Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #28 - The Lion King

Welcome Everyone to our 28th Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge - where this week we are featuring: the Lion King. YAY! Erika guessed right that the first sneak peek looked kinda animated and she went on to guess the Lion King - you so rock! All of you sooo rock with your guessing - its always so much fun for us to be part of the guessing game on Friday nights with the sneak peeks for Saturday's movie! 

This is our first animated movie to feature (we did do The Nightmare Before Christmas around Halloween/Christmas time - but that was more claymation). The Lion King is a two time Oscar winning (for best musical score "The Circle of Life" and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight") movie that still holds the record as the highest grossing traditionally animated movie that is more. According to Wikipedia, there is a very strong influence in The Lion King of Shakespeare's Hamlet.  

We wanted to do something different this week for the requirement for the challenge. This week's requirement this week is to use an animal or animals inspired by the movie The Lion King. (We hope that this requirement is not a hard one - but a fun one!) 
We also have a special Guest Designer this week: our very own dear Carol Dunstan!

Sankari's Card Inspired by the movie: The Lion King

One of my favorite relationships that are explored in this movie is that between Simba and his father. There is a scene where Simba asks his father: We'll be together always, right? and his father tells him to look up at the stars and he will see that the great kings of the past are always there to guide him and so is he.... I always loved that part... just the connection between generations that is there and that love that is always there forever - and how the blessings of the ancestors are there to guide you in your path today.... so I took this inspiration to create my card: Together Forever. 

You can check out more details on my blog (later on today :)
Hugs to all,

Carol's Card Inspired by the movie: The Lion King

The Lion King has been a long-time favourite for me, so I was thrilled when asked to be a guest designer for it. I was about 18 when I first saw TLK and initially thought "urgh, a kids movie?" but Timon and Pumbaa won me over, particularly with their distraction of the hyenas during the fight to regain Pride Rock. I;ll quite often start singing this at random, and have got my kids hooked on it too - so this just to be the scene I was going to base my card on!
You can check out more details on Carol's Blog: Inkantations and Inspirations!
Thanks so much Carol for being our Guest Designer!!! We always love your creatively infused creations!!!

We want to thank all of our lovely players who have played along with us - some of you are new and some of you have been with us for a looong time! We absolutely love that you play along with us - a big thank you to each of you!!! 

We were swept away with your My Fair Lady cards - so beautiful and lovely or "loverly" as Eliza would say! We had a really hard time picking one - but one that caught our attention was Carol's elegantly clean and simple: It's Time to Bloom card. We just loved the elegance and the tones and patterns and the simply beautiful sentiment. Thank you so much Carol - your work is just beautiful and we are so please that you could be our Guest Designer today!!!

There were so many delicious entries from last week's movie: Chocolat - that it was sooo hard for us to pick one ... you guys really made our sweet tooth hunger for more sweet treats with all your lovely creations!!! One card that caught our attention was from Chat Noir -  who created a lovely illusion of a chocolate box - with this lovely Chocolate Box Love you card ! Thank you so much for playing along and we hope both of you display your Audrey's proudly on your side bar! And a big thank you to all of you who play along with us! You are all an inspiration!!!


So are you ready to play along?!!! We sure hope you join us this week!! All you have to do is to make a card or layout or altered project that is inspired by the movie The Lion King. This week's requirement is to have an animal(s) on your card. The inspiration for your creation can be from the music, the characters, the dialogue, etc. from the movie the Lion King. All you have to do is to link your creation to our blog by commenting on this post with a link to your direct post with your creation. Please add the direct link of your blog post to Mr. Linky below - not the whole blog - because it makes finding your card in the future much easier. Kristina Werner has created a wonderful video showing how to do this. We would love for you to upload your cards to Paper Craft Planet - with the keyword: cinemasaturday  (one word, all lower case). We have been compiling an album there -and would love to add your creations to it!!! 

Please link to our blog by this Thursday, April 23, 2009 at 9pm PST! 
Can't wait to see your creations!!!


Sankari W. said...

Carol - I adore your card!!! LOVE the flower lei that you made and the litle skirt too!!! SOOO adorable!! Thank you for being our GD this week!!!

ps - sorry about some of the different font sizes going on in this week's post... hmmmm.. not sure what happened - but trying to fix it today...

Hope you all have fun playing along!!!

Sankari W. said...

Hmmm... okay - fixed the font on the lower half... but can't fix the ginormous and humungous Mr. Linky... well, at least we can't miss it right!!! lol!!!

Erica said...

Love the cards. I have tons of lion stamps (its a Phi Mu thing), so I will have to ink a few up.

Hand Carved Stamps said...

Thanks Sankari and Brooke! I recieved the paper in the mail Yesterday. I love it! I have already put it to use.

I need to get thinking about what I'm going to do for this challenge.

claudia shadler said...

oh my, this challenge is awesome! i will for sure play this time, I love the Lion King! Gotta start thinking of what I'll do!

Beautiful card Sankari!
Thanks for the challenge, Brooke and Sanakri

-Clouds :o)

Chat Noir said...

Congratulations on being the guest designer this week Carol.... I just love your card, not the least because it features my very favourite animal. What's not to love about meerkats? The minute I saw the hula skirt, the music started in my head (there goes the weekend!!). Great job. ;-)

scrapperjulia said...

Congratulations on being guest designer, Carol. I love your card! I love Sankari's also! It had been a while since I had seen this movie. I did watch The Circle of Life again. I love this song! I guess I based my card on the giraffes in the background! Thanks for the great challenge!

Holly Young said...

I really enjoyed this challenge, but now I can't get that song out of my head!

Shari said...

I've had the flu all weekend, so I 'll hae to try and do this challenge later in the week!

Jaimee said...

all done!
perfect timing for this movie ladies.. i needed a card for my daughter birthday this week and she loves lion king!!

i just love your cards girls!

Traveling Mama said...

Love the inspiration cards this week! So cute!

Nellie Mae said...

I am so sad. I really, really wanted to play along this week, but I have been super busy. This is a great movie, all the cards are so cool!!