Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #53 - Elizabeth - the Golden Age

Welcome to our 53rd challenge where this week we are featuring the 2007 Oscar winning movie: Elizabeth the Golden Age with Oscar nominated actress Cate Blanchett. This is an AMAZING movie full of amazing color, amazing costumes, amazing cinematography about the rule of the Virgin Queen: Elizabeth. For this movie challenge - you can play with either this movie or its prequel: Elizabeth (another amazing movie with amazing cinematography!). According to Wikipedia, this movie: Elizabeth the Golden Age"won the Academy Award for Best Costume Design and Cate Blanchett received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. Blanchett was an Oscar nominee for Best Actress for Elizabeth as well." We hope you enjoy playing along with this challenge!

This week's challenge requirement is to use a
crown somewhere in your creation.
It can be a little crown, maybe a crown in your DP,
or bling or anything at all!
Get your royal on!

Sankari's Creation Inspired by the movie: Elizabeth the Golden Age

There was something so captivating about the first movie Elizabeth - there was something just lovely to watch with the amazing costumes (wow - the details are simply lovely) and the same in the movie Elizabeth the Golden Age. I just loved the cinematography and colors and the sets, costumes were like eye candy. I adore Cate Blanchett in these movies - she is an amazing actress - and the strength of character, emotion, vulnerability under the strength and beauty are simply lovely to watch. I am in LOVE with this dress/costume that Elizabeth wore and so i chose it for my card inspiration. You can kind of see the scoring that I did on the top to mimic the dress: (this picture comes from Grace Magazine)

I chose the sentiment: "Anything is Possible" because I felt that is how she ruled - she created possibilities and roles that were not thought possible.

I loved making this card because I was watching the movie as I made it and love making cards when everything feels like it comes together :)
For more details - check out my blog!

I hope you have a chance to play along with us this week!!!
Can't wait to see your creations!!

Sankari :)

Brooke's Creation Inspired by the movie: Elizabeth the Golden Age

For the challenge this week I decided to make a piece of jewelry inspired by the Queen. So instead of cutting scoring paper I was digging through my gems and findings then polishing silver.. I really enjoyed making this piece. I decided to include a little angle to watch over the queen as she make decisions for her country... It wouldn't be royal if it didn't include gems and precious metal.
Come visit me on my blog for a little family History and pictures of Queen Elizabeth..


Beverly's Creation Inspired by the movie: Elizabeth the Golden Age
Please help us welcome Beverly - who was our Audrey pick from last week for her diva lovely card for the movie challenge #51 All about Eve: Divas are not made they are born - this week she brings her lovely royal creation:

Thank you so much Beverly for being our guest designer this week - you can check out more details of her lovely card here!


And a huge thanks to all of you who joined us last week to play along with Mrs. Doubtfire :) You guys are simply awesome!!! It was just so much fun peeking at your lovely creations (I apologize for not commenting on everyone's cards - last week was a little busy for me - but I hope to leave comments this weekend :) We truly appreciate you playing along with us and the best part is - seeing your interpretation of the movie :) We loved all the surprise elements of your cards - from books, to tags, to a mini kits - so awesome! Our attention was caught by Juli's simply sweet card of a father with his child - and about Robin Williams character's love for his children. Juli - we hope you will join us next week as our guest designer and hope you will display your Audrey on your blog! A huge thanks to everyone who played along with us! You guys ROCK!!!


So are you ready to play along this week!!!!!! Well, all you have to do is to create a card, layout, altered project etc that is inspired by the movie: Elizabeth the Golden Age (or even the prequel, Elizabeth) with some element of a crown in it (the crown can be a brad, in the designer paper, something small or something big - whatever you would like!) and link it up here! Your inspiration can come from the costumes, the dialogue, the music, the themes, the characters, the colors - anything at all from the movie!

Please link to us by Thursday, October 15th at 9pm PST

We can't wait to see your ROYAL creations!!! You all are simply the best!!! We love seeing your weekly creations and hope that you are having fun while crafting!

Next week we have a very special guest designer joining us - along with a very fun movie!
Stay tuned and see you at the movies!!!!!

Hugs to all,
Sankari and Brooke :)


Juli Smith, said...

Gosh - I don't think I saw this movie! I saw it on Netflix, and I think I thought it was the first one you mentioned. I didn't realize there were two! Hopefully we can get it from Netflix in time! :)

And I am so excited to receive the Audrey Award after just a few weeks of playing along! THANK YOU! I hope I can do justice to your guest designer spot next week.

Now - to find my inspiration for this movie.....

scrapperjulia said...

I love your cards, Sankari and Beverly and your jewelry is awesome, Brooke. I really don't like posting first but I usually get an idea in my head after I see the movie and it rambles around in there until I can get into my craft room to make a card! I usually don't have a lot of time during the week also. Anyway, I posted my card, hope you like it!

Juli Smith, said...

in case you need my email:

Jen Cuthbertson said...

Love, love, love these cards! So ornate, so regal!! Can't wait to play along!

grammie jackie said...

I didn't have any crowns, so I looked at every store I went to...and no crowns (I was looking for stickers or charms). I suddenly realized that I had a SU stamp set that had King, Queen & Jack playing cards...they had something on their heads. My husband and daughter assured me that they were crowns...hooray! So here are 2 cards (a twofer!)usong this stamp set.

Thanks for giving me a little push to watch this movie, it's great. So are your examples. I hope you like mine.

Meredith said...

Love the cards! I finally got to play again this week!!

Nancy K said...

Love the projects this week, especially the "jewels" Brooke. Awesome!!
Fun challenge ladies!!

Juli Smith, said...

Whew! By the hair of my chinny, chin, chin! lol I had to finish a "commission" of altered notebooks this week - so didn't get to this until tonight! And I have at least two more ideas to use the crown image and Scripture verses that I still want to make! It's been a looong time since I saw "Elizabeth", and I rented "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" from the library just this afternoon to hopefully watch this weekend! Yikes - I feel so behind! Now for the challenge to be done for tomorrow's deadline! :)(OKay- don't let me fool you - I am really enjoying all of this! lol)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the designs for this. I am so stinkin bummed. I had my card in the works and thought the deadline was FRIDAY! DANG...I wish I could have played along. Dang, should have read the fine print! Good luck ladies! By any chance can I submit mine late, and just play, but not for the contest?? Did I say DANG!!:)

Carol Dunstan said...

oh bugger, I am annoyed I missed this! Costume heaven! might have to come back and do it late