Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sneak Peek Reveal

Okay - so you are all amazing - you totally guessed the movie - again! From just the littlest - tiniest slices of the movie!! Here are the sneak peek reveals from this week's movie pick:
The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons

Sneak Peek #1

Sneak Peek # 2

Sneak Peek #3

Sneak Peek # 4

Sneak Peek #5

You always amaze us with your guesses!!! Can't wait to see your creations from this week's Cinema Challenge!!!


Sankari W. said...

Seriously - you guys are all the best! I went to bed when there were 34 comments and woke up to 55+ something! WHAT!!! I can't believe that I missed out on all that fun!! (and Sam - the weather description sounds fantastic!)

I was so tickled that Jon (libby's brother decided to start guessing with us!) Jon was totally right in thinking it was something current and then Libby added the Oscar relatedness of the movies - and then Sam with her knowing it was Benji Buttons - WOW!!! You guys totally rock!

Thanks for making Friday nights - one of my favorite nights - its so much fun see your guesses!

Hope you have fun with this one - !
Hugs to all,
Sankari :)

Carol Dunstan said...

see number three totally looked like the creepy interior of a ship or something!!! Until Sam planted that Benji Button seed and I had a sticky beek at the Oscars site