Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge: WORLD CARD MAKING DAY 2010


Today we thought we would take a break from the Cinema Saturday Challenges - and throw out a free-for all challenge to celebrate World Card Making Day! 

What is the challenge? 
1. Pick YOUR favorite movie or any movie that we have already done
2. Create a card from that movie from something about that movie that inspires you
3. Tell us what movie you picked and what inspired you from it! 
4. We have a sweet little prize for one lucky participant - so come on and play along!!!

Sounds like fun? We think so! Pick a movie - any movie and just have fun! What do you have cued up in Netflix? Is there some movie that you really wish we would do? Or a movie that you missed making a card for? Well here is your chance!!!

YOU pick the movie! We can't wait to see what you create for this great holiday of World Card Making Day!!!

Just make sure you link back to us so we can come over and check out your amazing creations!!!!!!!!!! WOO-HOO!!!

A HUGE thank you to all those who have played along with us in the past and present! We know that we are a small challenge blog - but we want you to know that we truly appreciate every one of your creations, contributions and comments on our challenge blog!!! Sometimes even we have trouble creating for our own challenge - but we try because it always makes us happy and its fun to create inspired by a movie that we might have already seen or not yet seen! We hope that you will join us this week and in the weeks to come!

Also if you are on Facebook - please check out our Facebook Page and follow along!

Happy World Card Making Day! Hope you have a chance to play along with us: "Just Because"!!!

the Cinema Sisters!!!


Virginia L. said...

Happy WCMD to everyone! Thank you for keeping this blog so fun and creative!

Radha said...

You girls are my Cheers!