Friday, January 16, 2009

And the Audrey goes to...

Good Morning Everyone,

We were so excited to do Lord Of The Rings for this last week's challenge and we absolutely loved your beautiful creations. Please make sure you check out our awesome Cinema producers this week:

Amy with her amazing card: Elf and Human Love (a Love Note)

First time player Jaimee - with her beautiful card: May It Be

Anthonette - with her wonderful card: Happy Birthday - the LOTR way

First time player Libby - with her absolute fun card - One Cupcake to Feed Them All

We are so happy to welcome Libby and Jaimee to the Cinema Saturday Challenges and are so happy that you found us and that you played along! We hope you enjoyed the Cinema challenges and that you play with us again!!! Also we really enjoyed all those who played along with our guessing game last night... this morning :) Its always fun to read your awesome guesses!

We would give the Audrey this week to our guest designer: Carol Dunston with her wonderful series of cards that she designed for the Feillowship of the Ring Cinema Challenge. Her attention to the details of JRR Tolkein's wonderful triology and her amazing knowledge of all of the tiniest and greatest detail and how she translated this into the beauty of each the 8 cards (yes 8!!!!) really just blew us away. Thank you so much Carol! In four words: You totally Audrey-ed it!!

Thank you to all who played - we love seeing your creative takes on these cinema picks. Hope you guys are ready for our next Cinema Challenge!!!

posting within the next hour :)

Come back and check out which of the guesses were right on target and which guesses were close!

See you soon!
Sankari and Brooke


Carol Dunstan said...

oh wow, totally did not expect that! I was looking forward to seeing which of the players you picked! Thanks ladies :)

Sankari W. said...

We totally had to honor YOU! I can't tell you how tickled I would be everyday when I would see an email in my inbox saying: "I made another card!" ... i was always like what!!!

Youtotally rock Carol! Much love and hugs and big THanks!!!