Friday, February 5, 2010

The Audrey Award, Cinema Inspirations and Sneak Peeks

Happy Friday Everyone!

If you popped by here earlier today - you would have noticed that our Audrey wasn't up - why was that? Because you guys spun out some amazing creations and we just kept going over and over them! And we loved reading the inspiration behind your creations - that is really just the sweetest part! I have to admit - that I got so weepy as I went through all of your creations - sigh - what an amazing movie to create such an emotional heart connection to this story in so many people! We are so grateful for all of you who shared a part of yourselves by sharing a story - thank you so much!! We simply adored all of your creations!! Please check out the Cinema Saturday Inspired Creations from this week's movie Titanic:
We loved everyone's take on it - every creation had such an incredible feel of the movie!! One card that caught our attention this week, was Kathy's amazing Titanic card:

Can you believe that she created this image just for Titanic? And check out Jack's hair! She even got that down perfectly!! Kathy has been wowing us with her gorgeous creations - we were just loving all of the beautiful attention to details that she created together in this card!!! Simply inspiring!! Kathy, we hope you will join us as our Guest Designer for next week and that you will display your Audrey proudly!!
A huge thank you to all of you who played along - we are just so touched by all of your sweet comments and words of support and encouragement! We just love getting together with you each week :)))

Well, how about some sneak peeks!! The Amazing Brooke is back with some sneak peeks for tomorrow's movie!!! We are still floored at how you guys guess the movies based on such slivers of peeks!!! You SO Rock!!!

Sneak Peek #1
Sneak Peek #2

Sneak Peek #3

Love you all,
The Cinema Sisters.


Nancy K said...

*gasp* am I the first to comment today?? First of all, way to go on the Titanic challenge everyone -super projects!!!
I really don't have a guess yet -I'm thinking a Rom/Com or a Chick Flick of sorts...maybe some breakfast will help the ol' gray matter. :)

Carol Dunstan said...

ack, been too busy to make a Titanic card, let alone look at all the entries!

This pic makes me think of Umridges office in Harry Potter, but I also don't think it is pink enough (we haven't had POA yet either, unless you are now grouping a bunch of the HP movies together)

Nancy K said...

That was my first train of thought too Carol! LOL!!
As long as it's not Groundhog Day, I'm good... :)

Melissa said...

I'm not sure if this one has already been a challenge, but my guess is You've Got Mail.

Jen Cuthbertson said...

I have absolutely no idea how you guys guess these movies based on what we see! Sheesh I am so out of my league!! :)

My random guess based on the first thing that popped into my head - Peggy Sue Got Married. Why, you ask? Well, it looks like a vintage kitchen and it was either that or one of the Back to the Future movies.

Elsina said...

Beautiful cards all and I just love that card by Kathy! As for the new movie, I also guess it's back to the future, the wheels of the car in the background and the electric spark and trail in the forground?

Anonymous said...

I am so honored to have won this week. There were so many wonderful designs that I feel very lucky to get to play along with you talented gals. Thank you so much for this award..I am very very excited to be a guest designer on an upcoming challenge. That will be such fun!:) Thank you to Sankari and Brooke for all the time you put into these challenges.

GOSH..I don't have a clue about these peeks. I am a fool when it comes to my guesses. Can not wait to see what is in store for the week ahead!

Thanks again!! HAPPY HUGS!!

Nancy K said...

I like the You've got Mail guess, but I'm going to guess another Meg Ryan fave: Sleepless in Seattle
I'd love one set in the hometown...:)

Pink Room Therapy Designs said...

I'm a newbie, but I'm going to say an 80s or early 90s movie based on the socks! They remind me of the slouch socks I used to wear.

Carol Dunstan said...

I'm not going to comment on the second pic, nothing good comes to mind!

Anonymous said...

My guess is going to be Hairspray! But I am usually a million miles off. Will be fun to see what it is!!

Libby Hickson said...

SQUEAL - hoping it's a Meg Ryan movie so I can watch one for the 50 squillionth time! But personally, I have no idea, although those tootsies do look familiar... hmmm...

Radha said...

must be a love movie!!!

Love the Movie People!!!

Carol Dunstan said...

ok, I'm finally seeing something a little more normal in the second pic, it's socks, on someones feet, like they are tucked up and all comfy on a bed or lounge.Which does make me think of Meg Ryan in Sleepless In Seattle, when she's watching that movie (I've only seen it once!). But I'm sure there's more than just that movie where someone is wearing white socks like that!

Unknown said...

I think it is the movie with Holly Hunter and Richard Dreyfus, she wore white socks in it.
Gotta look online for the name I think it was called Always, he was a pilot, and died.
So I googled Always and mini pads came up...whoops! So Always movie came up with the right one.
So my vote is Always.


Anonymous said...

I am thinking An American President where she is next to him on the couch at camp David OR You've Got Mail (that I watch every Sunday with hubby)...maybe even Notting Hill. That exhausts my guesses today.