Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #99 - Edward Scissorhands

Welcome Everyone to our 99th challenge (WOW!) where this week we are featuring the Oscar nominated Tim Burton  movie: Edward Scissorhands starring someone we love: Johnny Depp! If you haven't seen it - this movie is amazing - as usual, Tim Burton takes you into another world with his amazing imagination and introduces a character who is so sweet and loving, even though he has scissors for hands.  The story of Edward will definitely touch your heart! More than anything, Tim Burtons' use of colors and images is amazing in this movie, its not just dark, but it has bursts of color when Edward goes into suburbia and for all the different emotions, there are parallels in the movie with the different colors. The Challenge Requirement this week is to hand cut something or use a die cut in your creation *** that is inspired by the movie (in honor of his scissorhands :)

It really is amazing! We hope you will watch it and play along!

Sankari's Card Inspired by the movie: Edward Scissorhands

As many of you know, I have a slight thing for Johnny Depp (just a slight thing!! LOLOLOL!!!) - the man is just an incredible actor, as well, as just being plain old incredible! Do you know that he lost 25 lbs for this movie! And that this movie was Vincent Price's last screen appearance? (you can find all these trivia bits here). I LOVE the use of color in this movie - seriously - it is amazing how Burton uses color to create emotion or to express an emotion. When Edward is in the Inventor's castle, it is more dark and when he emerges into suburbia with all the different colored houses etc., there are these bursts of color as he lives in the warmth of love and appreciation. For my card today, I wanted to create something that had elements of being:
- a black and white feel when he is with the Inventor
- and the colorful aspect of when he lives with Peg
- something that has a buckle of sorts to represent his amazing outfit!
All of these elements came together with this semi quote from Johnny Depp as he was interviewed by Arsenio Hall, where he said that the feeling of Edward Scissorhands for him was of  "Not being able to fit in, the feeling of wanting to touch something, but not being able too, its the feeling of your early teens..." I thought I wanted to create a card for a teen who is going through those teenish turmoils and would need some reassurance that they actually don't have to try to fit into anything other then being themselves. This is why I adore the character of Peg and Edward, she is such a mother figure and tries to take care of him and tries to make him feel loved. This inspired the lovely sentiment: "I love you just the way you are" - Isn't this sentiment just so sweet and so nourishing! I loved making this card for the challenge:
I had so much fun experimenting with black and white and mixing it up with color and and texture. I hope you will play along and can't wait to see your creative take!
Sankari :)
We haven't forgotten about our Audrey Winners - or special prizes - you guys create such amazing works of art - that it really is painful to choose one over another! From last week's challenge, we loved all of your felted creations and the quotes you chose just were absolutely perfect and inspiring!!! One card that we loved was Banu's sweet card about courage - the sentiment spoke to us about how the boys came to rally around their Captain - so we hope Banu that you will join us as our Guest Designer as our Audrey Winner this week! For all of you who participated in our World Card Making Day challenge - WOW!!! First off you guys came up with amazing movie choices (and we can't wait to do them!!! hopefully, you will play along again when we pick your movie choice!) - and again - its so hard to pick - but our special prize goes to Karli - who totally had us laughing with her pick of a Nightmare on Elm Sreet - we loved her take on the movie, that she picked her favorite genre - "horror" and the way she created the card!So Karli - please send me (Sankari) an email so I can send you some special little somethings for your crafting pleasure :)

Who's going to be our next guest designer? It could be you! All you have to do is to create a card, layout, 3D creation - that is inspired by the movie: EDWARD SCISSORHANDS and uses the challenge requirement to HAND CUT OR USE A DIE CUT in your creation. You creation can be inspired by anything in the movie, from the themes in the movie, to the dialogue, costumes, character, music, lyrics, quotes, events in the movie, furniture, time period - anything at all that inspires your creative "light bulb" to go on!! Please share with us - where you got your inspiration from because we love reading about your creative process!!!

You can post your challenge entry anytime from now till Thursday October 21st at 8pm CST! Can't wait to see your beautiful creations!
Big hugs,
the Cinema Sisters

PS - We have something fun in mind for our 100th challenge - so stay tuned for news about that coming up next week!!!!


Betty J Schaub said...

Oh Goodie! Another Johnny movie. I think we are all Deppsters at heart! The wheels are turning. I hope I get to play along this week!!!

100th movie sounds like something interesting is coming our way!!!

Hey if you'd like to play in my Scavenger Hunt for a chance to win some Stampin' Up! stamps then visit my blog!!!

Karli said...

OMG!!!!!! What a great surprise & always an honor to have one of my crazy concoctions chosen :) Thank you Cinema sisters!!!

Libby Hickson said...

SQUEAL!!!! Love this movie. :-)

Banu said...

WOW..Thanks for choosing my card from Dead Poet's Society Challenge. It was so much fun doing that card. Would love to be the Guest designer. Thanks.

dragonllew said...

I wanted to email you and ask you if you are accepting sponsors for your Challenges, but I cannot find an email address.
Please email me at if you are interested in what we have to offer.

Laura E. said...

Have people forgotten that their cards are also supposed to represent the movie, not just follow the Challenge Requirement????