Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #52 Mrs Doubtfire

Good Morning Everyone!!!!

Happy World Card Making Day!!! And to celebrate this week we are featuring the 1993 movie: Mrs. Doubtfire (which has been a popular movie to guess during the Friday Night sneak peeks for so long - that we decided that we should do it!!!!). This Oscar winning movie (for best make up) is the inspiring love story of a father for his children and how he figures out ways to take care and be with them. It is a wonderful comedy and such an inspiring movie of love, family and laughter.

We posted the sneak Peek pictures on the last post.. Enjoy.. Don't forget to check them out.. Here

Challenge Requirement:
In honor of World Card Making Day - we thought that we could do something fun for a challenge requirement: Create a card with a pocket or tag or create a project etc. of something that can be opened up. This movie is full of surprises as Robin Williams changes from one disguise into another - and so we wanted to have that same element of surprise in our challenge requirement! So how you want to create a pocket, tag, etc. is up to you! We can't wait to see your surprise card elements!

Brooke's Card inspired by the movie Mrs. Doubtfire:
(What a fun surprise that my colors matched Sankari's banner..)

First of all.. HUGE HUGS to my Sunny Sankari... I remember getting an e-mail from the cutest girl ever saying she was going to call me.. I missed her first call :( My DH told me that a girl named Sankari called and I was a little giddy and nervous... We had chatted online and e-mail for a while but never on the phone... The SECOND I heard her voice there was no turning back I fell in love with her forever.. Sankari has become one of the dearest friends in the world.. We had such a instant connection. We rarely talk for less than an hour, and can talk for multiple hours no problem... Most of the time it's in the middle of the We will meet face to face, well person to person someday... I am tall and ALWAYS attract short friends... he,he... I can't wait to sit down with Sankari and her family and have a good Curry... You are to bestest in the mid- westest... I love you to death...
What a great movie... You root for Daniel(Mrs Doubtfire) the whole time.. But on the same hand you totally understand Miranda Hillard(Sally Fields) character and why she is feeling the way she does.. Unfortunately for some people they don't know what they had or how good they had it until they lose it.. In this case it's family... The transformation from man to nanny is sooo funny... Harvey Fierstein's voice and personality cracks me up... You have to love it when you are a man going to a man to be made over as a women..
Some of the lines are so stinkin' funny..

Funny lines:
"It was a run my fruiting" (when Mrs Doubtfire through fruit at Stu's head while at the pool.)
"My first day as a women and I am already having hot flashes"...( Boobs caught on fire while cooking)
Funny scenes:
I love it when Mrs Doubtfire is getting mugged and she/he beats the mugger up... How about when the dentures fall out into the glass.. Or Mrs D talks to Stu in the man voice when the family is out to dinner.

I had a ball watching this movie. It had been far to long.. I hope you all have a great time watching and creating to it...


Sankari's Card inspired by the movie Mrs. Doubtfire:

Awwww! I came to write my post and saw Brooke's sweetest message! Awww! I wuv you too! I still remember our first phone conversation - it was amazing that we talked for hours and still felt like we had only been talking for a couple of minutes. And B, I canNOT wait to meet someday! And I can't wait to meet all of you someday too!!! Isn't blogland magical!! :) I think my favorite part of making my Cinema cards is talking to Brooke - Friday night while we make our cards - well, I guess technically more like the wee hours of Saturday morning! lol! It's always so nice to know that there is someone else making a card in the wee hours of the morning! For today's Mrs. Doubtfire card, I wanted to make an apron card in honor of Mrs. Doubtfire's apron (although I didn't make it very prim and proper, :) I created two little pockets in the apron for a little tag message - one that reads: Magically Delicious (in honor of Robin Williams character Daniel's attempt to transform into Mrs. Doubtfire - and the other sentiment reads: Let's Get together (in honor of his determination to keep his family together - even as he and his wife figure out how life after divorce).

This movie is simply hilarious (seriously the last scenes in the movie had me snorting laughing!) and more than anything - it gives me a feeling of being grateful for the blessings that we have, the importance of laughter and leaves me inspired to always see the silver lining in every situation!

You can check out my blog for more details :)
We can't wait to see your fun surprise pocket cards!
Big hugs!
Sankari :)

We are so excited that our Audrey recipient
from last week Barbara Mattson joins us
this week as a guest designer!

Barbara's Card inspired by the movie Mrs. Doubtfire:

You're a Disguise! In the movie he would do anything to be nearer to the children. By the end of the movie the kids realized no one else could fill his shoes. He may not have won back his wife but he did get his kids support. The card takes on the Home Made love. The tag pulls out to read "No one can fill your shoes".

Please check out Barbara's beautiful blog for more details!


And a huge thanks to all that played last week - we are so psyched to see your beautiful creations!!! And a huge welcome and hugs to all the new players that joined us!!! One card that caught our attention was this lovely creation by Beverly called Diva's are born. Beverly, we would love it if you would display your Audrey on your blog and join us next week as our guest designer! Thank you again to all who played along!!! You guys are our inspiration!


So are you ready to play along this week!!!!!! Well, all you have to do is to create a card, layout, altered project etc that is inspired by the movie: Mrs. Doubtfire with some element of a pocket, or tag or something that opens up - and link it up here! Your inspiration can come from the costumes, the dialogue, the music, the themes, the characters, the colors - anything at all from the movie!

Please link to us by Thursday, October 8th at 9pm PST

We can't wait to see your lovely creations!!! A huge thank you to all of you for playing along with us!!! You seriously are so sweet and wonderful - and we are always so excited when you play along and join us! Its you guys who have made this challenge so fun for us!!! You guys ROCK!

Hugs to all,
Sankari and Brooke :)


Juli Smith, said...

Fun inspiration - so many ways to go with this! But I already know which way I am going to to get working on it! Can't wait to see everyone else's designs - Enjoy!

Lori said...

You girls are so creative and thinking out of the box! When I saw that the inspiration movie was Mrs. D., I thought of the love of a father. Now to translate that into a pocket card.....

Nellie Mae said...

I have been gathering up the cutest elements for something relating to 'cooking'....hmmm....I can't wait to play along, great movie!

scrapperjulia said...

I love your cards, Brooke, Barbara and Sankara! The inspiration for my card is the speech that Daniel makes at the very end of the movie about family and how the parents can be divorced...but they are still a family. It was fun adding the surprise!

Beverly S. said...

First, I am so excited to be chosen the guest designer for next week! Woo Hooooo! :)

Second, can't wait to do a card based on "Mrs. Doubtfire." That is one of my youngest daughter's favorite movies (she LOVES Robin Williams). :) Will have to put my thinking cap on.....:)

Abby said...

I knew I recognized those eyes from somewhere! I better get crafting while "someone" is napping! :)

Lindsay Harrison said...

Okay, I actually made this while watching Glee... but I still did the assignment! I think I get better eveyr week!

Beverly S. said...

Just posted my "Mrs. Doubtfire" card....yo, yo, yo....hope everyone likes it. It was a fun one to make. :)

Nancy K said...

Yikes! I can't believe I missed the sneak peeking on this one. Such a busy weekend...
Love this movie -so fun and sweet! We adore Robin Williams...
I've posted my project, but forgot to mention in my blog that it is card sized. Hope you like!

theneon said...

Hi there! What a fun challenge this has been! I love what you have created here to inspire us! Thanks so much for sharing.