Friday, February 19, 2010

Audreys, Cinema Inspirations and Sneak Peeks

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

A huge thank you to all of you who played along with us for last week's featured movie: Clueless! We loved seeing all of your plaid creations and beautiful and fun cards and most of all reading the way that you created your cards! Here are this weeks Cinema Inspired Creations:

One of the things that I love doing is talking to Brooke on the phone as we go through all of your cards together and we are just seriously amazed by each of your creations!!! We oooh and ahhh and get inspired by your gorgeous works of art! One creations that caught our attention was Karli's lovely handbag creation - we loved the fun
plaids and the sweet way it was made. Thanks so much Karli for playing along with us and we hope that you will join us next week as our guest designer! A huge thank you to each of you who play along, comment, guess and make this such a fun place in blogland - we truly appreciate all of your gorgeous creations and have loved becoming Cinema Pals with all of you!!! You guys make this so much fun for us each week!

So how about a sneak peek for tomorrow's movie??? Brooke as an awesome sneak peek to get us started!!!

Sneak Peek #1
Sneak Peek #2

See you soon with more sneak peeks!!! Can't wait to see your guesses!!
The Cinema Sisters :)


Tara said...

Awwwww, thank you so much for featuring my card today and congratulations to everyone else who has been featured...... and to the winner of the Audrey award with that amazing handbag creation!
I love this challenge and will be playing along every week for sure!!
I'm afraid I can't guess tomorrow's movie by the picture - it looks like a basket?
Hugs Tara xx

Radha said...

I love that bag!!!

Basket... a chair???

...and CC those r my remainings of fashion school & Modeling... (Looong time ago)
Love to uall:))

Anonymous said...

Congrats Karli..that bag was just amazing and so pretty.

Well, I am not one of the good I am not going to make any guesses yet! I look forward to the third Peek!:)

Georgina said...

ooh that bag is too cute. Great choice. I loved playing last week, cant wait for this weeks challenge! Is the bottom one dinosaur skin!? LOL I havent a clue. Maybe it is carpet. Mmmmm

Anonymous said...

I am a horrible guesser but I am going to try "Beaches"

Juli Smith, said...

I agree - everyone did a great job with Clueless.

Congrats Karli - can't wait to see what you will inspire us with for a future CSCC!

Hhmm - wicker and carpet, as usual - not a clue! :)

Noreen M said...

All the cards were awesome this week! Congrats to all!

I am not good at guesser but... wicker and fabric..Could it be "The Wicker Man" with the Hunky Nicholes Gage? 2006 movie. I look forward to the next challenge. XOXO Noreen M

Karli said...

Wowzers! what awesome news to come home to! Thanks you everyone for your kind comments :) BTW, Tara, I absolutely loved your card! Congrats to everyone :)

My guesses...The first one looks like a wicker chair the second like a sweater of some kind. Eeek, no idea (no surprise there :)

Betty J Schaub said...

Love the Aurdey winner's plaid bag! Too cute!

Can't wait to see what Saturday's movie will be. I am thinking Beaches because the first picture looks like a wicker chair and the second looks like a sweater.

Don't know how you gals decide on which movie to feature, but I've played along with 2 now and I am anxiously awaiting #3!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, the purse was genious. Great take on the movie and so puretty with that paper.

Now for the guess...looks like a wicker chair and either sweater or carpet...hmmmm no 3rd or 4th this week soooooo my guess is totally out of left field...The Birdcage.

Ok that was crazy...maybe North and clue really, just left field guesses hehe.

Erica said...

Great pieces Karli!
Thank you guys so much for choosing me to be an Inspired Creation! You two ROCK!

I am lost. I know I have seen this. There is something about the second picture that is so familiar but right now all I am thinking about are the giant teddy bears that destroy the city in the Muse video. I know, very random. Can't wait to see what the movie is and hopefully I can find a little bit of time to make something!

Sankari W. said...

I loved reading all of your guesses!!! You guys are just awesome!! Hope you like this weeks movie pick :)))