Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #47 - Forrest Gump

Good Morning Everyone!!!

Welcome to our 47th Cinema challenge!!! We are getting close to our 50th challenge complete with yummy blog candy and a special and wonderful designer! But first the movie this week is the 1994 Oscar winning movies: Forrest Gump! (Nancy - you totattly guessed right!) This movie won 6 Oscars (including: Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director among othesrs and won 32 other awards! Amazing! The tagline for this movie is: the story of a lifetime - and what an beautiful story it is and such wonderful acting. If you haven't seen this movie yet - its a definite must! The sweet innocence of Forrest in a time that is not so innocent is simply inspiring....!

This week's challenge requirement is to use some brown in your creation - it could be brads, ribbons, cardstock, ink - anything brown (a lot or a little!)!!!

Sankari's Card inspired by Forrest Gump:

There were so many different cards I wanted to do - but finally I settled on making a card of the relationship between Jenny and Forrest. His steady love for her and absolute devotion to her from the very beginning to the end is simply heart warming - and also when she starts to really the see the person who he is and also when she realizes that she has to wrap up some threads in her life - well - that part always gets me teary (the part towards the very end of the movie.... sigh - I can't write more because I am getting teary eyed already). So for my card - I chose this dialogue between Jenny and Forrest:

Jenny: Why are you so god to me?
Forrest: You're my girl!
Jenny: (pause) I'll always be your girl.

I used the colors from this picture of Jenny:

And here is the card that I made:

I loved the process of watching this movie again and feeling like there were so many different kinds of cards that I wanted to make - but I really felt as soon as I heard those lines - I wanted to make that card :) For more details on this card - please check out my blog! Can't wait to see what you create!
Sankari :)

Karli's Card inspired by the movie: Forrest Gump:

Our guest designer this week is Karli of Crafting with Class who wowed us for the movie challenge: Sixteen Candles with her cake in the box! This week she has created an awesome card that is a box of chocolates!

"Looking at the challenge details - using brown and thninkingof this movie and the famous tag lines as inspiration, there could only be one thing to do- a box of chocolates! Actually....a box of chocolatescard!! The box of chocolates lifts to reveal the card underneath! So super chocolatey quick!!!

You have to check out her blog for how the card opens up! Its awesome! Thanks so much Karli for being our guest designer this week!!

Thanks to all who played along with us last week for the movie: Field of Dreams! Its definitely hard to even try to pick one because they were all so awesome!!! We loved the creativity and the red stitching! One card that caught our attention was from Maureen of Buttons and Bling - who created this beautiful card for the challenge! We hope you will become our Guest Designer for next week's challenge!!! A huge thanks for all those who played along last week!!!

Brooke's project inspired by the movie: Forrest Gump
Better Late than never...
Soooo Confession I have had this card finished and ready for some time now... But every time I would go to work on the computer it would loose connection(we switched servers)... And I had a massive migraine.. So I didn't have the patience with the computer...

Inspired by Bubba Gump Shrimp... mmmmm.
When I started this card we hadn't decided on the challenge requirement.. When I was finished I thought what was the requirement?? Help!!! So When I got back to take a picture of the card.. and knew the challenge requirement I thought how can I add in the color brown... I know I will burn the edged of the card. It's a B.B.Q. after all...

This movie just kills me. Forrest is such a devoted and loving person... What a great example to us all...


So are you ready to play along with us this week!!!
We hope so! All you have to do is to create a card inspired by the movie Forrest Gump (this can inspired from the movie's different costumes, characters, themes, quotes, colors, music, etc.) and this week's requirement is to use some element of brown in your card (it can brown ribbon, cardstock, ink, brads, sewing - whatever you would like!). Post the link to your direct blog post to Mr.Linky so we can check out your beautiful creations!

Please link to our blog by Thursday September 3, PST !

Also - we have some exciting things planned for our 50th blog challenge which is coming up (this includes celebrating our 49th, 50th and 51st challenges!!!) - so stay tuned!!!

We can't wait to see your lovely creations!!!
Big Hugs!
Sankari and Brooke


Maureen said...

beautiful cards, Sankari and Karli!! And thanks for the award!! Wow! Good timing as I start back to work soon :) Would be honoured to be your guest designer :)

Kelly said...

Love your creations ladies! Adore this movie!! Is Mr Linky not working? I did mine here
thanks for looking!

Kel x

jen said...

WOW~ awesome cards. This is such a cool challenge! Here's mine, with a touch of brown.

Tammy Hershberger said...

Hey Shawnie... guess what? I played along!

scrapperjulia said...

You picked another one of my favorite movies! Loved your cards, Sankari and Karli!

Here's my card

Maureen said...

here's my card!

Darlene D said...

Oh wow, my fav movie of all time! Hope I can find time to play along this week!

Jen Cuthbertson said...

I love all of the cards I've seen so far!! Great work!! Here is mine - inspired by the innocence of the early 60's and Forest himself.

grammie jackie said...

Here is my first try on CSCC. I've really enjoyed everyone's posts on this blog for the past 3 or 4 months. I just finally felt like I could participate. I'm really excited and thankful to my daughter who really helped me.

Nancy K said...

Phew! That was close -lol! Wasn't sure I was going to get this week's challenge done, but it's in. Have a great evening ladies -I love all the cards so far, way to work the challenge!

Radha said...

I love them

So sorry mine will arrive a bit late... o well it is about fun right?

BTW LOve the movie :)

Radha said...

I know it is already closed... ut had to share:)

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