Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #81 ~ Ferris Buellers Day Off

Welcome Everyone to our 81st challenge where this week we are presenting a fan favorite movie of the 80's - Ferris Bueller's Day Off! This is in honor of the end of school approaching - we are so excited to do this movie for our Cinema Saturday this week!!!! If you haven't seen this movie - get ready for a rollercoaster ride into 80's nostalgia! We both have memories of watching Ferris when we were younger and it was so much fun to tell each other our favorite Ferris Bueller lines!!! LOL! We were just cracking up! And then we thought (lightbulb moment!) why not make that the challenge requirement!!! So this week YOU have a choice for the challenge requirement:


You could either create a card with one of the following:

1. with a sentiment from one of the songs in the Ferris Bueller movie


2. create a card with a sentiment from one of the actual lines from the Ferris Bueller movie (or you could create a sentiment inspired by something that you think that Ferris would say)

We hope you like this challenge requirement!!!! And if you haven't seen this movie recently - take a walk down memory lane and pop it in tonight!

Brooke Card ~ Inspired by the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Sorry Ladies I don't think I will have a card this week due to the fact that I have been down with a migraine and the flu for the last 5 days.. I will try to put in all my efforts into the next COOL challenge..
This movie cracked me up... A while back my hubby and I were on an 80's movie kick. We sat down to watch a few with the older boys when......... Oh my word my teenage memory had forgotten parts that were not all that great for family viewing.. So wait until kiddos are in bed and get ready for fast ride.. This movie is so stinkin' funny.. Great actors, great songs, great comedy, great cars etc. There are so many one lines that have gone down in history like~ "BUELLER..... BUELLER", "FERRIS", "In a nut shell I HATE MY BROTHER", "When Cameron was in Egypt's Land....?Let my Cameron go!" " Ferris Bueller, You're my hero". Can't you just see Jeannie stomping up and down...

You can't help but love the scene where Ferris and Cameron pretend to be Sloan's father and then pick her up in from of the school in Cameron's dad's sports car run sneak into a neighbors pool, have a lunch date at the same restaurant as Ferris's father and join in the parade.... Don't forget all the pencils Grace pulls out of her hair through out the movie..

Love the "80's"
Later Dudett's

Sankari's Card ~ Inspired by the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Okay so all I have to say is that I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! I can't believe its taken us so long to do it! I used to memorize parts of it - and must have seen this over and over again! I absolutely have WAY too many favorite parts of this movie to pick one favorite scene - but definitely the chase scene at the end, the part where they go to pick up Sloane, the Save Ferris sign, when Mr. Rooney says "I weep for the future" and then the very last scene when he gets on the bus (lol!!) - but I guess one of my all time favorite parts of the movie is when Ferris disappears and then reappears on the float during the parade and starts singing!!! I LOVEEEE that! And isn't Matthew Broderick SO cute? I had such a crush on him (but I am forever loyal to Johnny Depp!)

So for my card -
  1. my inspiration was Ferris on the float with a microphone singing
  2. and the sentiment: You're my Hero - comes from Cameron when he tells Ferris: "You're my Hero"
I wanted to create a bright card - inspired by the 80's sense of color and pattern and used this image of a girl holding a mic - as similar to ferris holding a mic. I can't wait to give this to one of my girlfriends - who is truly my hero - seriously - she simplyyyyy amazes me!

So we hope you will play along with us this week!!! Its TOOO much fun going on not to! So come on and go down memory lane and get your Ferris ON!!! Just create a card inspired by the movie: Ferris Bueller's Day Off with the challenge requirement being: to use a sentiment from one of the songs in the movie OR to use a line from the movie as your sentiment (or create your own sentiment from something you think Ferris would say)!!! Your creations can be inspired by something from the movie: such as the colors, the clothes, the characters, the time period, from different scenes in the movie - whatever inspires you from this movie!

Please link to your blogpost by June 3 by 8:00 PM CST!

Next week we are featuring a movie that we are very excited about and we are having some yummy blog candy in honor of that! So stay tuned!!!!

We hope that you are all having an awesome day dudes!!!!
big hugs,
the Cinema Sisters


Karli said...

Yaaaaaaaaay! One of the BEST movies ever! I must have watched this movie 100 times! SOOOO many good scenes & lines from this movie so it will be hard to choose. But I'm game :)

Juli Smith, said...

Love it! I just saw this movie again a couple of months ago before we gave up our cable. and I use the "Bueller? Bueller?..." all the time -though I now see I was spelling it wrong! lol Hope I can play along. Baby is 6 weeks old already and I feel a bit of my 'groove' beginning to come back! :)

Juli Smith, said...

CONGRATS to Nancy for nailing this movie - without dh's help! heehee Woohoo Nancy! :)

Nancy K said...

I am so excited, I think this is just the film I need to jump-start some stamping mojo!! Remember: "Life moves pretty quickly, if you don't stop and look around once and awhile, you could miss it"

grammie jackie said...

Well I'v procrastinated long enough ...I've got to do this challenge. We've watched this movie so many times on ouyr VHS tape that I'm surprised it still works. I love the end, the credit when Ferris comes out and tell us to go home.

For challenge 80, I missed the closing time, but I did make a card it's at: I hope you cantake the time to stop by and look. I promise to start my projects be fore the last day from now on.

Carol Dunstan said...

woot! Two funny stories related to this movie:

I came to live in this city (Newcastle) to go to university. There were a number of on-campus student accomodation and one in the city called Irene Hall. There was a push to pull down Irene Hall (and some other surrounding buildings) to build something else, so the uni was littered with "Save Irene" grafitti :D

Across the road from our nearest shopping mall was a sporting ground called Ferris Oval. The mall wanted to expand and this included across the road... you guessed it, lots of "Save Ferris" references :D

Hope I get this weeks done! And great guessing Nancy!

Jennie said...

Love this movie and haven't seen it in ages. Boo-hoo...don't even see it coming up on DTV this week :o((( Will check my library and see.

Got my card made just now and will link it soon. The idea just "popped" in my head and I ran with it :o) Love it when that happens. Thanks for the challenge!!

Tiny Paper Blossom said...

It's May 30 and I can't see where to link to this. What am I missing?

scrapperjulia said...

I love this movie! I love your card, Sankari! My card is inspired by The Beatle's song-Twist and Shout that Ferris sings in the parade. You can find it here:

Tiny Paper Blossom said...

My card is inspired by the song "Oh yeah" that plays over the end credits.

Jennie said...

Great challenge and here is my card inspired by the music in the film and the You're my Hero quote.

Maureen said...

yay!!! I finally got to play this week!!! Missed all of you so fun was this movie...anyone, anyone? LOL Here's my card :)

Dude,You Rock

Aubri said...

Here are mine

Scrappy said...

Here is my entry:

Barbara said...

Here is my card. I went with Scientific Knowledge. This is when Ferris convices Cameron and Sloane that going in reverse will eliminate the miles on the card. Wish that where true!

Brooke S said...

Sorry all I am going to skip this challenge I have been down with the flu and a migraine for 5 days now.. I will use any effort I have to do the next cool challenge we have in store..


Tethered2Home said...

I just adored that movie as a kid.

Here's my go with it: Life Moves Pretty Fast

I think I even had the soundtrack LOL Thanks for the inspiration, Amy.

Chelsea said...

Yea, what a fun challenge! Here's my take on it:

Karli said...

Feel Better Brooke :) Big Hugs!
Here's my card:

It was very fun to play along this week :)

Deb Neerman said...

Too fun!

You can see my card HERE.

Thanks for another fun challenge, ladies!

Tethered2Home said...

Sorry to hear you had the flu, bummer time of year to have it too ... feel better,

Radha said...

My Cinema Sisters!!!!
Well done:))
My card is there:))

Nancy K said...

Here is mine -no minute like the last minute!