Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sneak Peek Friday

Sneak Peek # 1

Sneak Peek #2

Sneak Peek #3
This week is full of surprises!! Keep your eyes open we will be slipping in new sneak peeks through the day!

Lost of hugs!!!
Brooke & Sankari


Tethered2Home said...

Okay I'm going to start guessing, if you're throwing out images throughout the day ... this is going to be fun.

Hmm looks like Water & Cove. How about Pirates of the Caribbean? Maybe not classic enough? I did like the first one with Johnny Depp as a kinda' Keith Richards pirate.

Will check in later.

Cassie said...

Oh good! I'm really hoping to get back into all of the challenges this week! Is this a lake? With a waterfall? Can't wait to see more clues! Thank you for keeping this so much fun!

Sankari W. said...

I know - I totally look forward to Fridays!! Will post another sneak peek picture in a few hours... I don't know if you guys know - but I am a huge JD fan - his performance in the first one was so good - and funny - and totally ketih richards rock n roll pirate-y!

argh matey-s I am off to run errands - will be back to post another peek picture :) YOU guys are awesome!!! keep the guesses coming!!

Carol Dunstan said...

What on earth could that be??? Can't make out much from the sides, the middle seems to be the important bit

must ponder...

Sam said...


Like the sneak peek. It looks like somewhere I might have been.....are you featuring one of my home movies this week? YEAH! :-).

My first guess is going to be the Gwen Paltrow, Leonardo DiCaprio film....can't remember the name. I think it was partly shot on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Do you know which one I'm talking about? Leonardo was up to no good. Impersonating someone else from memory.

Although, if the central thing IS a waterfall I can't think of any waterfall's on the Amalfi Coast. It kinda looks a bit static and solid for a waterfall IYKWIM? No splashing etc visible...but if it isn't a waterfall what would it be? It looks too small for the Hoover Dam!

I like Amy's POTC guess. I think this one is a good one!

Maybe something like South Pacific? Or perhaps it is Hawaii and the movie is one of the Jurassic Park movies...though the coastline doesn't look lush enough for either of these theories IMO. It kinda looks a bit stark and barren there, esp on the RHS of the frame.

Well, can't wait for the next peek!

Chat later,

Sam said...

Sorry, I know what I was going to say. The central bit looks very white and solid. Maybe it is a glacier. Any movies come to mind?

Sankari W. said...

Nice guesses guys! That part is not part of a waterfall... I can hear the wheels turning :)

okay - off to post another sneak peek!!!

Sam said...

Ah ha! Not a waterfall...


dam wall?

What else might it be guessers?

I still can't think of a movie with a glacier in it :-(


Amy, Ottawa, Canada said...

Sam, I need glasses, I don't see a glacier? But I've been waaaay off base lastly ... I'm thinking more like 'The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian' ... but then again, I just saw that a few weeks ago, so maybe that's why it's in my head.

TTFN, Bed time stories for a very cranky 3 year old (8 pm here & he was ready 1/2 hour ago)... back later.

Carol Dunstan said...

oh that second sneak is purdy! Beautiful and leafy and the way the sunlight is coming through! Such contrast between it and the first shot. Both outside shots too...

I can't think of anything in POTC that matches both of those. Can't think of the Paltrow/Di Caprio movie you are talking about Sam but I'd probably find it on imdb. Can't think of anything I have seen with those two together though so I don't know that that is going to help me

Carol Dunstan said...

oooh, Narnia... there's a thought! But I think they'd start with LWW before doing Caspian... plus I haven't seen Caspian (I know - the shame! I did come across it while reorganising the dvd/video cupboard but was otherwise pre-occupied this week...). Might find some time to look up some images though

Sam said...

Hey Amy,

I'm talking about the white thing in the centre part of the image...or is it just a smooth looking rock?

I like Narnia too! Or maybe LOTR?

I havent even seen the second sneak peek! ARGHHHHHHhhhhh better go check it out NOW!


Sam said...

Ohhhh now that looks like a spooky forest!!

I'll reiterate LOTR (Lord of the Rings), or maybe Bridge to Terebithia which I havent seen...but saw the shorts of several times!

Gonna go put on the thinking hat and have food ;-)


Sankari W. said...

i know what you mean about crankiness.... my little ones have been cranky all day... their congestion is better but they still are a wee bit miserable - nite time routine tonite was not the easiest...sigh...

great guesses everyone! I will post another sneak peek picture in an hour or two -


Sam said...

DOH...the other movie I was thinking was Talented Mr Ripley and it was Dreamy Damon not Lovely Leo!!!!!!!!!

But there are no mystery forests in that one..that I can think of.

I am sure there was another mystery forest movie on at the movies that I didnt see...can't think what it was called though.

The more I look at that first shot looks like three little pointy black things in front of the white thing. They kinda remind me of men on jet skis.....then I think James Bond...but how many scary forests does Bondy hang out in? I'm thinking there wouldn't be enough drop-dead gorgeous women in spooky forests for him IYKWIM ;-)?

So, pending the next sneak peek my list is:

Chronicles of Narnia

This is so much fun!

Carol Dunstan said...

that Gwenyth Paltrow movie... were you thinking of The Talented Mr Ripley? If so... how can you get Matt Damon and Di Caprio mixed up??? :P

haven't checked Narnia yet... have finished my lunch and must get on to other things :(

Sankari W. said...

love all your guesses! this is totally fun! we couldn't decide on sneak peeks so we just decided to do them all :)

Melissa said...

I'm going to guess The Princess Bride....

Amy, Ottawa, Canada said...

Wow, princess bride, maybe. Man, can't believe that movies is like 20 years old ... I googled it & got a bit distracted on that as they had pics of all the characters in that movie then & now ... wow, some haven't aged well & some I'm guessing have cloned themselves via plastic surgery ... I must be tired.

Sankari W. said...

Amy - that is such a priceless website!!! OMG!! I cannot believe Carey Elwes!!! Whaaat!!! What a great site to show the before and after ... wow!!!

So let's see these are the guesses so far:

Pirates of the Caribbean
Jurassic Park
South Pacific
The Talented Mr. Ripley
Narnia - Prince Caspia
Bridge to Terebithia
Princess Bride

Those are awesome guesses... hmmm.. it will be interesting to see what you think of the third sneak peek!!!!

I have to check up on my kids... will post the next sneak peek in about 20 minutes!!!

this is so much fun!
hope its still fun for you guys :)

Sankari W. said...

Hi guys - just posted the third sneak peek!! what do you think??

can't wait to hear your guesses :)

Sassy Runner Girl said...

I am going with LOTR on this one.. the heads look like the top of the hobbits- merry and pippin to me :)

Sam said...

Hey Kelley,

I was going to say exactly the same thing! That thar is Hobbit hair IMO :-).

So LOTR - Fellowship of the Ring, seems the most likely to me.


Sankari W. said...

we have a total amazing guest designer for tomorrow's cinema challenge! seriously - she is what I would call THE expert in this movie - and she has already created 6 cards for it!!! Which reminds me - that I need to get cracking and do mine soon!! (Sam - its going to be another one of those late nights over here like last week :)

Sam said...

Oh no Sankari! Sorry you have to stay up to all hours! Fingers crossed your mojo is in fine form and you hit a home run first time round :-).

We are about to go out and buy some plants here...and we are stopping at the vid store on the way home. I'm going out on a limb here and hiring the movie I think it is. We needed something to watch tonight, and if it is what I think it is there is so much inspiration to choose from I'm gonna need all the time I can get to watch/think/create. I've run it past hubby and he is happy to watch this one'll only be the 3rd time ;-).

Thanks for the fun, and can't wait to see who our guest designer is. SIX creations.....oh boy...I feel like a total slacker....

See you tomorrow!

Amy, Ottawa, Canada said...

Yes, definitely something 'fairy-taili-ish' ... is that a word? Hobbit hair...eeeeee...makes me think of their odd hobbit feet. I really don't know, but still leaning toward Prince Caspian, oh but the hobbit hair. I don't know. Might have to sleep on it.

Sankari W. said...

Have fun Sam!!! I know - this chickie has been wowing us all week with her creations!! I am floored! (and hopefully I can squeeze one out tonight :) and I have to say that just from 4 minutes into this movie - I had a zillion ideas spinning in my head!! there are like a TON of things you could do with this one!!!

You all are just the best!!!

Carol Dunstan said...

that looks like Young Einstein hair to me, but it's been so long since I have seen that movie (there was a second one too wasn't there? Or am I just thinking about a second movie he made?) I recall very little of it... no clue if two people appear side by side with the hair like that... still, you ladies have used publicity shots for the sneak peeks before so that's always a possibility

Sankari W. said...

Carol - I adore you! :) (are you on FB right now?)

Carol Dunstan said...

I keep meaning to say... if it was FOTR (and I guess it could be... most obvious shot probably is the hair) that would be awesome... hope I can find time this week to make a card for it, going to be tricky with parents visiting

~Cheryl said...

Planet of the Apes

Sam said...

Hi Carol, it does look like Young Einstein hair...either that or someone else who has stuck their finger in a live electrical socket!

While I was down procuring the movie I think/hope it is I saw the other one I thought was a possibility (the other one whose name I couldn't remember). It was Spiderwick Chronicles. haven't seen it. Pretty sure there would be enchanted/spooky forest in it, but perhaps no electrified hair ;-).

I hope you got your project done Sankari. See you guys tomorrow!


Carol Dunstan said...

oooh Spiderwick, didn't even think of that. May it be that? We've already got it (I've watched it too)

Sam said...

I was right...:-). Well, sort wasn't a glacier!!

It is the ARGONATH or Pillars of the Kings (the first photo)! It wasn't three bad dudes on jet skis, but 8 good dudes in canoes. Close ;-).

I'm struggling to work out what to use as inspiration though...there is a lot of murder and mayhem going on...

I'll have to sleep on it.

Thanks for the fun girls.

Brooke S said...

So sad I was not able to chat along with you all yesterday.. I was SOOOOO busy... I love you all thought!! Thanks for playing along.. You all make my day!