Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #80 - Becoming Jane

Welcome Everyone to our 80th Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge, where every Saturday we pick a movie from which we draw inspiration from to create a card, scrapbook layout or 3D item. This week is our 80th challenge (the big 8-0! !!) and we thought we would honor our roots by picking the movie: "Becoming Jane" in honor our our very first challenge CSCC#1 Pride and Prejudice". When Brooke and I thought to start this challenge - it was because we both simply loved Jane Austen movies - and couldn't talk about it enough. There is something about the Austen's writings, where she just allows the reader to dive into the heart of her characters, feel their longings, feel their dreams and feel their hearts. This movie does an absolute splendid job of capturing that and we hope that if you haven't seen it - that you will and join us this week, where the challenge requirement is to use pearls and flowers in your creation that is inspired by this movie "Becoming Jane".

Brooke's Card inspired by the movie ~ Becoming Jane

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE All Things Jane Austen!!! When I sat down to make this card I wanted to add little elements from all her writings. Here are some of my little inspirations from the movie. When you received letters in Jane's time letters and envelops were closed with a SEAL. I used the letter "A" stamps to create my seal. In the Movie "Becoming Jane" Cassie gave Jane her PEARLS to help fund her escape with Tom Lefroy. Bouquets of flowers that are offered to her ladies in her books. Lace for all the amazing COSTUMES, Pattern paper for all the beautiful DRAPRIES and fabrics, In Jane's wedding scenes you will find doves. You can even find DOVES in appear in Mansfield park as an offering of Love. Birds were a status symbol in this time period. I added FABRIC LEAVES on this card to represent all the millinery work ladies of this time did to pass the time. I had so many things that I could add to represent Jane and her writings but I will just have to make more cards... Darn...

In the Movie "Becoming Jane" You find yourself hoping that she will marry.. But then have to remind yourself that she never will. I love this inside view into Jane's life. How she create all these different world that she was never apart of is just amazing... Jane had such a wonderful father who wanted nothing more that for her to be happy... Jane's Mother wanted her to find happiness as well. She just had a hard time showing it.. Jane and her sister Cassandra remained close there whole lives.. One thing you will come to admire about Jane through out this movie is here determination to be true to herself... Even if it's not fashionable....

I can't wait to see all your creations. Stop by and say hi.. Enjoy the show..

Sankari's Card inspired by the movie ~ Becoming Jane
There is something about Jane Austen that always settles my heart and also makes it ache and long and love in no other way. The words that Mr.Darcy speaks to Elizabeth when he tells her that he ardently loves and admires her is forever fresh everytime I read it. I don't know how many times I have read her works, and each time I simply feel like I am transported out of my living room into whatever scene she has written about. Watching this movie about how she becomes Jane Austen - how her heart longs, loves, breaks and carries on - and how that influences her writings - was just amazing (and yes heart breaking at the end). As most of you know, I am a big Johnny Depp fan - but James McAvoy in this movie did quite an amazing job and I got a wee bit swept away in his eyes!
Speaking of getting swept away - I made this card for my wonderful DH who swept me off of my feet the very day I meant him. Tomorrow is our anniversary and I wanted to make a special card for him in honor of our special day :) I love this quote that Tom says: "What value will there ever be in life, if we are not together"....

Please stop by my blog for more details! I hope that you will play along with us for this challenge!!!
Sankari :)

Would you like to be the guest designer for next week? Then all you have to do is to create a card, layout, creation that is inspired by the movie: Becoming Janeand that uses the challenge requirement for this week, which is to use some pearls and flowers in your creations. Your creation can be inspired by anything in the movie, from the dialogue, the sentiments, the characters, the costumes, the furniture, the period, the music, etc. Anything at all that inspires you from the movie: Becoming Jane!

You can post your challenge entry anytime from now till Thursday, May 27 at 8pm CST!
Can't wait to see your Becoming Jane creations!!!
Big hugs,
the Cinema Sisters!!!


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Tanya said...

LOOOVE this movie...I will HAVE to find time to play along! :D thanks girls!

Iris said...

Wow! Beautiful cards! Love this movie very much!!!!!!
Thank you, ladies!!!

Tanya said...

Got it done! WHOO!

Beverly S. said...

Beautiful cards Brooke and Sankari. Love this movie (and all the other Jane Austen ones). :)

Here is my card:

Shy Flower

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Jennie said...

Loved playing along this week. I am definitely going to check this movie books written by Jane Austen!

Jennie said...

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Great movie! Thanks!

Allison said...

Grrr... I was sooo going to do this. I even had it all planned out and went and got the pearls to use... then I got stuck at work! I love this movie (and anything else Jane Austen) and had fun looking at all your beautiful creations... I will just have to watch and play along next time!

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Well, I got it posted too late, but I wanted to share it anyway.......

Thanks for the fab challenge!!

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Susie said...

What a wonderful movie!!! I just watched it today during my girls nap time. And wow! I wish I could have played along. I love doing this challenge because I love watching movies and making cards!! Looking forward to the next one!