Saturday, July 11, 2009

CInema Saturday Creative Challenge #40 - National Treasure (1 or 2)

Welcome to our 40th Cinema Challenge!

We can't believe that we are at number 4-0 already! And for our 40th challenge we are featuring the movie: National Treasure (either 1 or 2). This is a movie starring Nicolas Cage who is a treasure hunter who uncovers the mysteries of the great symbols of the nation and also in the process - who uncovers the mysteries of his own family and discovers the treasures of family loyalty, family name and fame and sacrifice. 

So for our Challenge requirement this week - 
we thought it would be fun to see 
what is your treasure?

You can create anything that you treasure - from something quite literal and actual treasure cards to something more abstract -
 anything that you treasure... :) 

Brooke's project inspired by ~ "National Treasure"

I know you are all thinking... What is this? And what does this have to do with the movie. Well let me tell you... Believe it or not there is a central theme in this movie about "FAMILY". Nicolas Cage's character "Ben Gates" is a multi generational treasure hunter... They all share the same obsession of finding the next clue while trying to prove the innocence of there ancestor. Who does "Ben Gates" go to for help.. "FAMILY" his father in the first and both his parents in the second movie..

When I was in University my favorite class ever was "American Civilizations". The colonial period is my favorite time in history... I actually really crave all history not just American history.. My girlfriend from England is always amazed at the history I can tell her.. She even stated one time " I think you know more about my country's history that I do" In the U.S.A. We take World History in Grade school, Jr High School, High School and University. Our Final for "American Civilizations" was a Biography about a family member.. I wrote it on my Maternal Grand Mother.. My Grandmother is a very private person so I treasure the memories that she shared with me for this paper back in 1990 .. My grandmother passed away June 28, 2009.. LOVE you Grandma..

My "FAMILY" is my greatest "TREASURE"


Check out my blog for the Recipe.

Sankari's Card Inspired by the movie: National Treasure

I have to say that I am a Nicolas Cage fan - maybe its because he and Johnny Depp were friends back in the day (yes - it all does come back to Johnny Depp!) I had fun watching both of these two movies (although I re-watched the second again the other day) and wanted to create a card with a  treasurey sort of feel to it... 

I created an anniversary card for some dear dear friends of ours who are going to celebrate their anniversary this week. I wanted to make a treasure box of sorts and so tried to make one that had an accordian folder thing to it. 
Inside these I have marked two wishes and then tied these into tbe scroll (the wishes are: "treasure each day" and "treasure each other")

I tried to make the embellishment like a compass and used more gold tones as the main theme of the second movie is to find the lost city of gold.
I had fun making it and for more card details check out my blog !
Sankari :)


Thank you to all of you who played along with our last challenge To Kill a Mockingbird! The movie is simply lovely and all of your cards brought out that movie! We loved everyone's cards and it is so hard to pick - but one card that caught our attention was Yvonne's beautiful card: My Darling - with the sentiment in small letters: "Love Knows No Bounds" - that is such a part of the movie - from the way Scout tries to protect her brother at the end, the way Boo protects Scout, the unbounded love of a father for his children -etc.  We hope you will join us next week Yvonne and hope that you will display your Audrey in your blog :) Also Ann had some yummy blog candy that she did with and the winner is: Deb from Creative Heart Designs! Yay! Congratulations to both of you and a HUGE thank you to all those who played along or left comments! You guys are simply the best!

So are you ready to play along with this week's challenge!!?!!!

We sure hope you join us this week! All you have to do is to make a card or layout or altered project that is inspired by the movie: National Treasure (you can pick any of the National Treasure movies for your creation). The inspiration for your creations can be from the music, the characters, the dialogue, the costumes, etc. This week's requirement is to create something with the theme "treasure" - anything that you treasure - or treasured things - etc. - any kind of inspiration of what treasure is and what treasured things are... So have fun with this treasured creative challenge!

All you have to do is to link your creation to our blog by commenting on this post with a link to your direct post with your creation. You can add the direct link of your 
blog post to Mr. Linky - not your whole blog - because it makes finding your card int he future much easier. Kristina Werner has created a wonderful video showing how to do this.

Please link to our blog by this Thursday, July 16th by 9pm PST!

Can't wait to see your creations!!

big Hugs to All!!!!
Sankari and Brooke!


Tethered2Home said...

oooo cool. I haven't seen that one, but just watched the trailer & since it's a rainy blah day in Ottawa, I asked DH to pop to the video store for us to watch tonight.

Nancy K said...

Oh interesting choice -I never would have guessed!
When I saw the requirements, I was on the same lines of thinking as Brooke. Can't wait to scrap a pic of my little "treasures"!

Jaimee said...

love these films! your creations are beautiful as always.

i finish mine, been so cold here today was good excuse to stay inside!

scrapperjulia said...

I love these movies! We have been remodeling our kitchen so I missed the last 2 challenge. Lovely cards Booke and Sankari! I did a layout this time!

Maggi said...

What a fun blog! I think I'm linking this right, here's my take on the challenge! lol

Unknown said...

What a fun challenge!!!
Here is what I came up with

Radha said...

hey all!
I'm trying this for the first time!
( pasting links from here to there:)

Hope this will work?

Nancy K said...

Whew! No minute like the last minute...or the last 90 minutes!
Here's the link to my project:
Looking forward to guessing the next challenge tomorrow!

Brooke S said...

Where did MR LINKY go??? I will find out? Sorry girlies...

Calie said...

Just wanted share my treasured creation!