Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #68 - Spiderman

Welcome Everyone to our 68th Cinema Challenge - where this week we are featuring the Oscar nominated 2002 movie: Spider-man! We thought we needed something different from all the romance, and romantic tragedies that we have done lately - so how about an action packed movie? The challenge requirement is to use either a little bit or a lot of a transparency sheet or acetate (it doesn't have to be the whole card - it could just be a little bit). There are a lot of themes from this movie: being a hero, a superhero, coming into your own powers, friendship, loyalty, romance (Spidy and MJ) etc. The main thing is to have fun! (and shhh! you can watch the whole movie on youTube in 10min segments!) Here is a trailer for your viewing pleasure:

Brooke's Card inspired by the movie: Spiderman
Did we all grow up with this movie and or guy or what.. I even remember watching Spiderman back in the day when he only spoke in though bubbles on the original "Electric Company" back in the "70's" yikes... I really loved this challenge I new weeks ago that I was going to make a floating spider.. I do have another card in mind as well. Hope I get it done so I can share.. I am so glad to have the chance to make a card or 2 for boys to have on hand:
Spiderman, Spiderman, Does whatever a spider can. Spins a web, any size, Catches thieves just like Flies. Look out! Here comes the Spiderman!
The of the aspect of the Spiderman movies I like is watching Peter Parker struggle between having confidence and finding the strength to be a Hero... It reminds us all about our struggle between good and bad choices..
Hope you all enjoy the show/challenge.


Sankari's Card inspired by the movie: Spiderman
I grew up reading the Spidy comic books and was excited to see the comic book come to life in the big screen. I think my most favorite part of the movie is where he is just coming into himself and recognizing his powers. I love the way he tries to live the way his uncle inspired him to and how he recognizes his strengths, his responsibilities and how he manages his new found spidy power. I made this card inspired by the "web" and was going to make it blue - but somehow - I was feeling green :) The sentiment is inspired by Parker's struggle to be figure out "who" he really is and to fully embrace his new found powers. I used some "fun-fur" ribbon because it reminded me of the little "grippy" things on his fingers that he uses to climb buildings :)
I cut little bits of acetate and alternated them on my "kind of a web" part of the card (its so hard to take a picture of acetate!). I had a lot of fun making this crazy card and hope you will join us this week!!
Big hugs!
Sankari :)

This week, our guest designer is Karli of Crafting with Class. Karli's beautiful handbag creation that she made for the movie challenge Clueless caught our attention, and we are so happy that she agreed to be our guest designer this week! Check out her awesome creation:

Karli's Card inspired by the movie: Spiderman
I used the Spidey colors of blue & red for the card which is the style of the Folded Paper Frame technique. I embossed it in my CB web folder & ran my Stardust pen over the lines. The sentiment is probably the most famous Spidey quote. I found a Spiderman font to type the quote, created a Rub-on on my computer/printer, and rubbed it on to a piece of acetate.
In thinking about this quote, my oldest son came to mind. He’s got his driver's permit & is on his way to getting his license (something he's been dreaming about since birth, trust me on that one!) The quote reads "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility...or stick with the responsibility of a buss pass!"
Unfortunately, I haven't been the best driving role model since I have a rare condition called metal-to-the-pedalitis! Heard of that one??? ;) His DMV docs are tucked in the pocket."

So who's going to be our next guest designer? It could be you! All you have to do is to create a card, layout, altered project, etc., that is inspired by the movie: Spider-Man! Your inspiration can come from the costumes, the dialogue, the music, the themes, the characters, the colors - anything at all from the movie!! *****The challenge element for this movie - is to create something with some transparency or with some acetate (little or alot up to you!).

Please link by to us by this Thursday March, 4th by 8PM Central Time and we will announce the Audrey winner on Friday with sneak peeks for the next movie!!!

Hope you all have your superhero costumes on and are ready to fly!!!

Can't wait to see your spidy creations!

Big hugs,
the Cinema Sisters :))


Sankari W. said...

Karli - this is such a creative an awesome take on this Spidy challenge!!! Thank you so much for playing along with us and being our guest designer! We can't wait to hear what your son thought of this awesome card!!! Brooke - lovin' the way you did the acetate and the spider - and now the song is in my head!! Love it! Big hugs to all!!!

Sorry about not including a Cinema Inspiration Corner this time - I haven't been feeling that great - and totally forgot about it - till just about now!

Sorry - my head feels fuzzy and foggy! Off for some morning java :) big hugs to all!!!
Sankari :)

Nancy K said...

Very cool cards ladies!! What a great challenge -I've been hoping for an action flick! Thanks so much!
Feel better Sankari -I was out last week with something yucky, take it easy!

Juli Smith, said...

Ladies - these are awesome! (as usual!) :) I haven't been able to play along for awhile, but I have been enjoying looking at all the great projects! Maybe I can get my dh to create a card for this challenge! :o) Our Baby is due in 5 weeks - so we'll see when I get to play along again....just know my spirit is playing along! Hhmmm, maybe I can get a new computer and get My Digital Studio installed and play along that way! I'll keep dreaming while you all keep creating! heehee

Tethered2Home said...

Those cards are awesome as always! Karli, I absolutely giggled at the great responsibility card. I'm gonna use that one some time, so funny.

Here's mine . I have the same CB Embossing Folder, which normally comes out only in the fall, so this was fun.

Thanks again for all the weekly inspiration & fun escape in the craft room.

Maureen said...

ladies...these cards are all so beautiful and inspiring...I loved this movie (and the sequel) and hope I can play this week as I'll be knee deep in report cards :)

Unknown said...

My card!!


Sankari W. said...

Sorry that I didn't put Mr. Linky up right away guys! I always forget to do it - I did add you in if you already posted a link! JULI!! How exciting! Can't wait to hear about the baby news and we would love it if you wanted to play along digitally or with paper :) Big hugs! Maureen - I feel you on the report cards - I am sitting here in bed with a ton of papers to grade - but all i want to do is to make a card! Sigh... maybe I shouldn't give out so many essay questions! :)))

Big hugs to all!!!

Anonymous said...

Great MOVIE! This should be fun!

Very inspiring cards ladies!! Love what you did with the requirement!

Sankari, get well!!

Laural-Lee said...

Karli, you had a super fantastic idea playing on the super responsibilities bit. I love that you were able to it to such a personal level. I'm sure your son will love it.

Brooke S said...


sanjeet said...

- lovin' the way you did the acetate and the spider - and now the song is in my head!! Love it! Big hugs to all!!!
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