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Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #83 - The Greatest Game Ever Played

Welcome Everyone to our 83rd challenge and around the world - there is soccer fever as the games have officially started for the World Cup - in honor of games - we thought we would do a sports-ish movie - where this week we are featuring the inspiring movie: "The Greatest Game Ever Played" that was released in 2005 (yes its more golf than soccer :) and if you haven't seen this movie - its definitely one that leaves a feel good feeling and inspires you to go after your dreams - even if it seems impossible in the moment. Here is a summary of this movie from ImDb:
" Near the turn of the twentieth century, young Harry Vardon becomes a champion golfer but learns that his amazing skill is no match for the class boundaries that exclude him from "gentlemanly" English society. A dozen years later, a young American, Francis Ouimet, fights against the same prejudice, as well as his own father's disdain, for a chance to participate in the U.S. Open against his idol -- Harry Vardon. The struggles of both men for acceptance provides the background for an amazing contest of skills."

Our challenge requirement is to use some Argyle in your creation - that could be a little - it could be alot - whatever you would like to use! Check out the preview here for more inspiration of from this movie:

Brooke's Card inspired by the movie~ The Greatest Game Ever Played

This movie has so much power. It's a story about believing in yourself and not letting anyone take away who you are and what you have to offer. I don't even know if I have a favorite part there are lots of little moments that make this movie special. Francis is not encouraged from his family to play golf his father tells him that Golf is not a way to provide the living you need, find a trade and provide a honest days wage. Francis (Shia LaBeouf) is told from a club gentleman, "You are a caddy. Golf is a Gentleman's game you are working class you will never play golf." He had to create any opportunity he could and prove that he was more of a gentleman than they were. The best part of the movie is that he NEVER gave up on his dream and proved he could beat anyone even a legend with the right opportunity. This is a GREAT family movie. It shows what hard work and passion can do if you just believe in yourself.

I made this card for my sweetheart who LOVES the game of Golf but just never can find the time to play as much as he would like to. Join me on my blog for more details.. Don't forget to say hi :)


Sankari's Card inspired by the movie~ The Greatest Game Ever Played
I vaguely remember hearing about this movie when it came out - but it wasn't until I saw it (very late in the night last night) that I wondered how I could have missed watching it when it came out! It could be because I thought it was about golf - and that might not be a movie I might be interested in watching - but I realized that it is and it is not about golf at the same time - its about the struggle to make your dream come true - no matter how far away, distant, challenging or impossible it might seem. Playing golf becomes a symbol that we are not limited by our status - that the inner talents that each of us possess can shine out and conquer any limitations put on us by society, culture, etc.

I think my favorite part of the movie is the very end where there is a beautiful resolution between father and son - and you see that his father was being so hard on him to protect him from any heartbreak - but then he actually SEES his son for the first time - its such a sweet moment! So I created a little Father's Day card for my sweet DH who loves to golf and carries his golf clubs in the car so that if there is any chance to hit the ball around - he is always ready - its so cute to see him teach our son how to golf - and see them play golf together (one with big golf clubs and one with mini golf clubs):

I can't wait to give this to my DH for Father's Day - and for the argyle challenge - I printed out some digipaper - changed the color for the colors that I wanted for my card and then cut out some pennants from part of the paper. I had a lot of fun making this card and hope that you have a chance to watch this sweet movie.
Big hugs to all,
Sankari :)
Lovely Cinema players - thank you so much for playing along with our challenges. I just wanted to apologize for not posting the Audrey's regularly lately - I shifted to a full-time job and it difficult to coordinate family life, work life and of course blogland - but with school out for the summer and work life returning to normal - I am hoping that everything will be balanced.

We had a chance to go through all the entries for the last four challenges and wanted to post the Audrey winners for the challenges. Starting next week - we will resume our regular Audrey and Top 5 Cinema Sat. inspired challenges - but for this week - we are posting just the Audreys.

And can we just say before posting the Audreys - that it is so much fun to look at all of your lovely creations - wow!!! you guys are simply amazing and we love seeing how you relate the movie with your creation - the best part is reading the parts of the movie you love or how you were inspired by a certain part of the movie and then translated that into your creations - wow - its so much fun to see your creative process - thank you to each one of you who play along with us and play along with our Friday Sneak Peeks - we totally treasure you guys!

Here are our wonderful Audrey winners from this week - they each captured a feel of the movie in such an unique way - congratulations ladies and we would love it if you would be our guest designers for next week!!!

CSCC#82 - Alice in Wonderland - Lynne
CSCC#81 - Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Karli
CSCC#80 - Becoming Jane - Amy
CSCC#79- New Moon - Donna

We hope that you will play along with this week's challenge - and again - if you haven't seen this movie (or might not want to because of the golf :) its just a beautiful and inspiring movie. We can't wait to see your Argyle creations!!!

Please leave a link to your creation by Thursday June 17 at 10pm CST!
Can't wait to see your gorgeous creations!!!
Big hugs and LoVe!!!!
the Cinema Sisters!!!


Unknown said...

How gorgeous your inspiration cards both are! I haven't seen the movie, but thanks for telling the story in short. I think it's a "must see"!

Anonymous said...
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Laural-Lee said...

Perfect Idea for father's day and I have just the set!! must play this week.

Jen Cuthbertson said...

Great samples and I'm looking forward to playing along again this week!

Lynne Phelps said...

I am totally THRILLED to have won the Audrey for Alice in Wonderland! I have her proudly displayed in my left sidebar - what an honor!!! Let me know what is involved with being a guest designer! THANKS!

Unknown said...

Hi, it's me again; I was doubting whether to put this up or not, but then decided to do so anyway, lol! At least it follows the theme?

Beverly S. said...

Beautiful inspiration Brooke and Sankari. Both of your cards are great for this challenge. :)

Tethered2Home said...

Such gorgeous cards & Perfect for father's day ... will have to muse over this one!

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