Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge - # 10 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Good Saturday morning!!! Can you believe that we are on Challenge #10 already!!! WOW!

This week's movie pick is .... Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (also known as the Philosopher's stone) (the images for the challenge pic can be found here and here). We have to say that we are BEYOND impressed with your guessing abilities! You guys are waaaay tooo good! Even after Brooke snapped the picture from off the TV - you guys still guessed it - wow!

Well, we were excited to do the Harry Potter movies - they are so fun and imaginative. We thought that we could just focus on the first one (maybe do the others later) so that if someone just wanted to focus on some of the elements from the first movie they could - or if they wanted to do some general themes from Harry Potter they could too.

The Harry Potter series is based on the seven best selling novels by JK Rowling as she details the journey of young Harry Potter (from age 11 to age 18) and his journey at the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, the adventures with his friends who become like his family and his realization of who he is and his place in the world.

This magical series is being translated into the silver screen with the first Harry Potter released 2001. Its beautiful to watch this series not only to see how the books get translated into a movie - but also to see these characters literally grow in front of you - its amazing to look at the pictures of these kids from the first movie to the movie that is currently going to be released. The first time this movie was ever shown on T.V. was at Christmas time now it's a tradition in America to broadcast it every year.

Brooke's Card:

When the Harry Potter book first came out my children where so much younger.. My Husband read then aloud to all the family every night... My Daughter was only about 2 so she really didn't get a lost out of the story just the experience... One of the best moments was when we left the movie theater and the boys said to me "The Book is so much better than the movie" YES!!! We succeeded! Now my oldest son will re-read a book over and over... He also said I would rather wait for ever and watch it in a mini-series so I could see more... We always got so excited to receive the new book in the mail.. I will post a picture of us the day we got a Harry Potter book in the mail on my blog... I will also post the many pictures of us are the Harry clan over the years...

The card I made for this challenge is for my Brother-in-law's birthday party this sunday... So I tried to make it a little less sparkly and a little more monochromatic... It's also the first time I have ever used This Papertry owl set I have had sense the first release of it... Sad but true... I really enjoyed using it... I will have to break into my other sets that are still un-used.

Merry Christmas

Sankari's Card:

I love the Harry Potter series and the films as well - and I can't even tell you how many ideas were running around in my head - it was so hard to choose one theme - oh my gosh - you could go nuts --- there is just so much to choose from!

The theme that I went with - was that of discovery - the first book is all about discovery to me - Harry's journey to discover who his parent's really were - who he really is and his entry into a whole new magical world. I was inspired to make this card from thinking of opening a door into a different world - and so the door on the outside of the card is opens and the inside of the door (where there is a pic of a hand holding a wand says: Magic Awaits...) the whole card then opens up - and the inside of the card reads: Hope your New Year is filled with Magic! I love these Harry Potter books (as soon as I would get my hands on a copy - I had to read the whole thing - it was impossible to put it down :) Its been so great to see these movies and watch Harry, Hermione and Ron grow up in front us on the screen. Love reading and seeing all the adventures that they find themselves in - and in this book - I love how JKR shows the reader this whole new world that Harry is entering into.

Hope that all of you are enjoying the holiday season!
Best wishes to all,
Sankari :)

So are you all ready to come along and play !!!?! All you have to do is: Create a card, scrapbook layout or altered project that is inspired by the first Harry Potter movie and upload it and link it to our blog by Thursday 9pm PST. If uploading to SCS use the keyword CSCC#10 - if uploading to PCP use the tag: cinema saturday (all lower case).

Hope you guys have fun with this movie challenge!!
Can't wait to see your beautiful creations!!

See you at the movies,
Sankari and Brooke :)

Check back later for our amazing entries and Audrey announcements!!!


Anonymous said...
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Carol Dunstan said...

seriously!? I am going to have to make a card this week or I think my daughter would dis-own me!

I have already made this one,

but that's not from the first movie and I am sure I can come up with something new :D

Love your card Brooke :D

Tethered2Home said...

Wonderful Card, Brooke! Sankari, I have to laugh that you are so thoughtful to fit this into the schedule with relatives visiting? Wow, I thought I had a nutty schedule.
I must admit, I'm a bit at a loss with the movie, but I had to give it a go anyhow & I'm glad I did, just so much fun, thanks again, ladies!

Flying with Joy

Carol Dunstan said...

just wanted to point out that I am not entering my Howler for this as it was made months ago... it just fit the theme so I thought I would share. I hope to make something brand new specifically for the challenge (and maybe I will have Tiarna's birthday card already for next year, LOL)

Cassie said...

This was a really fun one to do! I can't wait to see everyone's creations! Here is my card.

Thank you for looking!

Ann said...

Hi, ladies! Another great choice this week. Don't know if I'll have time to play, though, since I'll be busy with final exams all week. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with! :D

Nellie Mae said...

YAY!! The snow day allowed me just enough time to scrapbook these beautiful pictures!! Thanks for another great inspiration! The Harry Potter movie (and Sankari's creation) gave me the perfect idea for this layout.

Harry Potter
Sound of Music

As you can see, I am posting my Sound of Music page too...I finally got it done and I just had to show somebody! I am creating an album in my Paper Craft Planet page for all of my Cinema Saturday pics....Look for it soon!

Arielle H Gordon said...

Hey~ great cards ladies! I didn't get to play this week ;{

Will you be taking a break next week, or will we have a new challenge?

Merry Christmas!

Ann said...

Sorry I didn't get to play this week! :( I was wondering the same thing--a break next week for the holidays???