Friday, December 26, 2008

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge # 12 - An Affair to Remember

Good Saturday Everyone,

Hope all of you have had a wonderful holiday week! We have both been enjoying this week spending time with our famillies and feeling thankful for all of life's blessings. Thank you to all who carved some time to play along last week - we hope you will have some time to play along to this Saturday's Cinema pick: An Affair to Remember. This is such a classic classic classic movie! We were so excited to pick this movie for our Cinema Saturday Challenge - it is such a hidden gem of a movie. According to the American Film Institute, this movie is considered to be one of the most romantic movies of all time. This Oscar nominated film, was released in 1957 and stars the ever debonair Cary Grant and beautiful Deborah Kerr. The writing is so quick, charming and brilliant. The style is graceful and elegant and theme is utterly romantic. If you haven't seen this movie - you must! Here are some interesting facts about this movie from IMDb and Wikipedia:

  • References to this movie in Nora Ephron's Sleepless in Seattle (1993), revitalized interest in the film, and led to 2 million additional sales of the 1957 classic on VHS
  • Ingrid Bergman was the first choice to play Terry McKay.
  • Nickie and Terry make their conditional promise to meet in six months at exactly the halfway point of the film (59-1/2 minutes into the 119-minute movie).
  • A Bollywood film with the title Mann (1999) starring Aamir Khan and Manisha Koirala was inspired by this movie.
  • A 1994 remake reverting to the original title of Love Affair was written and interpreted by Warren Beatty, featuring his wife Annette Bening as the female protagonist, and also Katharine Hepburn in a small but pivotal role, which would prove to be her last screen appearance.

Sankari's An Affair to Remember inspired cards:

This is one of my father's favorite movies! I remember watching this when I was little with my dad - although back then I missed some of the meaning of the dialogue. He was totally excited that we were doing this movie this week - we had a lovely talk about our favorite scenes from this moive and then we got into a whole conversation about the best Cary Grant movies :)

This week, we are visitng my in-laws for Christmas vacation and I had a chance to watch this movie again with my mother-in-law and father-in-law. We are all just absolute fans of Cary Grant - that man defines elegance and grace - he is just classic. I loved sitting and watching this with my in-laws and sighing here and there at the same time with my MIL - by the end of the movie - we were both crying (even my FIL had a little tear)... sigh - i just love this movie!
Watching it again - I forgot how brilliant the dialogue is - it is so humorous and savy and this movie is full of very very smart writing. I love Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr's back and forth banter - so cute and clever and charming. I had so many ideas for making a card - but the two that I picked were inspired by 1) the fact that they both agreed to meet at the Empire State building 6 months later and 2) the song called: TomorrowLand.

The first card is inspired by the 6 month meeting place of the Empire State building. Deborah Kerr exclaims that the Empire State building is so tall that it is the closest thing to heaven. I wrote the sentiment: You were heaven sent" inspired by this part of the movie (Sketch inspired by Jen del Muro). (Anthonette - I think we were channeling the same wavelength - LOL!)

I also loved the song Tomorrowland - it was so sweet and the lyrics are just too sweet. The handwritten senitment: "May your troubles, like bubbles, vanish in the air" are the actual lyrics from the movie. I used bubble wrap over the DP in this card to represent the bubbles from the lyrics of the song....( on a sidenote, doesn't popping packing bubbles always help one's problems vanish into the air?) - (this sketch was inspired by Kazan)

I totally had so much fun watching this movie again with my in-laws and talking about it with my dad. I had a few more ideas for cards in my head inspired by this movie. We are leaving from Minneapolis tomorrow - so when I get back to my little craft corner maybe I will try to make some more cards :)


Now we are honored to introduce some very special guest designers for this saturday's Cinema pick. For the Sound of Music Cinema Saturday Challenge, we were unable to pick between Anthonette's lovely card and Samantha's lovely card. So we asked them both to be guest designers for this week's challenge. We were so happy that they both said yes! and that they were able to carve sometime out in their busy holiday program to play along with us and create these lovely creations:

Here is Samantha's beautiful card inspired by An Affair to Remember:

Samantha writes:

"First of all, I feel so honoured to have been asked to create a card for this week's Cinema Saturday Creative huge thanks go to Sankari and Brooke for asking me :-). It almost turned into a drama of epic proportions. I've never seen the movie (yes, I live in a cave) so I zipped down to the local Civic Video store and tried to borrow it. No luck! They didn't have it. I then looked online to see if I could borrow it through iTunes. Again, no luck...they didn't have it either. Starting to feel a tad deseperate I checked YouTube hoping some naughty person had posted it....ARGHHHHHHHHH, no luck! I was starting to wave goodbye to my first-ever guest designer appearance.

On Christmas eve, I bit the bullet and headed down to the mall in a last ditch effort to find it. I went to luck, luck, luck, luck. I was hyperventilating (along with all the other last minute Christmas shoppers ;-). My last stop was Kmart...I was feeling defeated. I was flicking through the racks without enthusiasm, already composing my tragic email to Sankari in my head. I was so absorbed in my defeat I actually flicked right past the movie and had to go back to it! EUREKA!! I did a little happy dance right there in the aisle....a bit of Christmas eve entertainment for the security camera dude :-).
Now, before you get tired of all my is my card. I think you can guess where my inspiration comes from.

I have used Stampin' Up!'s 'Boatloads of Love' boat stamp set to recreate the seen through a porthole (created using Spellbinders Nestabilities circles and my Cuttlebug). I've decked the boat out with a love theme...of course. Perfect for Valentine's Day!
The boat has been watercoloured with Classic ink and an aquapainter. I have used some retired Designer Series Paper to cover the heart and then painted it with Crystal Effects. I have also added Crystal Effects onto the water and fenders for some added texture. I have used white Liquid Applique on the exhaust cloud above the stack and I have recreated portholes on the Constitution using eyelets."

Please check out Samantha's blog for more details. I love your epic story of this card - you totally get the prize for most determined ever! Your card is beautiful - love this idea and love the eyelets and the romantic nautical feel from the boatloads of love set!!! Thank you so much for being our guest designer Samantha!

Here is Anthonette's beautiful card inspired by An Affair to Remember:

Anthonette writes:

Here's my card and the inspiration for my "You are My Love Affair to Remember" card:

This is one of my favorite vintage movies. I've seen it several times. I LOVE Cary Grant movies and I love Deborah Kerr. I must admit that I saw "Sleepless in Seattle" first when it was released in 1993. I loved how they weaved in the story about meeting on the roof of the Empire State Building just like Nickie and Terry. The building plays such a prominent role in both movies that I had to use the image of the Empire State Building as my inspiration for this card. I got the image from this site.

A little over 9 years ago, one of my sisters and I took my parents on a Mediterranean cruise. We had an overnight stop New York (we were actually staying close to the JFK airport). My sister is pretty adventurous. My dad stayed back in the hotel. My mom, my sister, and I ventured off in the subway and made our way to Manhattan (my sister is the only one who had been to the city before while she attended Cornell University). Our destination...the Empire State Building! We had a great time. The problem was getting back to our hotel. It was almost midnight, so the subway became a little scary. At one point, we were convinced we were being followed by some young men. I though we were going to be mugged. Whew...we got back safely. Seeing NY city from the top of the Empire State Building was worth all the effort.

Please check out Anthonette's blog for more details. I love your story Anthonette and your card is just beautiful - love that sentiment - it is perfect! Thank you so much for being our guest designer Anthonette!


Thank you soooo much Anthonette and Samantha for being our guest designers for this challenge - we are so honored and lucky to have your beautiful inspiration pieces. Thank you also for sharing your inspiration and stories behind the card - its always so much fun to hear how a card got made and not just what the ingredients of the cards are - I loved all your stories!

So are you all ready to play!!??!!

Create a card or scrapbook layout or altered project that is inspired by the movie: It's a Wonderful Life (it can be inspired from the movie jacket, the characters, the dialogue, the music, the costumes, the themes --- ANYTHING reallY!!) and then link your creation to us by commenting on this post. If you are using SplitCoast please use the KeyWord: CSCC#12 and if using PaperCraftPlanet - please use the Key Word -cinema saturday (all in lowercase)
Link your creation anytime from now until Thursday, January 1, 2009 (wow!) at 9pm PST!

We can't wait to see all your beautiful creations!! We hope you have some time to play along this week!!! Please spread the word about this challenge!

Best wishes as always for a merry and bright kinda December!! Can't believe that we are days away from jumping into a new year!!!

Safe travesl to all those of you on the road!

Lots of hugs!
Sankari and Brooke


Sankari W. said...

Thank you so much dear Anthonette and Samantha for being our guest designer this week! You both are just total sweethearts and wonderful artistes who always inspire with your beautiful creations! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Sending you a ton of merry wishes :)

Cassie said...

These are great cards! I LOVE the bubble wrap! This is one of my all time favorite movies! I have the DVD and watch it often! I'm going to watch it again tonight now. One of my favorite scenes is when they are sitting in the ships dining area, and everyone is chuckling at them. And then of course the scene when "he knows"!

Sankari W. said...

Oh - the scene when he "knows" is just too much - I totally start crying every time...

my favorite scene is where they first kiss - but you can't tell because of the way they shoot it - it is just a suggestion... when she is on the stairs and then he goes up to join her - but you can't see them - just their torsos... soooo beautiful... so romantic and so classy - love it!

i love hearing about people's favorite scenes! I will try to post this on Paper Craft later tonight -so hop on over there too!

Tethered2Home said...

As soon as I saw the confirmation for the movie, I thought of the Empire States building, but I couldn't come close to your cards. Awesome. So I took a U Turn away from that idea & went with the general "love struck" idea.
Thanks so much for the fun this week ladies, I'm off to the movies with the kids (Despereaux, DD read it last year)

Heart Struck

Be well,

Ann said...

Sankari, your card is wonderful as always! Samantha and Anthonette, I just love both your creations and the stories behind them. Gorgeous work, ladies. Thanks for the inspiration! :D

Brooke S said...

Totally over the TOP!!! I am in AH..... Of all the cards so far... Just unbelievable... the stories just had my heart pounding as I read every one... I just finished my last Christmas party today.. "I think".. So I had better get cracking.... At least Sankari and I got to chat a few times over the Holiday I have been slacking on all creative projects in general... I have just been enjoying my family... I have the hardest time just hanging out I have to be busy and take on way more that I should, but I have to say I have had a great time just chilling out only feeling a little guilty... Not enough to do anything about it... Maybe it's the tide before the storm..... :)

I will get out my copy of this movie and curl up with my DH and watch... He is a sucker for a good movie... I am sooooooo lucky..


Lisa M. (aka. Lisa @ Farm Fresh) said...

I can't believe there are so many Cary Grant fans!! I'm in love with Cary and have been since I saw my first movie of his (which was so long ago, I don't remember what one it was!)! But this's one of my faves...I'm dying to create something...Great choice! And the DT did fabulous as usual!

Ann said...

Oh, ladies, I can't find this movie anywhere! I've checked several video stores and nothing! I've got one more to check tomorrow--otherwise, I'll have to sit this one out. :(

Ann said...

Okay, I finally watched this last night online, and WOW! You girls picked a wonderful movie! :D

Here's my card:

Ophthalmologist said...

I LOVE this movie! And I was so honored by winning last week's Audrey Award, so I had to take part in the challenge this week, too!
I hope you like my card!

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