Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge - #17 The Princess Bride

Welcome Everyone to our 17th Cinema Challenge – where this week, we are so happy to present the movie The Princess Bride. And no matter what how sneaky our sneak peeks are (even when its just sky!!!! You guys still amaze us with how you can guess a movie out of just a few pixils!!! Okay – that’s it – next time we are just going to show you blades of grass!! LOL!!..

The Princess Bride, according to Wikipedia
is listed at number 50 on Bravo's "100 Funniest Movies" and is ranked at number 88 out of the 100 greatest film love stories of all time, according to the American Film Institue (AFI's 100 Years... 100 Passions"). It is orginally a novel written in 1973 that was released as a movie in 1987, where it met with modest success. Since that time however, the movie's fame and notreity has grown and has developed a cult like following. According to Wikipedia, in 2000, The Princess Bride was voted by Total Film as the 38th most comedic movie of all time. This movie is a true cult classic - and for all those who love this movie - you will love this website on all the memorable quotes from the Princess Bride and also this link that shows the characters as they were in 1987 and their more recent pictures a : Then and Now slideshowIt is a wonderfully romantic film and we thought a perfect pick with Valentine's day around the corner!

Haven't seen the movie? No worries, you can watch the whole thing on Youtube in 9 parts: Here are the links to the 9 parts of the Princess Bride on Youtube:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 , Part 6, Part 7, Part 8 and Part 9

This week, we are so excited to announce a few exciting things!

1. 2 Awesome Guest Designers - We are so blessed to have 2 awesome guest designers who have agreed to design for this challenge! We would like to thank Ann Cox of Creative Antics and Melanie Muenchinger of Hands, Head and Heart for designing us these beautiful projects inspried from the Princess Bride.
2. A beautiful stamp set for the Audrey recipient (the Audrey is given out to the person whose creation captures some aspect of the movie)
3. The very first sketch component to a Cinema Saturday movie pick! So are you ready for all the fun in store this week?

Well, here we go:

Sankari's Card Inspired by the Princess Bride
I totally fell in love with the Princess Bride when I was in highschool. I think I was like Ann, and could quote the movie line by line. I think I must have watched it over a fifty times. One of my favorite memories is watching it with my highschool girlfriends at a slumber party eating popcorn and swooning over Westley's character and quoting all the memorable quotes (in our pajamas, with popcorn in our mouths) as the movie was on. One of my favorite lines from the movie is: "My brains, his steel, and your strength against sixty men, and you think a little head jiggle is supposed to make me happy? hmmm? " The other line that I love comes from Westley's devotion to Buttercup and how he expresses his love with the sentiment: "as you wish". For this card, I a stamp from Melanie's beautiful stamp set that I colored to show Princess Buttercup and Westley (Dread Pirate Roberts) holding hands with the sentiment as you wish being repeated in the circle again and again.

I made this card using the sketch challenge that you will find more details about towards the end of the blog nad You can check out more details on my blog.

Brooke's Card Inspired by the Princess Bride

When I was a Senior in high school 20(choking) years ago... I was in a women's ensemble. We were practicing for a little barbershop number using canes and hats... I know corny... anyway my girlfriend raised and pointed her sword(cane) toward me and said these famous words to me: "Hello my name is Inigo Montoya you killed my father prepare to die" I totally had not clue what she was talking about.. So She explained to me all about a movie call "The Princess Bride" and that was pretty much history... We had many swords fights that spring as we rehearsed for our spring showcase...
When I married my sweetie pie this was one of his favorite movies and now one of our children's favorite movies.. I think I watched this movie 3 times in a row while I was making cards yesterday. "Inconceivable" but true. I even watched the extra features and Mandy Patinkin boobs like a baby.. He just couldn't believe he was part of such an amazing movie it's really cute. He was so happy bless his heart... In the interview he say "I asked Rob Reiner what he thought this move was really all about and he told me: "The most important thing in life is true love".

So that's were I got my inspiration from. "True Love"
Come over to my blog to get all the details..

Ann's Wish Journal Inspired by the Princess Bride
First of all, I have to say thank you to Sankari and Brooke for choosing me to be a guest designer for this movie. I have adored The Princess Bride for years, and it’s one of those movies that I can quote practically word for word. I just love how the movie maintains some of the traditional fairy tale elements while weaving in all sorts of humor—from the witty banter of the “man in black” to the utterly ridiculous (anyone else love the scene where Inigo and Fezzik start rhyming?).
I had lots of ideas for this challenge, but I kept coming back to Westley’s famous line, “As you wish” and the idea of fairy tales in general. So I created a wish journal—the perfect place for a princess to record her most secret wishes.

Melanie's Book Inspired by the Princess Bride
I have always been passionate about books and films, which allow me to step out of my world and into another. And a film about a book? So much the better! :) When asked to Guest Design for "The Princess Bride" this week, one of my favorites because it has it all: romance, action, wit, and the sharing of a story between loved ones, I remembered a book design I made for the Splitcoast Dirty Dozen Gallery several years ago. That book opened to reveal a box to store trinkets or letters, but I thought about how easy it would be adapt that here to open the cover and reveal several "card" pages showing my favorite parts and quotes from this story. With paper, ink, sponges, a gold pen and a little scoring, it is truly amazing how you can recreate the look of leather and old parchment to make an antique, gilded book. Before I even knew what stamping was, I'd always dreamed of illustrating books of my own. There's something so magical and mysterious to me about an old book, and the tale of "The Princess Bride" was the
perfect opportunity to create one that begged to be opened. Now I'm inspired to make more "books" (or "movie-books" LOL!), the favorites of friends or family. (When I have little more time on my hands, some pop-up pages will be in order!)
Thank you Brooke and Sankari for the inspiration! For pics and more info on how to make these little paper books, please visit my blog.


We would really like to thank Ann and Melanie for being our guest designers this week - their creations are total inspirations! This week we are offering a very special PRIZE!!! Melanie Muenchinger, who is one of our guest designers this week, is also the senior illustrator at Gina K. designs. This week's prize is one of Melanie's beautiful stamp set: Hand In Hand. (check out all the stamps that she has designed here) So how can you be eligible ???

1. This week, Sankari has created a sketch and is in charge of the sketch challenge over at Paper Craft Planet this week (every saturday they have a new sketch challenge that goes from saturday to saturday). In order to be eligible to win the prize for this week's challenge, you have to use the sketch below with this week's movie which is the Princess Bride.

so a few more clarifications:

2. you don't have to use the sketch challenge to play along
3. in order to be eligible to win Melanie's stamp set - you have to incorporate the sketch.
3. Please leave a comment on this blog post with your entry by this Thursday -9 pm PST
4. If using the sketch and movie challenge together - please also upload to Paper Craft Planet using 2 tags: sk013109 and cinemasaturday (all one word, lowercase letters) - in this way - i can create an album that can be featured with all of your works ;)

We are overjoyed at all of our wonderful players and guessers and all the people who have stopped by to say hello!! We can't even tell you how excited we are to meet all of you!
Please don't forget to check out all the beautiful entries from the Wizard of Oz, including Kelly's beautiful creation. And also scroll down to see the sneak peek reveals from this week's sneak peeks (we just don't know how you guys guess the movie every week!!!)

We hope you will play along this week and we are eagerly awaiting to see all of your beautiful creations!

Big hugs to all!!!

See you at the movies :)
Sankari and Brooke :)

p.s. if you need to upload to Splitcoast us the code CSCC#17 You will need to upload to Papercraft to qualify for the free stamp set.


Melanie said...

beautiful project every one! I knew the "as you wish" would pop up everywhere! :)

Sankari W. said...

Brooke, Ann and Melanie - it was so much fun to do this challenge with you all! Your creations are just beautiful! Thank you Ann and Melanie for being our wonderful guest designers this week!!!

Smiles and Hugs to all!
Sankari :)

Ann said...

Beautiful projects, ladies! Thanks to Sankari & Brooke for asking me to guest design this week. I had a blast!

Can't wait to see what everyone creates! (I may have to do another using the sketch--I just love this movie too much!)

Jennie said...

Loved this post...such a feast for the eyes in all of the beautiful projects! Princess Bride is a favorite movie and the wheels are already turning to create a card with a theme from the movie. Great blog! A new favorite of mine! :o)

Tammy Hershberger said...

Just an FYI to everyone... the movie will be on the Bravo Channel this coming Monday, February 2nd at 8:00 and 10:00 p.m!

Brooke S said...

Cool Tammy thanks for sharing. What a great idea.. We will have to check out the t.v. listings for each week..

Melanie, Sankari, and Ann! I was so excite to share all these project with everyone.. What a group of talented women you all are.. I am totally impressed with the projects you all presented.. We are so happy to have our wonderful guess stamper. Thanks for supporting Sankari and I with our joy of Movies and Creating..

Loves and hugs always

Sam said...

Lovely creations girls!

Here is my card.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,

scrapperjulia said...

I love everyone's art! I love this movie. We had it on tape and my son and I would watch it all the time. I have to watch it every time it comes on TV. Here's my card

Erin said...

One of my favorite movies. Here's my card:

Miss Magoo's Creations - Princess Bride Card

Carol Dunstan said...

Here's my card: Revenge Be Mine

Amy, Ottawa, Canada said...

Oh my it's a bit intimidating to make a creation when you see what other AMAZING cards & such that everyone else has come up with.
Thanks Tammy for the note about Bravo Channel, Princess Bride, will have to tape that tonight for the kids & me.

Sword Inspired

Thanks so much for all the fun everyone puts into this. Love it!

Anonymous said...

When I saw the movie choice for this week, I just had to play! Let me know if the picture I used is not allowable.

As You Wish

Have a great evening!

Joy said...

what code do we use if uploading to scs?

Nellie Mae said...

I love this movie!!

Thanks girls! I love all of the entries so far. I am super busy this week so this may be the only thing I get to make! Thanks for the inspiration!!

My Creation

Jen Jefferson said...

I went with inspiration from our heroine Buttercup...

:) Jen

Traveling Mama said...

Well, I should have scrolled down BEFORE I make my card! LOL! I didn't use the sketch, but here's my "true wuv" card.

Lori said...

Thanks for another fun challenge and for sharing the fabulous samples, too!

Here's mine: Happily Ever After

Jennie said...

This was a great challenge..what a great movie. I watched it Monday night on Bravo with my family (thanks for letting us know Tammy!). It made for a fun family movie night.

Here is my card using the sketch:

Laurie said...

Here's the link to my card. I used "as you wish" as well. But we go around our house saying, "My name is Indigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." & "Inconceivable!" But I couldn't come up with a card for either of those - haha Thanks for the fun challenge.

Laurie said...

I forgot to leave my link!

Brooke S said...

If you are loading to Splitcoast please use the code CSCC#17.. To qualify for the Free stamp set you need to upload to Papercraft website.


Jaimee said...

Cherish Card
heres mine, i had never seen this movie before i really enjoyed it thanks girls

Cindy said...

Here is my entry for the Princess Bride. Thanks again for working so hard to make this a great challenge!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...
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Dizzie Noodle said...

I love, love, love this movie... It has been one of my favorites since I can remember. Everyone has done such lovely cards!

Mone can be found here:


Paula said...

Here's mine...what a fantastic challenge!

Sankari W. said...

HI Guys,

Ananya made a card posted at the PaperCraftPlanet - you can checkit out here:

Debi said...

Well, if it's not too late, here is my submission. Loved looking at everyone else's. You are are very talented and I look forward to this again.

Allison Rankin said...

I am sure this is late but here is my scrap page inspired by your challenge:

Thanks for the inspiration! Yours are terrific!

JoLynn said...

I know I am late, but here's my entry anyway:

Cool idea!

Tanya said...

Aw nuts, by the time I did the card I'd forgotten about using the sketch! But here's what I did...

The other projects are amazing!

Tanya said...

Aw nuts, by the time I did the card I'd forgotten about using the sketch! But here's what I did...

The other projects are amazing!