Friday, January 9, 2009

Movie Reveals Pictures:

Here are the sneak peek reveal pictures from Fellowship of the Ring:

Sneak Peek #1

Sneak Peek # 2

Sneak Peek #3

That was so fun to reveal three sneak peeks throughout the day!! We can't wait to do it again next friday!!!!

Here comes the movie reveal!!
Brooke and Sankari :)


Amy, Ottawa, Canada said...

Good call on the 'hobbit hair' you girls, that was too funny.

Had a great time guessing last night, the 3 clues were fun & it was nice to see them put back into the puzzle of the images.

Hmmm ... LOTR ... will have to mull that one over ... but off to more kids activities now. Ciau.

Carol Dunstan said...

~singing~ c'mon baby, do the Argonath... you've got to stand up straight now, c'mon baby, head straight oooh straight back, oh well I think you've got the knack, ohhhh-oh woah...

Ryemilan said...

Cracking up here Carol.....trying to imagine Kylie singing the Argonath...WT?


Carol Dunstan said...

sorry, I've had that going through my head as soon as Sankari posted that sneak peak (because I knew straight away what it was) and just had to get it out of my system. My sister and I found ourselves singing that after a LOTR convention moment...

And can I just add that my word verification is "punny"? Man I have I been punny this week!

Sankari W. said...

Carol - it is seriously hilarious to go back and read the comments that you wrote for the sneak peeks -- i seriously was cracking up! you did such an amazing job of not revealing that you knew... so authentic! man - i think you would have a great poker face - i totally - don't i just immeditaely start giggling - i am hopeless in any kind of poker situation....

that was really fun to do 3 sneak peeks in a day... what do you guys think...should we keep doing that??

Ryemilan said...

I thought it may have been a 'you had to be there' moment ;-).

I've had the punny word verification too! Another one I had was really close to the subject of the post one day too. I was wondering if the post-er had somehow managed to script their word verifications!

I like the multiple sneak peek idea was fun!

Carol did a great job of not letting on! When you mentioned that you had a secret guest designer I even thought to myself (as I was looking at her Elfish avatar right there on the page)..Carol would have been a great guest designer to have...but she is here guessing, so I guess its not her. I guess I was wrong :-).

Still trying to determine where to go with my creation this didn't come to me in the night!


Carol Dunstan said...

~ahem~ they be hobbit ears in my avatar... shall have to dig up the full shot...

I thought that if anyone did think the film may be LOTR I would possibly be a suspect of guest designer, so I had to comment and "theorise" to throw people of fthe scent! heeheehee, it was so much fun!

I've had "typed" as a word verification, that was amusing

Sankari W. said...

well- you totally ROCKED IT!!!!

you did such authentic guessing!!!

Ryemilan said...

Ooops....I'm very sorry Carol. Hobbitish avatar!

When I was pretty sure it was LOTR I was thinking it was odd you were still thinking of other movies...Young Einstein indeed....snort ;-).


Sankari W. said...

snort snort snort!!!

i would read Carol's responses/guesses - and just be totally snorting away over here!!!


Carol Dunstan said...

you girls snort so loud Haldir could have shot you in the dark!

mwahahaha... maybe Merry & Pippin were stunt doubles for Young Einstein!

Anthonette said...

Here's mine: