Friday, February 26, 2010

Audreys, Cinema Inspirations and Sneak Peeks

Hi Everyone!
We just wanted to give a huge shout out to all those who played along this week!! Your creations were just magnificent!! LOVE all of your gated projects!!!

One card that caught our attention was Laural-Lee's beautiful hinged gated card - the sentiment just fit perfectly with the movie! We hope that you will be our guest designer for next week Laural-Lee!!! This week we have a different kind of movie :) and we hope you will all play along with us :))))))))

Big hugs to all!!!
the Cinema Sisters!

Sneak Peek #1

Sneak Peek #


Betty J Schaub said...

No clue!

Caryl P said...

You've got Mail?

Juli Smith, said...

Rrrriiiiiigghhhtttt! heehee Office Space?

Laural-Lee said...

I am so very honoured!! It has been one on my personal goals to win these challenges. I can't wait to find out what I'll be working on! Thanks so much for your ongoing inspiration and support!

I too have no idea what the movie could be. My first thoughts were You've got Mail....but I'm not counting on that.

Shaz said...

Congrats Laurel-lee!

I don't know what the movie is but I am going to guess by the fact that there is a book in the picture....."Jane Austin Book Club"

Karli said...

Congrats Laural-Lee, beautiful card :)

Nancy K said...

Congrats Laural! Happy Friday all -sorry, I've been out of commission the past week, I missed out!
Well...the first one looks like a book & mug on a counter, and the second one...Hmmm...a cement wall with pictographs? I don't know.

Betty J Schaub said...

My card made the inspired creations!!! WHOOHOO!
Thanks so much. Looking forward to the upcoming movie. My first guess was going to be You've Got Mail. And not I didn't copy Caryl. I had that thought in my mind when I posted No clue in my earlier comment. But I thought that would be too obvious. Oh well, I will see soon enough!

Anonymous said...

I am again going out on a limb and guess The Mummy...both looks could be, but then again I was WAY wrong on last weeks hehe. WTG Laural-Lee and maybe You've Got Mail, but the second one throws me.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Laural-Lee! LOVED your creation!!!

sanjeet said...

I too have no idea what the movie could be. My first thoughts were You've got Mail....but I'm not counting on that.
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