Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge # 9 - The Sound of Music

It's time for another Cinema Saturday Challenge!! This week our movie pick is the musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein: The Sound of Music! YAY!!!! You guys are really the hardest crowd to stump - you all totally knew what the sneak peek picture was - but it was great to read all your guesses!!! You are all just the best! This musical was translated into the silver screen in 1965, six years after it opened on Broadway. This movie musical has won 5 Oscars, including best picture! It is such a classic and has since then become one of the most famous movie musicals world wide. You can read more about this movie here on Wikipedia.

Here are some interesting trivia of The Sound of Music take from the IMDB website
  • "The Sound of Music is of only 4 productions to win both the Best Play Tony (1960) and the Best Picture Oscar (1965). The other 3 are My Fair Lady (1957/1964), A Man For All Seasons (1962/1966) and Amadeus (1981/1984).
  • When the Best Picture Oscar went to The Sound of Music (1965) (April 18, 1966), it was the first time the Academy Awards had ever been broadcast in color (ABC TV)
  • Director Robert Wise considered Yul Brynner for the role of Captain Von Trapp.
  • During the filming of the opening shot of Julie Andrews taken from a helicopter, Julie Andrews relates that although she tried digging her heels into the ground and bracing herself, on every take she was knocked over by the powerful helicopter downdraft. After more than a dozen takes, she attempted to hand-signal to Robert Wise to have the helicopter make a wider pass, but the response she got was a thumbs-up - he was finally satisfied with the shot."
Both Brooke and I love this movie and loved that this is something that we could watch with our kids -its such a great family movie. And we had fun singing some of the musical numbers from when we were talking on the phone :) Here are our "Sound of Music" Cinema inspired cards and projects:

Here is Brooke's Card:
Check out my blog to find out where I got my inspiration...  

Random thought about what I learned about this movie:

Did you know that one the the Von Trapp children in the movie was played by Heather Menzines who is the later Robert Urich Wife...  The lived here is Utah when he was alive.. I read an article about Marie Von Trapp and learned that the real Marie was not so sweet and kind.. I was quite the opposite.. I think I had heard that years ago it rang a bell or two.. 

I was looking at loads of pictures on the internet getting ready for the release of this challenge and I had know Idea that Edelweiss was so fussy or "soft" as they sing about... I just pictured soft and white meaning delicate not literally fuzzy..  I also read that Maria was married in the late 20"s so they live in Austria for almost 10 years before they had to escape from the war. 
Happy Creating

Here is Sankari's Project Inspired by the song "These are a few of my Favorite Things":

I have watched this musical I don't know how many times growing up... more than 25 times easily :) For me personally, this movie brings back so many childhood memories. I remember my cousin singing the song "Edelweiss" to me - I was seven years old - she was 6 and had the sweetest voice ever! I have loved that song ever since - and every time I hear it - I can also hear my cousins voice singing it... I had dialogs memorized and the songs totally memorized as well - although my singing ability was far from great :)

I couldn't decide which direction to go - but finally landed on creating a little birthday gift for my husband from the song: "My Favorite Things". I loved this song growing up and it was fun to watch this with my son and see his enjoyment of this and all the other songs. Since this was inspired by the song of favorite things.. I gathered some favorite memories to put together for my husband. This wooden box was given to me by my father-in-law years ago when we first go married. It has since then held our spare keys, change and little kinck knacks.... I thought that it would be nice to have this box , house our favorite memories. I covered the box in shades of the blue and green that are inspired by the Sound of Music - love the shades of the blue and green of the hills alive with music :) - this paper is from K & Co.

The top half of the box has pictures of our children punched out in 1/4" circle and then popped up on dimensionals. The picture of our son holding his sister after we brought her home, has her little bangle adorning the picture - I can't believe that she wore that. There is a bell that I adhered with metal glue on the top panel also - I got this beautiful bell when I was visiting the
Forbidden City in Beiging. The ringing of the bell is supposed to bring good wishes to your surroundings... and the kinda cool part is that every time the box is opened - it rings the bell :) The bottom half contains a mini scrapbook that I created for him with forgotten pics of our kids, my son's handprint and artwork and little love note for his heart from mine. It also has a few sentimental memorablia, like a special rock that we picked up in India and a beaded necklace that was dipped in the Ganges. I hope he will like it - his birthday is still 2 weeks away - the key now is to make sure he doesn't read this and that my son won't reveal the secret birthday present hiding spot to him :)


The first of every month we are featuring a Guest Designer spot to showcase their Cinema Inspired Creations. This weelk we are especially excited because we have a very special Guest Designer: Amy Park from Tethered 2 Home. Amy has been such a wonderful inspiration for us - she has been playing along from the beginning of the Cinema Saturday Challenges and comments of everyone's contributions as well. She is always so hard to stump with her Sneak Peek guessing - and she is always right and always makes her card from the sneak peek that she posts her card seconds after the challenge is posted. She is a wonderful artiste and her creations are beautiful.

Here is Amy's beautiful card:

Amy writes: " This first card is a mirror of those "curtain play clothes" that Maria made for the Von Trapp children. I made the card & was asking myself who on earth would I give a card like this to & then I hand wrote in "Hang in there" for a buddy of mine who is going through the rollercoaster of selling her home to buy another. Ahhhh. Anyways, I'm not overly fond of my chicken scratch handwriting, but the phrase fit."

Here is Amy's second card inspired by the song: " Sixteen going on Seventeen."

Amy writes: "The second card is my absolute FAVORITE scene in the movie, that I watched over & over again. Liesl meeting her beau by the gazebo. {sigh} I wanted that dress & it was so sweet. Loved it."

Thank you so much Amy for being our Guest Designer! You are a wonderful inspiration to us!

So are you all ready to come along and play!!! All you have to do is:

Create a card or scrapbook layout or altered project that is inspired by the Sound of Music (it can be inspired from the movie jacket, the characters, the dialogue, the music, the costumes, the themes --- ANYTHING reallY!!) and then link your creation to us by commenting on this post. If you are using SplitCoast please use the KeyWord: CSCC#9. Link your creation anytime from now until Thursday night at 9pm PST!

Okay onto our Audrey and Blog candy Winner!!

Our Audrey for last week's Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge: Miracle on 34th Street goes to Juliann from Pixietoo. We were just so amazed by her beautiful card - total wow - inspired by the black and white original movie, Juliann created an elegant black and white "believe" in Santa card trimmed with Candy Canes - so very creative and beautiful! We hope you will display the Audrey on the side of your blog and link back to us. Thank you for inspiring us Juliann! Our blog candy winner (picked by my little daughter) is Angie of Schwooo- by StampinAngie! Congrats Angie, we hope you enjoy this blog candy- please email us with your addy and we will send it over!

Thank you to all of those who played along last week ! You all totally inspire us with your beautiful creations and most of all we are just very grateful to have gotten a chance to know you through these blog challenges. We hope you will play along this week (for those cranking out holiday cards - there are some beautiful scenes in this movie that can be translated into a holiday card). We can't wait to see all of your creations!!!

See you at the movies!!!
Sankari, Brooke and Amy!


PS - Susanna Boyd who created PaperCraftPlanet told me that if we all load all of our Cinema Saturday Creations (for those of you who have done the previous movie challenges - go ahead and upload them too) into our PaperCraftPlanet pages, I can create an album of our creations that Susanna will feature!!! So if you would like, go ahead and load your creations onto your individual PaperCraftPlanet website page and then let me know! I will then make an album from all the uploads. IMPORTANT: Make sure to add the tag or keyword: cinema saturday (it is all lowercase - and it is case sensitive so please make sure you tagged it with the right tage.) We can't wait to see our featured album!!


Amy, Ottawa, Canada said...

Sankari, that keepsake box is absolutely GORGEOUS. So precious, thank you so much for sharing it. Thanks again, for the fun this week with the Creative challenge, just a blast. Be well, Amy.

Brooke S said...

Sankari and Amy both of your projects are so amazing.. I absolute adore them all... We are so happy to have you present with us this week Amy. You totally ROCK I can't believe how fast you had the challenge completed... so Impressive.. Hugs
to you both.. I'm off to finish my card/ project....

Angie Tieman said...

Whoo! Hoo! Please thank your daughter for choosing me for the blog candy winner, I love her!

Sankari, your keepsake box is AMAZING! I'm totally blown away! Amy's cards are fabulous too, she really did great work with the movie inspiration!

Thanks guys!

Jules said...

Thank you so much for picking me to win the Audrey...such an honor, all the gals participating are way talented!! I will display my award proudly!!!

I am really looking forward to this weeks movie SOUND OF MUSIC!!!! My head is spinning! I love that movie!!! SUPER FABULOUS choice....speaking of super fabulous, BOTH of your ladies creations this week are just beautiful!
Sankari I love that memory box! How wonderful!!!
Amy your cards were fab! Love the curtain play clothes!!! MOG too cute!
Can't wait to see everyones projects this week!

Ann said...

Hi, girls! I'm out of town this weekend, but I can't wait to get home and play!

Sankari, your keepsake box is gorgeous! Amy, both of your cards are awesome--I especially love the one with the kids playclothes on it! :D

Congrats to Angie on winning the blog candy! You know I love your blog, girl!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous box Sankari, love the precious things that you chose to put in it!! Amy your cards are wonderful too! I fell in love with that dress when I was a young girl too!! What a sweet scene that is.
Thanks Sankari and Brooke for a great challenge, I have seen this movie at least 20 times. I really hope I find time to do this one!

Melanie said...

these are incredible!!! I adore that movie, great pick!!!

Tanya said...

wow, these projects are amazing! Mine is so simple...but here it is!

Shaz said...

I love the treasure box full of favorite thing!
Here is my card:

Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

OH MAN THE DT Creatins are absolutley GORGEOUS!!!!! I love them all for different reasons. They are just perfect.

you can see my card on my blog here:

as well as on my pcp profile page. Thanks for the challenge. I had a lot of fun making this card.

Cassie said...

Your projects are lovely! This was a fun challenge, thank you! HERE is my card, thank you for looking.

Dizzie Noodle said...

I have been following this blog for a few and finally decided I just HAD to participate! I totally love the little outfits on hangers. They are beyond cute! This is such a great movie and a fun challenge. You can find my cards here:

Maria said...

Hi Sankari!! I absolutely love this movie! I love th songs, the story line, the cinematography. . .such a beautiful movie.

Wow, I love your keepsake box. . .such a beautiful box. Your husband will love it. Such a sentimental gift. Brooke's and Amy's cards are fabulous and beautiful too!!

Well, I'm proud to say that I made a card for this week's challenge! I was thinking. . .oh, Sankari will be proud of me! I finally stuck to my plan to participate!! LOL! Thanks for the great challenge!

Here's my card:


Ann said...

Thanks for another fun one, ladies! :D

Here's my card:

Sam said...

Thanks for another great challenge girls.

Here is My Card.

All the best,

Catherine said...

I wish I can play along every week, anyway...

Sankari, your keepsake box is just gorgeous.
Brooke and Amy, your cards are beautiful :)

here's my simple card for this week...

Kathryn said...

WOW -- This is my FAVORITE movie of all time -- Love it so much!

Here is my card --

Sherri said...

Everyone's creations are lovely as always! I haven't had much time to play this week, but I posted a little something today loosely based on this challenge...

Arielle H Gordon said...

Here's Mine!!!

I'm just making the deadline!

Thanks for a great challenge!

Anthonette said...

Hi Girls, here's mine:

I still need to add the next for my entry...I'm running late...again!