Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge - #21 "Bride and Prejudice"

Welcome Everyone to our 21st Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge, where this week we thought we would rock out to some Bhangra and Garba - all musical styles from the movie: Bride & Prejudice, which is the Bollywood version of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice". Bollywood is one of the largest film producing industries in the world (the name is derived from splicing Bombay, India with Hollywood, USA). The Bollywood style is filled with muscials, amazing dance numbers and a lot of color and drama and plot twists. This movie, Bride & Prejudice is one of the first crossover movies with a leading Indian Actress: Aishwarya Rai, in an English movie. Aishwarya, was not only crowned Miss World in 1994, but has also been named as the world's most beautiful woman and in India - she is a mega superstart

The Requirement this week:
This week's requirement for the movie challenge is to use some Bling!
This movie is filled with all kinds of sparkle, dazzle, twinkles, glimmer and glitz -

so bring out your bling and have some fun!

Quick trivia bits..
  • This is Aishwarya Rai's first movie entirely in English.
  • According to the director Gurinder Chadha, Ashanti's appearance in the film is meant as a homage to a tradition in Bollywood films where a celebrity would make a cameo appearance to sing a song that has no direct involvement in the plot. The rest of the characters do not interact with the celebrity but rather are seen in the crowd enjoying the show.
  • Johnny Depp and Joaquin Phoenix were considered for the role of Darcy. (Sankari is probably going to faint to find out that her Jonny just might have been in the show!) {Brooke, I am reading this and totally fainting! Good thing, I am reading this on my couch! And for all those reading - I am a huge HUGE JD fan - ever since I was 12 - Swoon! :)
  • Aishwarya Rai gained about 20 pounds for this film because she felt it was more suitable for her character to not look like a fashion model and to give her a more realistic appearance. (You Go Girl!)
  • The Punjabi wedding song and dance number took six days to shoot.

  • Many of the background dancers and extras in "A Marriage Has Come To Town" were cast from the local Sikh temple. Gurinder Chadha didn't care if he or she could dance as long as they looked like they were having fun while dancing.

  • Ashanti was on tour during the filming. She had to fly into India during her break to film her part just in time to head back on tour.

  • The phrase "no life without wife" is and old saying by Gurinder Chadha's father.
  • The thick green book that Aishwarya Rai opens at the pool in Goa is a Jane Austen book.
  • In Bollywood cinema, it is taboo to show any sort of sexual contact, even kissing. Instead they usually show some abstract representation of sexual contact, (birds chirping, waves crashing, etc.) or nothing at all. This is why in Lalitha's wedding fantasy, even though she and Darcy lean in to kiss, she leans back before their lips even touch.
Brooke's Bride and Prejudice Inspired Card:

"No LIFE with out wife"
"Life it's all around you.. Enjoy"

This is one of my all time Favorite movies.... I think I have watched it 1,000 times including the out-takes and the making of the movie... This movie is totally a take on "Pride and Prejudice" and what a clever way to make this classic story relate to modern day. I also love that a different culture was the focus of this film. It just goes to show that we are not all that different from each other.

My favorite things about India are SANKARI of course. (I love my Sunny Sankari she is the brightest part of my day :) or the brightest part of the middle of the night of which we share a lot of), The colors, Spice, dance and music.. I LOVE Indian food.. I only wish that I could have a good curry with my best Indian Friend... mmmmmmm! The dance moves are totally amazing. You have to be in great physical shape to be able to survive an entire Indian dance.. There are so many dance move in one song alone all telling such an amazing story..

My card is inspired by a few of my very favorite colors from India.. The pinks and oranges are so brilliant.. I chose a white card base because when I was watching this film I noticed all the amazing people and colors were popping of the screen because the background was white.
Here are a few of my favorite scenes from the movie:

There is a crazy dance that one of the sisters do for a dinner party.. Your job is to watch the movie and then tell us what you think... We also want to here what your favorite dance is from the movie...

Sankari's Bride and Prejudice Inspired Card:

I just love Aishwarya Rai (not as much as Madhuri Dixit - but that's a whole other story :) and I love Jane Austen and so it was awesome to watch a movie with both in one place! I have grown up watching Bollywood movies, and even though I don't speak Hindi, I still love singing along and watching movies again and again. Among Bollywood lovers, Aishwarya Rai is a common household name - she is one of the top leading ladies in Bollywood and made the crossover to Hollywood with this movie: Bride and Prejudice. Aish (as she is fondly known), won the 1994 Miss World contest - check out the video of her Miss World crowning here. She was also voted as the World's most beautiful woman almost a decade later. As much as I love Aishwarya - my most favorite actress is Madhuri Dixit but that's a whole other post :)

For my card - I was tossing around so many ideas that it was hard just to pick one - but in the end, I went with one of my favorite songs between Darcy and Lalita where they are on the beach and one of the lines from the song is: two beings in one beating heart. From that sentiment, I wrote: two souls, one heart and used this beautiful red paper that totally reminded me of the wedding saris at the end of the movie. Here I took a picture of my card with one of my wedding saris - since the card is for the wedding of one of my friends.

There are so many awesome dances that its hard to pick just one - but I think my first one is the opening seuqence and also the garba-ras (the one with the sticks). I had a lot of fun watching this movie - and I hope you do too! For more details come and check out my blog!


So are you ready to play along!! We sure hope you join us this week!

All of you have to do is make a card, layout or altered project that has bling and that is inspired by the movie Bride and Prejudice and link your creation to our blog by commenting on this post. If you are uploading to SCS please use the keyword: CSCC20 and if you are uploading it to PapercraftPlanet - please use the keyword: cinemasaturday (all lowercase and all ONE word :).

Please link to our blog by this Thursday, March 5th, 2009 by 12pm PST.

Welcome to all our new players and returnign playerWe wanted to give our Audrey to Tina for her beautiful Emma inspired card and Amy for her beautiful Benjamin Buttons inspired card. Tina's card caught our eye with its softness and sweetness - it was a unique look at the movie Emma. Amy's card really captured Daisy's character with her dancer card. Beautifully done ladies and a big thanks to all those who played along! (Even Libby's brother who first joined us in guessing the movies, joined in and made a card!) Its been so great to meet all of you through these challenges.
We are hoping to try Mr. Linky next week to make it easier for all of you to enter and see everyone else's card.

Please tell your friends about this challenge and have them join us in this fun challege. The card chosen from this challenge will be featured on PaperCraftPlanet - so come on and join the fun!!!

We can't wait to see your creations for this week's movie pick!!!

Hugs to all!
Sankari and Brooke


Carol Dunstan said...

totally did not see that coming! Don't have it, MIL doesn't have it, will have to see if I can track it down and have time to watch. Great stuff ladies!

Sankari W. said...

We didn't want to use all the bright colors that are in this movie because we thought you would get it right away... there might be some links on youtube with it on... i know there are songs there...

brooke - love love LOVE your card! love the flower and the colors - its just perfect! and that song has been in my head all NIGHT!!! You are too sweet to mention me in what you love about India! Can't wait to meet up someday and eat some yummy indian food together!

Alright - I am totally inspired to go and cook something yummy for lunch!!

Sherri said...

Oh my goodness - your cards are beautiful - I'm heading to your blogs to drool and comment on both of them!

Here is my entry for this week's...


Sherri said...

Oops, I think I linked just my blog - here's the actual project...


Brooke S said...

Carol so glad to see we fooled a master....

All cinema friends!
We totally had to get clever on this one.. The colors of India are just to bold and brilliant to show with our giving it away.. I love that you all start second guessing.. then think we might have altered the picture.. What a great Idea thought we will have to file that info..

Sankari :)
I do love you dearly... Your card is so amazing.. You totally used the most beautiful colors.. I always think of weddings when I see red from India.. All the paper and bling are just perfect. I totally want to just slip all those lovely bangles on my wrist and were them for ever... That necklace is to die for gorgeous! How amazing it would look against your lovely skin with your beautiful dark hair.. kissssssss!

Love you to death..

Amy, Ottawa, Canada said...

Bollywood? Really? This is awesomely eclectic. I have to say I haven't seen this & that my knowledge of Bollywood & Indian culture comes from my DH who worked in Vadodara, Gujarat (North of Mumbai) for 3 weeks last year (AWESOME deals on deep Gold jewelry there btw) & secondly my friend's wedding in which there were like 300+ Seeks & we were one of two tables of folks who jumped into our comfort zone when Garth Brook's "I've got friends in low places" interrupted the stream of us dancing TERRIBLY to Bollywood style music. Very sweet Aunties in GORGEOUS Saris trying to teach us the basic hand gestures & rhythm. Oh they must have laughed at us Canuks.

I do remember the 'Bling detail' from the exquisite dresses & from the links you gave us, the colours are vibrant, so I'll start there.

Thanks for the links to the you tube clips. That'll help too. Your cards are beautiful & detailed & vivacious, love it!

Carol Dunstan said...

noone told me Naveen Andrews was in this! Woohoo! Although I may just find myself half-expect the LOST smoke monster to rise out of nowhere, LOL

Tethered2Home said...

Oh my, I tried , not sure what I'll use the card for, but that for the fun!

Chicken Coop Stamper said...

Great movie, love Bling and I did 3challenges in one this time, Here's mine!
Chick Barb

Jaimee said...

heres mine
love and laughter
ended up having to use the same papers as Brooke.. i dumped my entire paper stash on the floor and couldnt find anything else as perfect as those papers..sorry Brooke:(

scrapperjulia said...

I loved your cards Brooke and Sankari. Also your wedding sari and jewelry are beautiful. I watched the clips and my favorite dance was the one with the sticks. I worked with a Radiologist from India and she had beautiful saris. I did a layout of my husband because the sunset in the background reminded me of the bright colors of the saris in the movie. I used tiny red gems for the bling and the title is sparkly too. Thanks for the challenge, I love bright colors!

zukesgirl said...

OK - I did not get to do last weeks challenge due to heading up to Duluth to spend some time with my college Freshman daughter. With all the family illnesses going on she was feeling pretty neglected.

Well I LOVE Pride and Prejudice but I had not heard of Bride and Prejudice -- I found it on line (I know shame on me) and watched it. What a beautiful and fun movie. I think I will put it on the Netflix list so I can watch it with my daughter.

I loved all the colors and have a card in works. (It has to dry!)

Both Sankari's and Brookes cards are gorgeous. I love the bright colors of Brookes and the beautiful Indian detailing of Sankari's. You guys are so talented. I look forward to looking at everyones (I always hold off until I finish mine!)

Kerry Parkinson said...

Another great challenge and difficult not to be a copycat and use the Bali Breeze papers! Mine is rather out there for me and I may come back and have another go, but meanwhile, here is my entry:

Erin said...

Wow when you all said challenge, you mean it. I loved the movie, went out and rented it right away. Here's my entry:

Butterfly Sari

Carol Dunstan said...

here's my card.

Gosh that was fun, plus hilarious... I still cannot get over Naveen Andews and his "MC Hammer" dance, let alone that a Kiwi/Aussie actor had such a major role in it.

And I think the Bali Breeze paper needs to be re-named "Bride & Prejudice Breeze"!

Chat Noir said...

What a great challenge. My first attempt, and not the greatest because I'm SO not a bling girl, but I did try. Doesn't mean I didn't love the movie and went straight out to buy it. My attempt is at

Shaz said...

Bollywood! yahooh! This is so cool.
Here is a Scrapbook page.

Traveling Mama said...

What a fun movie! Very inspiring!

zukesgirl said...

OK here is mine

popping it on while running in and out again - off to a birthday party for my great niece

All I have to say is ... is that enough bling for you?

Smita said...

Hey Sankari and Brooke,

Here is my creation for your beautiful challenge. :-) God bless!


Anthonette said...'s mine:

Carol Dunstan said...

so no early sneak peek this week? :P