Friday, December 12, 2008

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge # 10 SNEAK PEEK!

Friday Sneak Peek!!! Sorry the quality is a little fuzzy I had to take a picture of the Movie myself there just weren't a lot of still photos that worked for this movie... Please join us buy making a guess in our sneak peek. Feel free to post this picture on your blogs and see if we can recruit a few more players.

Happy Holidays
Sankari  & Brooke

See you tomorrow!


Sam said...

Oooohhhhhhhhhhhh. ME FIRST! Ummmm, the first thing that popped into my head was Harry Potter. But I'm not so sure, and I have no idea which one it would be in any case. I'll have to put my thinking cap on :-).


Sam said...

Or maybe the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe?

Still thinking here...and yes, it DOES hurt!


Sam said...

Even though think I'm here talking to myself ;-)....I just realised what is bugging me about it being a Harry Potter movie. I can not think of a single scene where the sky is blue! I always think grim and overcast. Hmmmmmm what do you think? Anyone, anyone? BUELLER?

Sam said...

I'm on to SOMETHING! I've found those windows!!!!!! Doing the mixing bowl dance here...please someone, come join me. I'm going to see what time it is over there....are you guys all asleep?


Catherine said...

You are too funny... I'm thinking the Shrek when Fiona and Shrek got married but then again, there's so many still photos for Shrek.

Sam said...

CATHERINE! Lovely to see you :-).

It could be Shrek! I agree with you about the lack of stills comment though! The same could be said about Harry Potter...I've just been searching through stills and I've found those windwos...although knowing my luck someone will be about to tell me all stained glass windows in the UK are made exactly the same ;-), or (and this is more likely), they'll tell me that particular castle has been used as the set for exactly 411 different movies! Hrrrmmmppppf!

I'm gonna stick with Hairy Potter, and I'm gonna go out on a limg here and say it is the Phoenix one.


Sam said...

sorry for all the typos in that last post!

Arielle H Gordon said...

YUP~ my vote is with you, Ryemilan!
Harry Potter it is!

Tethered2Home said...

Okay, it's like 9 in the evening, better late than never! I looked up stain glass windows, (btw beautiful thing to look up on and found:

Gloucester Cathedral

The Cathedral is the location of some scenes from the second Harry Potter movie. Whew knew? Love the internet!
I'm with Sam, but gotta say, will hold off on creating until tomorrow night. Will muse over it though!

Thanks for the fun, ladies! It's just so crazy busy right now & it's nice to have a break.

Be well,

Sankari W. said...

sam - you totally crack me up with your guessing! (ps - thanks for the message) and you guys are seriously awesome! it's always so much fun to see the Friday night sneak peek guessing!!!

sorry that i have been a bit checked out - my parents just arrived and with the cleaning and the shopping - and the birthday prepping for my little one's special day it's been a whirlwind - so glad that its almost time for Cinema Saturday!

Can't wait till tomorrow -

Sankari :)

Anthonette said...

I have no clue!

Brooke S said...

So sorry it's not Gloucester Cathedral! Keep trying :)

Sam said...

Check out these windows!
The only problem I can see is that they are in panels of three, whereas the sneak peek is only a panel of two!

Cassie said...

Sam, I agree with you. I think it is Harry Potter and is taken from the Great Hall. I think it's the Prisoner of Azkaban though (the scene where Dumbledore addresses the students in the great hall just before their feast). Oh I can't wait to find out!

Sam said...

Hey Cassie,

Is this the scene you are talking about?

Prisoner of Azkaban 1

This is another scene from the same movie, also similar windows:

Prisoner of Azkaban 2

But they are all in blocks of three!
We MUST be close ;-).


Sankari W. said...

seriously - you guys are awesome!!!

shessh - what am i still doing up?!! i need to get to bed --- !!

it could be something to do with the movie for tomorrow :)

did i mention that you guys are seriously the best!!!?!!!

Arielle H Gordon said...

I got my blogcandy!! Thank you so much!! It's wrapped so prettily~ I have not even opened it because I want to take a picture!

We've had a busy week, I'm sorry I didn't reply to your email saying it was on it's way... We started Alex on cereal last Sunday & he hit a growth spurt & wanted to nurse every hour on the hour that I was home (I work full time) and a few nights he thought it would be fun to pull an all-nighter! Not to mention his first diaper rash...

One of my goals has been to stamp something each day, I think I need to, to maintain my sanity... and these challenges really help me with that.

BTW, I think you & Brooke should always take the photo of the movie from the TV, it makes the guessing harder! LOL! While I think Sam might be right about Harry Potter, my first instinct was that this movie was an old movie by the coloring! But then again I thought the way you took the pic from the TV could be throwing me off!

Can't wait to see what it is & sorry for the long post... I've been up since 4:30 (hungry baby), maybe you'll have it posted the next time I get up!

Thank you guys agian, so much!

Sherri said...

OK, I'm going a different direction - and maybe it's since we just did Sound of Music, maybe I have Julie Andrews on the brain, so I'm probably not right, but I think those windows are from...
Mary Poppins

...when the visit the uncle and since I love to laugh and all float up!

There, that's my guess.

I've not seen the Harry Potter ones so I can't comment on that. I did see the Lion Witch & Wardrobe (amazing picture!), but I don't remember any windows like that... hmmm... hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer

Sherri said...

OK, so now I've watched the clip I was thinking of on youtube - and those aren't the windows, but I think you all must be right and there must be a rope or something blocking the third panel. The suspense is killing me though!

Anyway, I need to go finish Christmas cards this morning... :)