Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #41 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Welcome Everyone to the 41st Challenge where in honor of the newest Harry Potter movie that is being released this week - we thought we would feature the second Harry Potter movie: The Chamber of Secrets (The first Harry Potter movie: The Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone was a movie that we did for the Cinema Challenge #10). For this challenge you can do create something specifically from this movie or any of the HP movies. Here is an interesting bit of trivia - did you know that the part of Dobby, the house elf who makes his appearance in this book, was played by a ball on a stick during filming and was later digitally added in! For more fun facts like this check out the trivia behind this movie here.

We are excited to welcome our Audrey recipient from the movie: To Kill a Mockingbird, Yvonne (here is her darling card) as our guest designer this week! Yvonne chose the challenge requirement for this week to have an unexpected element in your creation - just as in the movie there are unexpected twists and turns and surprises ... this can be left up to your creative juices and whatever you think the unexpected element is for your creation!

I am up north at DH's cabin - no internet and didn't have time to get a card in :( so can't wait to see what you all have created!!! Wish me luck as I spend 4 days without internet!

Brooke's Card Inspired by the movie: Harry Potter

I was discussing what I should make with my DH this evening and he suggested so many things.. Anything from a lightning bolt, Giants, Remember-al, to every creature I have know Idea how to even spell... And the though of a Book came to mind.. I got the patten Idea from a wall hanging in my DS room.. I will post a pic on my blog.. You have to just love the "Harry Potter" Books they open up an whole new generation of readers to the world.. Every where you looked around everyone had a volume in hand... How cool is that.. All ages alike.
(p.s. I just noticed a little something I forgot so I will need to post a new photo later I will post the surprise on my blog later in the day it's already 3:00 a.m. just normal Cinema Saturday Girls hours LOL)
For one ONE of my unexpected twists and turns and surprises I decided to transform a discarded object.. for my SECOND surprise you will have to check out my blog...

Yvonne's Card Inspired by the movie: Harry Potter

I love the Harry Potter series of movies because they are always shrouded in deep mystery and involve some form of time travel. In this movie, I love the enchanted Ford Anglia they got to ride in. Don't we all want to travel via a flying car? How exciting! And what's more mysterious than what's contained in a box? Thus, I was inspired by the movie to create a travel box. The unexpected element to the piece is the clasp I used for the box - it is actually a belt buckle.

Cheers, Yvonne

Thank you to all of you who played along with our last challenge National Treasure!

So are you ready to play along with this week's challenge!!?!!!

We sure hope you join us this week! All you have to do is to make a card or layout or altered project that is inspired by the movie: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (you can pick any of the Harry Potter movies or focus on this one). The inspiration for your creations can be from the music, the characters, the dialogue, the costumes, etc. This week's requirement is to have an unexpected element in your card - whatever you think that unexpected element to be!... So have fun with this creative challenge!

All you have to do is to link your creation to our blog by commenting on this post with a link to your direct post with your creation. You can add the direct link of your
blog post to Mr. Linky - not your whole blog - because it makes finding your card int he future much easier. Kristina Werner has created a wonderful video showing how to do this.

Please link to our blog by this Thursday, July 23rd by 9pm PST!

Can't wait to see your creations!!

big Hugs to All!!!!
Sankari and Brooke!


Brooke S said...

The "Mr Linky" Link is not working:( We will fix on monday... Please just post in the comments and we will move it over when we have it up and running...


Radha said...

HP is a great series of movies:)
Will play again!!!

Maureen said...

Wow, this one made me think...I was inspired by the title...made me think of a key unlocking a door to a secret room and the unexpected element...a spa gift card to the receiver of this card...a friend's birthday or just because :)

scrapperjulia said...

I love your cards Brooke and Yvonne! You picked a great movie Brooke!

here's my card

Maggi said...

Mine's all posted and ready! I saw the new movie over the weekend and thought it would be perfect for my altered book and this challenge!

Here it is!

Anonymous said...

Here is mine! This was a mini album made for my sister to show off all of her Harry Potter themed costumes she weards to conferences. Hem Hem its Umbridge!

Tethered2Home said...

This was a tough challenge for me, but that's why they call it a challenge, no? Thanks for the fun!

Creepy Bird Cage.

Tethered 2 Home

Jaimee said...
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Jaimee said...

Owl Post Card

Great cards Ladies

Nancy K said...

Very cool projects this week! So much inspiration...
I'll have to play along next time!

Libby Hickson said...

I'm a bit late but here's mine!

Love Harry Potter - thanks for the great inspiration!

Carol Dunstan said...

very very late, but here's mine!