings of the Cinema Saturday Challenge...
And see who joined me in the creative process this week..HERE

Hope you have an amazing journey creating your Pride and Prejudice projects...


Sankari's Project Inspired By the Movie ~Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice..

I don't know anymore how many times I have watched the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice (you would think that I would remember how many times I have watched a 6 hour movie!!! lol!) I can watch this movie everyday and not get bored, I can watch it for hours on end will I craft or knit and know what the next line is, and when I read the book, I can see this movie in my head - it is so true to the book and the characters are just as I imagined - although Mr. Darcy (Colin) in the lake scene totally won my heart more than I imagined Mr. Darcy in the book ever could :)
For my project today, I wanted to do something with the fact that I can watch this movie so many times - and the reason I think that I can is because of the love that Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth have for each other is something both passionate, reserved and respectful. Their love story builds slowly and solidly - they are attracted to each other's integrity and intelligence and as they discover towards the end - there is no one else that they would rather be with than each other - regardless of the prejudices of class that might have separated them. I wanted to create something inspired by their love story - so I create a little something for my beloved DH. Its really rare these days that we even have a picture of just the two of us - so when my friend snapped this picture of us I was so excited to be able to do something with it.

I created a page using some of the damask pattens that are seen in the movie either in the couches or the wallpapers. I wanted to keep the feeling like a modern vintage and so added little touches of black rather than brown. All of the papers and flower and ribbon (and hat pins) are from Taylored Expressions and the lovely sentiment is from Verve Stamps: "A true Love Story Never Ends." I love how this turned out and I had a shadowbox frame for my scrapbook page so that one could still see the dimensionality of the project.

I can't wait to give this to my DH for his birthday :) Check out my blog for more details!
Can't wait to see your gorgeous creations!!!
Sankari :)

Need some ideas for a Pride & Prejudice inspired creation?
  • Sisterhood is a big theme in this movie - how through the bonds of sisterhood, each sister can overcome the troubles that she might be faced with. And not matter if they don't get along now and again - they are still sisters to the end.
  • Mother/Daughter relationship - Mrs. Bennett - is a character with a lot of "personality" which can also come off as annoying as she desperately tries to ensure each of her daughter's well being - but regardless of her mosquito like persistence - she only has the best interest in heart - and there is still tender love between her and her daughters
  • Father/Daughter relationship - Mr. Bennett and Elizabeth have such a sweet father/daughter relationship - they love each other and she is definitely a favorite of his.
  • Love: there are so many aspects to the love theme that you can create something from in this movie - the love between Jane and Mr. Bingly and between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are two different aspects of love.
  • Friendship: Charlotte and Elizabeth have such a lovely friendship and even though Charlotte's perspective and follow through on love and marriage are entirely different from Elizabeth's - they are friends with a deep understanding of each through it all
  • Costumes - based on the costumes of the dresses/suits worn in this movie - you can create a card from that
  • Furniture, Quotes, Music - based on the feeling, colors, etc. behind these in the movie - you can create a card from that.
These are just some ideas of all the themes in this movie and we hope that this will jumpstart your mojo! We can't wait to see your lovely creations!!

You can get this from Netflix, or rent it or you can watch the whole series right here on Youtube (just click this in for Epidsode 1, Part 1 and then it will show all 6 Episodes (6 parts in each episode).

Before we end our 100th challenge post, we just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU!

Thank you to those of you who have been with us since the beginning,
thank you to all of you have played along with our challenges,
thank you for trying to guess our Friday sneak peeks,
thank you to all of you who stop by for a peek,
thank you to all of you who have left such lovely and
encouraging comments on our blogs and the challenge participants blogs!
thank you for all the new faces that have joined us and we hope that you will come
back and play again and again!
Thank you to our guest designers who have simply *rocked* it with their lovely creations!
And last but not least - A huge thank you to our sponsors who are offering such fabulous prizes - thank you for your generosity and pure awesomeness :)

Please spread the word of this challenge and enjoy your crafting time!!!

Big Big Big hugs,
the Cinema Sisters :)

 ****** PS - Again - because there are Prizes involved from our Wonderful Sponsors :

Please do not use any other challenges with this 100th cinema challenge  
(***** unless it is a layout using one of our sponsor's sketch) 
and let us know from where in Pride & Prejudice you got your inspiration!


Maureen said...

congrat Sankari and Brooke on 100the celebration!! I will rent the movie tonight...I have a friend who refers to my dh as "Mr. Darcy." He's so romantic that I'm sure he will be part of my inspiration :)

Virginia L. said...
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Betty J Schaub said...

Hi Ladies,
Well, I am looking forward to playing along. But I have a question. Does the lace have to litterally be a piece of lace, or would a paper doily, or a stenciled lace effect work for this application?

T%dles Peeps!
Betty aka ZacksNana

Brooke S said...

Betty I think a doily if very lace like.... If you stenciled the doily that would look just like lace as well... Give it a go :)


Betty J Schaub said...

Thanks Brooke I'm thinking on this one...

Eva said...

Hey Beautiful ladies....I just wanted to wish you a Happy Anniversary on your 100th challenge! How wonderful is this!!! I have seen the movie a few times, and it sure is a favorite in my romantic heart, too. If I can recall a specific scene to recreate in project format, I might just play along with. Hugs, and wishing you 100's of more amazing challenges!

Happy Now said...

Congrats! How fun! I have played along a few times, and just may have to dust off some stamps for this challenge! :) Thanks!

Crafty Math Chick said...

Gina K. & her Stamp TV friends suggested I check out your post - congratulations on your 100th post! Sounds like a fun (and meaningful) challenge - I look forward to playing later.

Flower girl said...

Oh Colin Firth - Be still my beating heart. Here in the UK he is VERY popular. I will watch anything that he is in. I even enjoyed Mama Mia but that was only because of Colin Firth and the fact that I am an Abba fan

Melanie said...

Congrats to 100 amazing challenges and films!

I highly recommend watching "Lost in Austen", watched in Netflix watch instantly one day while making my cards, it's long but so fun with a modern day Jane austen fan time travelling back into an Austen novel and interacting with all the characters. Produced by the BBC, two thumbs up!

Regina Mangum said...

Congratulations, Brooke and Sankari! Your challenge was one of the very first I discovered when I first started stamping and I'm so proud to have been in on the first 100 ... you gals rock and I wish you all the best for the NEXT 100!!! XOXO

redwasher1 said...

Congrats on # 100 challenges and thanks for a chance to win some awesome prizes.Your samples are gorgeous!!!

Nicole said...

Congratulations on 100 challenges. I stalk your blog, but haven't been brave enough to participate before. However, I love the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, watched it again with your challenge, and decided it was time to give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration. You are truly creative.

Amy C said...

Congrats on your first 100 challenges!! I love playing along....and I COULD NOT miss the Pride and Prejudice challenge. Thanks so much for the inspiration ladies!! I had fun with this one. If I get a chance I want to do another one later this afternoon.

Amy ♥

Aubri said...

Congrats and thank you for your time and effort thus far.

Unfortunately the idea for a card I had in my head has been flaunted by my child and husband breaking my printer.

GOod Luck to everyone else!

Payne Holler Cards said...

congrats on your 100th challenge!
wonderful site and blog, really enjoyed being here for's to a 100 more (-:

Alma7 said...

Congratulations on the 100th challenge! This is my favorite challenge blog!
P&P is my favorite book, and I'm addicted to the mini-series!

Hope to see 100 more challenges!
Yael (Alma7)

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