Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #98 - Dead Poet's Society

Welcome to our 98th challenge, where this week we are featuring the 1990 Oscar winning movie: Dead Poet's Society. This movie is set at a conservative Prep School, where the lives of the senior boys are changed during the course learning from their English teacher who inspires them to see the world with a new perspective, to think outside of the box and to become inspired by words, ideas and the essence of the human spirit. This is an inspiring story, heartwarming and we thought for the challenge requirement this week that it would be fun to use "felt" in your creations - as it reminded us of the prep school fall uniforms and also that all poetry should be felt with the heart :)

Some ideas for cards or creations could be: something created for an inspirational teacher, using some words of poetry from the works of Whitman, Lord Byron, Thoreau and other poets mentioned in the movie, to create a card for someone who inspires you, a card about friendships, about following your dreams, etc. Anything from the movie that speaks to you or inspires you!

Sankari's card inspired by the movie: Dead Poet's Society

I loved watching this movie in college and being inspired by the way Professor Keating taught his students and inspired them to "Seize the Day". The phrase "Carpe Diem" was something that he taught them on the very first day - that for every moment of this precious life, we should seize the moment and make our dreams a reality! So for my card, I wanted to create a card with the sentiment Carpe Diem as the main focal point
. I love these papers from Crate Paper - and had so much fun cutting out the little different colored report cards. I stamped the same sentiment Carpe Diem a few times on some of the grade cards in a softer ink (Desert Sand) and then arranged them in a fan shape. I wanted to colors to be more masculine since the movie was about a boy's prep school.

I cut some brown felt out for a scalloped border and then finished it with some liquid pearls. I thought this would be a fun card to give to a student who is heading off to college.

I had a lot of fun playing along this week!! Hope you have a chance to play along as well!
Big hugs!
Sankari :)

Brooke's card inspired by the movie: Dead Poet's Society

What a great movie full of legendary quotes... "Captain my Captain" and [quoting Henry David Thoreau] "I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life." and so on.. You can check out sooo many great quotes here that you can use for your inspiration.. My card is full of inspiration from this movie.. I started with the color scheme and used a more masculine one sense the school is a all boys school. I used a script background to represent the words of poetry from Mr. Keatings(Robyn Williams) class.

The sentiment reflects all the changes and new knowledge that all the boys are experiencing. The stripped D.S.P. even made me think of a mans shirt. Then the finishing piece of inspiration on my card is the felted wool butter fly.. The butter fly represents the main character Neil(Robert Sean Leonard). Neil has alway done what his father and everyone else wants him to do. He finally finds the courage to see who he really is and take great joy in doing so... You could say it is a transformation of sorts but not with our a price. Neil is a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly.. I also chose this piece of felted wool because it reminded me of a blazer that the boys might wear for their uniforms. Don't forget the corduroy button that you might find on a professor/teachers jacket. Sooo many great things you can find in this movie for inspiration.. I could make another card just about the play that Neil preforms in...

In the words of Neil: "For the first time in my whole life, I know what I wanna do! And for the first time, I'm gonna do it! Whether my father wants me to or not! Carpe diem! "

I hope you have a great time creating a card for this challenge.

Our guest designer this week is the sweet Nancy Knowles who was our Audrey winner from our Ironman movie challenge with her cool IronMom card :)

Guest Designer: Nancy Knowles's card inspired by the movie: Dead Poet's Society
I admit, it has been awhile since I have seen this movie, but the feelings it leaves are still with me.

What a touching and captivating movie, that shows what a difference a teacher can make. This film portrays Robin Williams, as Professor John Keating, a teacher at a private boys school, who gives his poetry class students the inspiration to go against the flow, to be themselves, to "sieze the day". It makes me think of all of the wonderful teachers I've ever had, especially my American Literature teacher in high school, who really took the effort to make sure his students could think outside of the box and encouraged them to stand up for their ideas. I wanted to create a card for someone who inspires, like Professor Keating did for his students, and I wanted to use the color red for the red school sweaters the boys wore in the film (and another excuse to use Cherry Cobbler!).

Thank you so much Nancy for playing along with us this week! Your card is an inspiration! You can check out more details at her sweet blog: Crafting My World.

Who's going to be our next guest designer? It could be you! All you have to do is to create a card, layout, 3D creation - that is inspired by the movie: DEAD POET'S SOCIETY and uses the challenge requirement to USE FELT in your creation. You creation can be inspired by anything in the movie, from the themes in the movie, to the dialogue, costumes, character, music, lyrics, quotes, events in the movie, furniture, time period - anything at all that inspires your creative "light bulb" to go on!! Please share with us - where you got your inspiration from because we love reading about your creative process!!!

You can post your challenge entry anytime from now till Thursday October 14th at 8pm CST! Can't wait to see your beautiful creations!
Big hugs,
the Cinema Sisters

PS - WE HAVE LOVED going through all of your World CardMaking Day Entries!!! You guys picked some great movies and created some amazing cards!!!! You've made it definitely hard to pick an Audrey winner - but we hope to narrow it down later today!! Thank you all for playing along - you guys SO rock!!!! Big hugs!!!


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Couldn't find the post with the winner of World Card Making Day entries...congrats to whoever won!! : )