Friday, July 31, 2009

Sneak Peek Friday

I though I would start out with a replica of the sky that I have been so lucky to be viewing for the last few weeks.. Summer really is great... Even if it's over 100 f. Can't wait to chat with you all.. I have miss seeing so many of you.. I hope to see some of our old friends this week.. We REALLY miss you all..

Sneak Peek #1

Sneak Peek#2

Sneak Peek#3

Sneak Peek #4



Erica said...

Really!? Back to sky. I am going to guess Big Fish. I wish I could play right away, no matter what the movie is, but I am getting ready to jump on a plane. I will be closer to you Brooke. Well, closer than Kansas, but still a ways away in Las Vegas. I will have to wait until Tuesday to see what the movie is. Have a great week all!

Brooke S said...

Erica you are only like 5.5 hours away from me.:) What a crazy time to go to Vegas.. It might just be hotter than Ha-ties there in sin city... lol

When I don't post a pic of sky everyone asks were did the sky go..

Have a GREAT trip see your cute face when you get back.. You will LOVE the move I promise... And I am sure you have seen it..


Ali B said...

Girls, we haven't forgot you but other things have happened...we will be back ;)

Brooke S said...

Ohh good! we love our Cinema Challenge family..

Nancy K said...

I'm apparently new enough, that this is my first sky pic! It is a pretty sky...So all I can think of is something with Antonio Banderas -Mask of Zorro or Desperado or something...
Getting hubby to help with the guessing -he has fun with it too. Hope to partake this week, but no guarantees -heading down to your neck of the woods. Can't wait for Convention!

Ophthalmologist said...

Good morning from Germany! So little time to create cards during the last weeks, but I'm following your challenges nevertheless! So today... what's about Pirates Of The Caribbean?

Ali B said...

Opthamologist, I think you're right with Pirates of the Caribbean.....If it is, Sankari will no doubt be pleased to 'suffer' through another Johnny Depp (sigh) movie.

Jaimee said...

i was thinking the mask of Zorro too!that mustache and stitching definitely look right for it!

Nancy K said...

Ooh if I'd only seen the Orlando Bloom pic during sneak peek time -I'd have guessed that right off! :)
Now I'm cooking along on my swaps so that I can play along -I've got a couple of "pirate" ideas I wanna try before Tuesday

Radha said...

will not guess, just play!