Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sneak Peek Reveals

Wow - are you guys amazing with your guesses!!! YOU were totally right! We were so amazed at how you all did that on very very very little to go!! That's why we always say: You guys are the best!!! 

Here are all the Sneak Peek Reveals for this week's movie pick :)

1. In this first sneak peek - the famous Panini Grill shot is from the venetian blinds in between Rick and Ilsa. We cropped and rotated it a wee bit - these blinds appear a few different times in the movie (also btw - these shots are not so crisp as they are from our cameras as we watched the movie :)

2. Here's the little tower 2:03 minutes into the movie 
3. Here is the famous "chicken mesh" shot and other guesses :) from Rick remembering their times in Paris.
4.  Here is the final peeklet :) The very famous: "Here's lookin' at you kid" scene :)

We hope you enjoyed guessing this movie pick with us and hope you will join in on the fun too! This week we have kept it really simple. Check the blog up for more details!!

Hugs to all,
Sankari and Brooke :)


Sankari W. said...

See - we weren't tricksy...


Carol Dunstan said...

we must be using different dictionaries then... I was sure that "rotating" came under that definition... we're going to be looking at these from side-on and upside down... AND back to front from now on! LOL

Congrats to Jaimee for being the first to guess correctly! I'll be double checking the images of the mosque, though I know of course that the film wasn't actually done in Casablanca (I think I have an accuracy hang-over from FOTR)

Amy, Ottawa, Canada said...

Knew those were fedoras! Great Valentines movie pick & I like the black / white twist. Gorgeous creations, ladies. I'm on the iPhone right now, in a car wash of all places ... I love technology ;). A bit more running with hockey tournament, Ballet, & maybe Benjamin Bratt with girlfriends ... If Liam isn't too sick. Then crafting tomorrow. How's your rollercoaster of life? Oh my.