Friday, January 9, 2009

And the Audrey goes to...

Good Saturday Morning Everyone,

We are always so excited to see all your Cinema Inspired Creations!!! This week's movie Mama Mia, inspired so many wonderful and fun creations! Please check out all of our wonderful entries from this week!

Amy - If you knew my Emma - Notebook!

We really loved all your beautiful creations - we were especially struck by Samantha's Mama Mia Inspired: Follow your Dreams card. There were so many wonderful little details and textures to her card - and the lovely hearts on the waves and sentiment captured the whole movie beautifully! Last week, the Audrey recipient would not only display the Audrey - but also get their card featured on PaperCraftPlanet!!! So Sam - we would love it if you would upload your card to PaperCraftPlanet with the tag (cinemasaturday - one word) so that everyone can enjoy and check it out!

Thank you to all those who played along in our challenge - we truly love all of your creations and comments and love coming over to visit your blog! For all those who are joining us - come on over and play along - its simple, fun and full of possibilites as to what you might create from the cinema pick of the week!!!

The cinema pick for this week is on its way!!!
So stay tuned!!!
Big hugs and cheers to all!!!,
Sankari and Brooke


Carol Dunstan said...

congrats Sam!

Sam said...

WOW. Thank you so much girls! This is very exciting. It feels like my birthday. I was so excited to wake up this morning (a bird just crashed into my window :-( and woke me up at 6am) I jumped out of bed and rushed to check that the new movie was LOTR...wooohooo! Double wooohooo that Carol is guest designer...:-) :-).

I'd forgotten all about last week's Mamma Mia Audrey! Now I have three things to be doin' the mixin' bowl dance about :-). Triple wooohooo!

Thanks again...I'll go pop my photo onto PCP....when I find where I wrote down my password...oooppppssss!

Have a wonderful Saturday or Sunday (depending where you are on our little blue marble).


Sankari W. said...

love the expression - little blue marble!!!

let me know (email/gmail) whenever you upload it and i will pull it in!! i can feel the mixin bowl excitement over here!!!

too cute!!!

sankari :)

Brooke S said...

I totally started mentally doing the mixing bowl dance... I am such a nerd! Congrats Sam you really blew us away! We have a lot to live up to with all our amazing girls that play along....

Sam said...

Hi Sankari and Brooke,

Thanks again for the Audrey!

I have uploaded the pic on PCP. I also uploaded my Affair card while I was there. I hadn't done that either.
I didn't even have to look around for my 'puter remembered it for me...PHEW!

Best wishes,