Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge # 11 - It's a Wonderful Life

We are so excited to present to you Frank Capra's 1946 Oscar nominated classic: "It's a Wonderful Life"  for this week's Cinema Saturday Challenge. And even though we tried to trick you showing you a colorized pic of this classic black and white movie - you guys still guessed it. This picture that was colorized was made for a contest to colorized black and white pictures. The link for where this picture came from is here.

This is such a wonderful  and inspiring movie about love, friendship and the power that each of us has on making the lives of each other better and richer. This film was rated as the NUMBER ONE most inspiring film by the American Film Institute - that is pretty amazing! Here are some fun facts about It's a Wonderful Life from Wikipedia:
- the role was originally written with Cary Grant in mind
- this is Donna Reed's first starring role - Ginger Rogers was offered this role, but turned it down!
- Vincent Price was considered for the role of Mr. Potter
- This Christmas classic was filmed during a heat wave!!
- Frank Capra invented a new way to give the illusion of snow - before that they painted cornflakes white and dropped them!
Check out more fun facts here!
Okay - onto the cards for this week's Cinema Saturday pick!

This is the Link that inspired me:

Clarence gets his wings...

I just love it when everything finally makes sense to George... He really get his sense of self worth. We realizes how many people love and respect him.  All the people in the town including his family are willing to make a sacrifice to help him out.. So the letter from Clarence just sums it up for me:

A true friend won't leave you when times are hard.. They rise to lift you up... I challenge you all to find someone how could use a little holiday cheer and earn yourself some wings..

Merry Christmas 

I have so many favorite parts of this movie: the gym scene where they are all dancing, George and Mary falling in love, George meeting Clarence, George realizing his impact on all those around him and how the community comes forth to rally around them - but my favorite part is ZuZu's line "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings." Just love it - because she is just so darn cute, and George holding her with his family near the Christmas tree saying that always makes me smile - you can watch the ending of this movie with this scene in it here:
Even after seeing this movie so many times growing up - I loved watching it again - man - it is such a good movie. Jimmy Stewart is awesome and Donna Reed - is just so beautiful! My parents and I used to watch this movie growing up around the Christmas season - they are visiting us right now - and so it was fun to watch this with them and remember my childhood. 
I love the message that each of us has such power in all that we do and say and to never feel like we haven't made a difference. I just want to thank all of you that I have met through this site for inspiring and encouraging me - you guys are just too sweet!! Thank you so much for coming over here and playing along in our challenges - we have so much fun doing these and hope you do too!! Its so nice to be part of such an amazing blogging community and meet such wonderful artistes as yourself!!!
Sending you all a big cup of holiday cheer!

So are you ready to play along now!! We hope so!!! What do you have to do to play along??

Create a card or scrapbook layout or altered project that is inspired by the movie: It's a Wonderful Life (it can be inspired from the movie jacket, the characters, the dialogue, the music, the costumes, the themes --- ANYTHING reallY!!) and then link your creation to us by commenting on this post. If you are using SplitCoast please use the KeyWord: CSCC#9 and if using PaperCraftPlanet - please use the Key Word -cinema saturday (all in lowercase)
 Link your creation anytime from now until Thursday, December 25, 2008  at 9pm PST!

Some special announcemnets 

Our Audrey winner from Last week's Challenge: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is: Amy from Tethered 2 Home. Check out her beautiful card called: Flying with Joy  inspired by the snitch from the Quidditch games at Hogworts.  Congrats Amy - we love all of your creations!!! Also, next week's sneak peek is going to be a little tougher, created with Amy in mind, since you have always been the one to guess the sneak peek! !!


You might have noticed that we didn't post an Audrey winner from Challenge #9 - there were so many beautiful entries - we couldn't decide between all of them. Two cards in particular caught our eye: Anthonette and Samantha. Since we couldn't choose between them - we have asked them both to be our guest designers for next week's challenge and they have accepted! Thank you Ladies! We can't wait to see your lovely creations! Check out their beautiful cards inspired by the Sound of Music:
Anthonette'card:  Music is Love Card

Hope that all of you have a chance to carve out some time to play along during the holidays!!! Thank you for playing along in our challenge and for all of your sweet comments!!!We wish you safe driving if you are on you are on the road traveling during this time and we wish you a most wonderful Christmas and Season's Greetings! You are all very dear and special to us! 

Wishing you the very best!
Happy Holidays!


Sankari W. said...

Brooke - Love your card and your inspiration behind it - those colors are so sweet and soft and beautiful! love all the embellishments and how you did the ribbon! and the little bell on the ribbon! perfect as always!!! LOVE it all!!!
lots love and hugs,
Sankari :)

Brooke S said...

How cute we both were inspired by the same part of the movie... The colors you used are so vibrant I totally love them... I love that you typed the line form Zuzu... The little daughter is just adorable... "J" and "Z" would totally remember if their teachers had told them about bells ringing... Can you just here it in their cute little voices.
Perfect as always you totally rock the challenge...

Love ya my little angel..


Tethered2Home said...

BEAUTIFUL creations, ladies. I'm rushing out the door now for hockey & then Christmas Tree ... I know we always wait to put ours up. Thanks for the fun this week and for the nod on last weeks fun too!

Every time a bell rings


Ann said...

Another round of gorgeous creations, Sankari and Brooke! You girls seriously rock!

I'm so glad I made time to play along this week:

I hope you have a wonderfully merry Christmas! :D

Becky said...

Finished, but I'm going to JoAnn's today to get some ribbon...I've packed all mine up!

Here is my card!

Nellie Mae said...

Here is my creation:

Canvas Collage

I decided to think outside the box...

Ophthalmologist said...

Merry Christmas everybody!
I'm so happy I can take part in the challenge again after soooo many weeks!
Here's my card:
eye can stamp: Stampboard Angels...
Hope you like it!

Cassie said...

Hi everyone, Merry Christmas! I barely made it this week in time! Here is my card! Thank you for looking!

Tanya said...

I am late, but here is my card!
Fabulous, sniffly movie! Merry Christmas!