Friday, June 25, 2010

Sneak Peek Friday

Welcome everyone... I know this is a little crazy to have all the sneaks all at once but we are both out of town this weekend with our families..

Thank You to EVERYONE who played along with us with Father of the Bride - thank you for sharing your stories, your pictures and your precious moments with us!!! What a treasure to read!!! Your creations are simply gorgeous!!! One card that caught our attention was Priscill's beautiful card of the father/daughter dancing with each other - what a way to capture the beautiful relationship between Steve Banks and his beloved daughter Annie (it reminded us of the way he sees her as his little girl and even though she is doing "big girl things" like getting married - she is still his little girl!! Congrats Priscill on your Audrey and we would love it if you would be our guest designer next week!!! Big hugs and thanks to all who played along with us this week!! Hope you will enjoy this movie challenge for tomorrow and join us and play along!!!

Please, Please, Please still leave comments and chat along with each other. We will check back in when we get back..

Sneak Peek #3
Sneak Peek #2
Sneak Peek #1

Cinema Sisters :)


Sankari W. said...

HI Everyone! Off to go on a camping trip up north with the family - just wanted to write and give everyone a huge hug who played along and wanted to thank you for playing and sneak peeking with us!!! I am going to try to sneak out of our campgrounds and go to the next town over to see if there is any WiFi for my computer - but if not - sending you allllllll LOVE and hugs!!!!! Stay tuned for tomorrow!!!
much love,
Sankari :)

Jennie said...

Have a good time Sankari! As to the pictures...I have NO idea :o) Looking forward to seeing what others thing... the spoons strike me, but cannot place it.

Ira said...

Congrats Priscill, you did indeed make a lovely card as I told you on your blog already :-)
Enoy your weekend Sankari, have a great time!

Betty aka ZacksNana said...

Enjoy the camping weeknd Sankari! Hope you have really nice weather. We have a little rain here today in n c Texas. We NEED it. But next weekend we are off for a long weekend in a cabin in the woods by a lake to celebrate with family and friends. So I hope we have nice sunny but cool weather.

I have no clues with these sneaks.

Regina (TheStampin'Bean) said...

Congratulations, Priscilla! Your card is darling. Sankari...your sneaks are baffling! Looking forward to the next challenge!

PaperAddictJenn said...

I hopped over to play along for my first time and love the sneak peek! Of course I have no idea what it is, but I'll be checking back to see! Hopefully I can come up with something so I can play.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking that it might be Twister, then I saw the guy and just can't figure that one out because he is in a suite (sort of). Maybe Volcano or Contact...just can figure out a couple of the clues. I'm thinking...yes it hurts LOL.