Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #29 - To Catch a Thief

Welcome to our 29th Challenge - where this week we are featuring the 1955 Oscar winning movie starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelley - To Catch a Thief. This beautiful movie was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and is a beautiful blend of mystery, intrigue, humour, wit and of course romance. It won an Oscar for best cinematography. IMDb describes this movie beautifully as having "excellent cinematography designed to show off the beauties of Monte Carlo--all packaged in a lightweight tale that is two parts romance, two parts travelogue, one part comedy, and just enough classic Hitchcock suspense to keep this lighter-than-air confection from flying apart." You can catch the original trailer for the movie here.

Who can forget the beautiful Grace Kelley (the later became Princess Grace of Monaco) and her exquisite outfits, the beautiful jewelry pieces and the witty interchange of dialogue between all the characters in this romantic mystery. We loved all the layers within this movie as the mystery behind who the thief is gets uncovered - so we thought - that the

Requirement for this week is to have
fun with using layers in your card!

Brooke's Card inspired by the movie To Catch a Thief:

I have posted a photo of the inspiration piece on my blog you can check it out here.

What a classic Romantic Mystery... I love a good Alfred Hitchcock movie... I think the funniest part of this movie is waiting for Hitchcock to make his cameo.. In this movie he is sitting on the bus next to Cary Grant for about 10 min....

You have to love this catch line I found on Imdb...

WANTED by the police in all the luxury-spots of Europe!... A catch for any woman!

A classic 50 line don't you think... You have to love it! I hope you all enjoy wrapping yourself up in all the {LAYERS} of this movie as we did.


Sankari's Card Inspired by the movie: To Catch a Thief

First of all - there are so many things about this movie that I love and was inspired by that its hard to find one thing to make a card from - and having said that - as soon as I saw the golden ball gown at the end of the movie - I knew I wanted to make a card inspired by that dress! Grace Kelley is just stunning in this movie - her outfits are just gorgeous and flowy and beautiful! I remember watching this movie a long long time ago and just admiring her every move and that her name Grace was so true to her form - she really epitomizes Grace itself! I was just blown away by her golden gown at the end of the movie at the ball - wow - what a dress - I loved the butterflies (also golden) along her dress - and so I created my card - inspired by the golden dress at the end.

The sentiment that I chose was - What would I do without you. **** Spoiler alert In the last scene of the movie - Grace Kelly asks Cary Grant - what he would have done without her help and he acknowledges that he needed her assistance more than he realized. I love that there are so many parts of the dialouge that are extempor - and the wit between the characters just tickles me!

You can check out my blog for more details!
Thank you all for playing along and also for guessing along! We really look forward to fridays!
Hugs to all!


We loved poring through all of last week's beautiful cards for the Lion King! Thank you to all who played along! The Audrey recipeint this week is the maker the Iris Lion Card: Amy!! We loved the creativity, the use of negative space, and the pattern combinations - a very cool card! Thank you so much Amy for playing along with us! And thank you to all of you who played along! You are all such an inspiration for us!!


So are you ready to play along?!!! We sure hope you join us this week!! All you have to do is to make a card or layout or altered project that is inspired by the movie To Catch a Thief. This week's requirement is to have fun with layers on your card. The inspiration for your creation can be from the music, the characters, the dialogue, etc. from the movie To Catch a Thief. All you have to do is to link your creation to our blog by commenting on this post with a link to your direct post with your creation. Please add the direct link of your blog post to Mr. Linky below - not the whole blog - because it makes finding your card in the future much easier. Kristina Werner has created a wonderful video showing how to do this. We would love for you to upload your cards to Paper Craft Planet - with the keyword: cinemasaturday (one word, all lower case). We have been compiling an album there -and would love to add your creations to it!!!

Please link to our blog by this Thursday, April 30, 2009 at 9pm PST!
Can't wait to see your creations!!!

Sankari and Brooke :)


Carol Dunstan said...

totally did not see this one coming! Shall have to see if MIL has this, she only has a few Hitcock films (and I none!). I do have a Grace Kelly stamp though!

Sankari W. said...

WHAT?!!! You have a Grace Kelly stamp!!!??! That is awesome! CanNOT wait to see it Carol!!!

Brooke - your sneak peeks were awesome! And your card is just beautiful! I love that outfit too!!! Actually, I love ALL of her dresses - they are just so flowy beautiful gorgeous!

Hope you all have fun with this one! Its a great movie! Have fun with this week's requirement which is: layers!

Erica said...

I was just told recently that I have to see this movie, so I guess mom and I will be making a trip to the video store. YEAH! Great job guys!

Ali B said...

Lovely cards usual!

Shari said...

The cards are beautiful. I am felling a little bit better today. I guess a few days of antibiotic and actually being able to sleep at night helps. I was able to get this challenge done, bUT I think this will be the only one for today.

Tanya said...

the samples are both sooo pretty! Haven't seen the movie, but I figure the stars lent themselves well to red roses... *wink*
Maybe the library has it...!

scrapperjulia said...

I just love your cards Sankari and Brooke! They are so pretty. I based my card on one of her dresses too. I had watched this movie a long time ago. Don't you just love when they are kissing and the fireworks are going off! I think the older movies are so romantic because you can use your imagination about what is happening!

Libby Hickson said...

I don't know if I'll get to this week's challenge - we're leaving on vacation next weekend and I have so much to do this week! But... I finally made my Chocolat-inspired card, if anyone cares to take a peek... hee hee, I was being SILLY!

Chat Noir said...

I was totally stumped for a solution to those sneak peeks this week... even asked my son if he recognised the car. But no.... Love your inspirations.

Brooke S said...

Don't forget you can view all if not most of the movies we post on Youtube... Hulu and other free sights..


Jaimee said...

i am way late with this, had a busy busy week, but as i had it half finished it seemed silly not to finish it off, loaded it to mr linky anyway